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When people are betting sports, they are always looking for an edge – somewhere. They’re not necessarily looking for something for nothing, but they are anxious to receive something that represents value relative to what they may be used to.

BetOnline is keenly aware of this, and that is one of the basic philosophies behind what they offer with the “Odds Booster,” which, in effect, gives sports bettors the chance to get a larger payout then usual for a parlay, giving it a “boost,” if you will.

You could almost calls this a “turbo-charged” payoff.

The twist here is that the parlay is pre-selected for you and presented on the Odds Booster page. This absolutely adds an exciting new angle to the festivities.

How It Works

Okay, let’s get into an example of how this special offer works. Let’s say you have a parlay in front of you that calls for Team A to win, along with an OVER on the total, on a baseball game.

Like this:

Team A wins and OVER 7.5 ruins +250

So your payout, as BetOnline will award it, is 2.5-to-1.  

Now what you want to do is compare it to what that same parlay might be if you were going to wager on it under normal circumstances in the sportsbook.

You might look on there and see that the money line for Team A is -110. You will also see that the odds for the total going “over” is -150.

The way to figure a parlay is to calculate the odds of one thing happening TIMES the odds of another thing happening. Makes sense, