The Best Las Vegas Casinos You Must Visit

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They call them America’s Playground and they are not wrong. Las Vegas casinos are the envy of the gaming world. Located in the Nevadan desert, the city is a magnet for bachelor parties, weekend getaways, and memorable holidays. From the moment your plane touches down at the McCarran Airport you are sucked into the city’s electric atmosphere. If anything, Vegas’ casinos are a stepping-stone into a world loaded with countless possibilities.

Las Vegas has led the way in setting entertainment standards, and justly so. Casinos in Las Vegas remain your best choice if you are looking to enjoy authentic slots, poker machines and table games, to speak nothing of the sports betting events you may wager on.

From Caesars Palace to the Mandalay Bay, the Vegas Strip and Downtown Vegas are teeming with life brought on by the best casinos crisscrossing the city. You have every reason to visit Vegas today, whether it is to stay at a star hotel or join in the nightly carousals!

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

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Tucked away at the northern end of the Strip at 3000 Paradise Road, West Gate packs a lot of entertainment on some 54,923 sq ft. The casino floor is packed chockfull with things to do, including 715 slot machines and poker machines to liven up the atmosphere and make for a worthwhile experience.

There are lots of events taking place on Westgate’s casino floor, including Holiday Shopping Sprees, Cabaret Slot Tournaments, and other tailored events that seem to draw crowds to the far-end of the city. Westgate is happy to complement this experience with the WoW Rewards Program.

Should you be looking for a neat place to enjoy sports betting, you will be happy to know that the Westgate SuperBook is the place to be.

Red Rock Casino Las Vegas

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Red Rock Casino LV adds a bit of a palatable twist to your stay in Vegas, lining up numerous promotions for you to choose from. The gaming floor is one of the largest and allows gamblers to roam freely on 118,309 sq ft of surface space. Every step will take you across one of the areas of the casino, packed with products such as:

  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Let It Ride
  • Table Games

Red Rock has a dedicated poker room with 20 active tables, 15 TVs, and the opportunity to play Jumbo Hold’em Poker Progressive where the jackpots start at $125,000 but quickly go up as the night progresses.

For the poker room, you will be able to try a different version of the game, including Stud, Omaha, and Mix Games of all limits. Slots are quite fun, and players can have it all out on Buffalo Blitz, Buffalo Gold, or Jumbo Penny to name a tiny few!

There are some whopping 3,000 slot machines to pick from alongside 55 table games of varying limits and attendance!

Casino Royale Las Vegas

image of casino royale las vegas

Although a mere blip on the gaming radar, Casino Royale does deserve a fair mention. The venue has only 17,500 sq ft of gaming space but it is lucky enough to be located at 3411 LV Boulevard.

There are special offers and tasty dining to revel in, and the gaming experience is surprisingly thematic. You will come and play a number of excellent pop culture slots, including Lord of the Rings, Epic Monopoly and Wizard of Oz.

Ghost Busters and Star Wars are next on the menu so if you are looking for a more intimate and slightly quirky casino experience bang in the middle of LV, we think Casino Royale ought to be your top pick!

Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas

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Hard Rock Casino LV is a stone throw away from the Strip, located at 4455 Paradise Road and one of the most iconic casinos in the city. Yet, if you do happen to know the brand under this name you are in for a surprise, because the venue is now owned by Virgin Hotels, and it will become the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas in 2021.

Presently, the casino is under renovation but you can expect to find the full array of games returning once Virgin Hotel Casino is back in business. Guests will be treated to complementary beverages and drinks and find an upgraded gaming floor hosting hundreds of machines.

In fact, if you are looking for a great casino to visit at the turn of the year, we recommend Virgin which is already accepting your reservations with the casino still a wee bit late to the party.

The more you stick around, the more your Plaza Rewards program will progress, allowing you access to some neat perks!

Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

image of bally's las vegas hotel and casino

Bally’s another iconic piece of the Vegas entertainment puzzle which was previously known as the MGM Grand Hotel all the way back in 1973. Apparently, some changes have been made. And, if you ask us, it has been all for the better because Caesars has done wonders with the place.

We are talking about 68,375 sq ft of gaming fun space and a casino that definitely goes the extra mile to provide you with every bit of fun you would expect from this Nevadan paradise. Bally’s Poker Room is one of the most famed venues where high-stakes Seven Card Stud, Texas Hold’em and Omaha action takes place.

Moreover, the casino features an excellent variety of classic and exotic table games, and casino credit is readily available. Besides, you can joins the Caesars Reward club and use it at any of the Caesars-owned properties in LV.

Harrah’s Casino Las Vegas

iamge of harrah's casino las vegas

Once upon a time, this property was simply known as Holiday Casino but today, it towers proudly over the Las Vegas Strip as Harrah’s Casino Las Vegas. Has the property changed since it opened doors in 1973?

It certainly has and the well-packed 90,000 sq ft of gaming space is definitely a place to have a bit of fun and find all sorts of recreational activities. From free drinks to a quick culinary getaway brought to you by Caesars, Harrah’s got tons to offer.

You will find numerous low and high- stake tables waiting and for those who enjoy great slot machines, Harrah’s seems to be packed with a superb choice. Moreover, you will get to dedicated lobbies for each game you enjoy and meet people who share your passion for that game type.

Is Harrah’s one of the best casinos in Vegas? We have a very good reason to suspect it’s one of the best.

MGM Casino Las Vegas

image of mgm casino las vegas

MGM Grand opened this month 26 years ago. Ever since then, the property’s futuristic exterior has added to the beauty of the city’s landscape. The MGM hosts a sizable gaming floor located on some 171,500 sq ft and it’s certainly one of Vegas’ best casinos.

Visitors are welcome to a true variety of entertainment options. Slot prices range from $0.01 to $1,000 and the poker tables start at $1/$2. Table games add to the bespoke experience with a good many popular options such as pai gow poker, craps, baccarat, and blackjack awaiting.

Seasoned veterans and newcomers all find the casino’s floor to be well worth their time, and the property’s location at 3799 S Las Vegas Boulevard means that you are never too far from the heart of the city, always on the cusp of dipping your toes into something new and exciting.

South Point Casino Las Vegas

image of south point casino las vegas

Welcome to South Point LV, a place for a laugh and a place for a drink. The property has plenty to offer with a combined gaming space of 80,000 sq ft and over 2,200 poker and slot machines to keep you company.

And, if you think the fun stops there, well you are wrong! South Point is packing a full recreational portfolio to cater to every test. You can enjoy the racebook and sports book, or head right to the poker room or bingo hall. In fact, there is no limit to the gaming and betting opportunities you can experience at South Point.

The casino runs credit applications and various promotions you can opt into without breaking a sweat. Moreover, the dealers are very helpful and they will be delighted to answer your questions. With over 14 years on the market, this is one of the youngest and most promising of all Las Vegas’ gaming properties.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

image of caesars palace hotel and casino las vegas

Located on the 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard in Paradise, Las Vegas, Caesars is a place to set your compass by. Caesars’ gaming space sprawls on no less than 124,181 sq ft. That comes with spaces hosting thousands of slot machines and ranging betting limits, usually between $0.01 to $500.

The floor is neatly sprinkled with a whole lot of other leisurely opportunities. You have table and poker tables, keno and bingo, and more. Caesars doesn’t have a dressing code, but business casual will usually do. There are no entry fees, and drinks and good food are readily available.

Room prices can range from $54 to $252 depending on current season and occupancy. If you decide to stay at the hotel, you can expect free cancellations and great service. The length of your stay doesn’t matter, whether you are in there for a few days or just hitting the gaming floor. Besides, Caesars plays hosts to various poker tournaments to really spice things up.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

image of golden nugget las vegas hotel and casino

Golden Nugget Casino has a lot of best’s to its name. It’s considered the best place for slot tournaments, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and video poker, and it even holds a separate distinction as one of the best downtown casinos to play craps at.

Players feel the luckiest in the Nugget, perhaps thinking that with a name like this, they must strike a gold seam. The total gaming space is much smaller than Strip properties but perfectly fits downtown standards, enjoying 38,000 sq ft of slot machines, poker terminals, blackjack and more.

A great Las Vegas casino, you can benefit from various promotions tailored to the casino floor, and even establish a quick line of credit with the casino. For those who enjoy having everything handy in one neat solution, Golden Nugget offers a neat little mobile app.

Oyo Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

image of oyo hotel and casino las vegas

Guests tend to agree, it’s hard not to love the Oyo Hotel and Casino Las Vegas as the place makes itself quite agreeable to everyone who is looking for a great time in the city. The casino has a special Rewards Club that allows you to start cashing in right away.

Every penny you spent at Oyo Casino transform itself as an advantage further down the road. Even better, there are some exclusive offers to enjoy, such as 10x Points Wednesdays and $1 Blackjack. The venue hosts a William Hill sports book, bringing you a top-of-the-range betting product and responsible gambling.

Furthermore, Oyo lives by a simple, customer-focused maxim allowing for an easy transition between the gaming floor and the rest of the hotel and its amenities. Are you looking for one place to call your gambling home? Why not swing by 115 East Tropicana Avenue and drop in at the Oyo!

Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas

image of palms casino las vegas

We love the Palms Casino in LV. It’s one of the more sizable venues to visit and enjoy all levels of gameplay, from the penny slot machines, to the high-stake poker tables. However, Palms is a place where you can have quite a bit of fun.

The casino floor stretches on for 94,840 sq ft to give you a roomy and enjoyable space. You will find a dedicated High Limit Room for select customers and be able to bet on various race and sports contests.

No matter how specific your preferences, you can make sure that Palms Casino will have something to offer. The venue welcomes you to free self-parking as well as valet, so you will have no trouble feeling quite at home from the first moment you set foot inside.

Orleans Casino Las Vegas

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The Orleans Casino is another towering beauty in the Las Vegas Strip, offering vast and cavernous gaming spaces! You will find 135,000 allocated solely to all sorts of popular games travelers from far and wide come to visit. Better yet, the venue will offer you hours of fun play and entertainment in the form of thousands of possible things to do!

Players are very welcome at the 24-Hour, 60-seat Keno Lounge, but they will find the baccarat, blackjack, craps, and roulette tables all very accommodating as well. A special Stardust Mobile App will make the experience even more fun and help guide you through what is clearly one of the best casinos in Las Vegas today.

Moreover, you will have tons of different benefits to tap into, including all sorts of loyalty points to spend on various amenities, dining and gaming. If you are keen to find out what precisely, don’t hesitate to give the Orleans Casino Las Vegas a visit.

Paris Casino Las Vegas

image of paris casino las vegas

With its impressive Eiffel Tower and Louvre, the Paris Casino in Las Vegas is tons of fun. If you aren’t too keen on flying across the Atlantic for a visit to the actual Paris, this neat gaming paradise will offer you 95,263 sq ft of gaming options. This is yet another place where your Caesars Rewards points will work to your benefit and you will be able to pick from plenty of excellent promos.

Paris is also pretty well-centered in the heart of Las Vegas allowing you to move freely through the city and visit all exciting properties and casino floors. If you are a stickler for quality, though, you will surely appreciate the Caesars experience at Paris.

Rio Casino Las Vegas

image of rio casino las vegas

The Rio opened on January 15, 1990, and has been a beckon to players from all over the world, mostly owing to the fact the casino hosts World Series of Poker and has been doing so since 2005.

You will find over 80 of the most popular table games, including pai gow poker, baccarat, roulette, craps, and many more. As part of Caesars’ experience, Rio is a fine place where you will find over 1,000 slots sprinkled across 117,330 sq ft.

The casino is part of the dedicated Caesars Rewards initiative and that comes with quite a few perks. Depending on how well along the loyalty program you are, you may tap into the various hotel, dining and entertaining and exclusive benefits

For a full list of the neat little bonuses, you may get, we recommend visiting Rio’s official website.

Wynn Casino Las Vegas, NV

image of wynn casino las vegas

Wynn is another property nestled right in the heart of Las Vegas, opening up access to the city’s many entertainment venues. The casino’s space allocated to gaming is far more impressive than what MGM and Caesars offer, with 189,000 sq ft allocated to slot machines, table games, race and sports book, and more.

Visitors may benefit from FREECREDITs generated at a rate of $10 for every 1,000 points on your Wynn Rewards Card that you probably should get if in Vegas. Wynn’s casino is open 24 hours and ready to cater to tourists, frequent players and novices.

You can establish a line of credit, which will loosen up your wallet a little if you are happy to play this way. Similarly, players are more than welcome to book a room and enjoy various discounts, and 40% right now.

Flamingo Las Vegas

image of flamingo las vegas hotel & casino

The Flamingo is 73 years old and one of the best established purveyors of gaming options in the city. It offers an extensive range of entertainment products and plays host to RuPaul’s Drag Race Live! Heading into the gaming floor, you can expect to find 72,299 square feet of high-end slot and table games, maintained to squeaky perfection by Caesars.

The floor is known as the Payout Paradise and it offers 1,600 casino slot and poker games, as well as Megabucks jackpot. Besides, you have the Flamingo poker room which packs quite a bit of punch, but it may as well burn a hole in your pocket.

Daily tournaments run at 12, 4 and 8 PM and usually cost $75 to buy-in. The sportsbook is another noteworthy part of the facility you may visit for a quick wager if you suddenly feel the need to withdraw from the buzzing of the gaming floor.

Plaza Hotel and Casino

image of plazaa hotel and casino

A towering beauty, the Plaza Hotel and Casino hosts within its recesses a spacious open-floor gaming venue. There are 80,000 sq ft of the property allocated to all sorts of distinct and fun slots, poker machines and table games busy with the bustle of visitors and dealers.

The Plaza quickly makes things even better and offers a dedicated bingo hall where you get to experience and enjoy the likes of Super Bingo, Super Spin Bingo, Bingo Millions, and more.

Yet, for those true gamblers at heart looking for a bit of spirited fun, the gaming floor will beckon. There are over 700 slot machines to try at the Plaza and the poker machines offer over 100 percent payback!

El Cortez Hotel & Casino

image of el cortez hotel and casino

The El Cortez Hotel & Casino has a strong pull. Located in Fremont Street, this property is geared towards tourists who want to experience Old Vegas and enjoy its architecture. This vintage property has been updated with an array of games that will appeal to both recreational players and high-rollers.

El Cortez keeps a rank list of previous and current winners, which makes it always fun to visit if gaming is uppermost on your mind. Moreover, you can participate in all sorts of fun products, including slots, table games, keno, or hit the sports book.

There is live entertainment and all sorts of offers readily available at El Cortez for you to benefit from. Last but not least, El Cortez NV Spa is definitely worth trying and you will be in no shortage of fine dining options to explore as well!


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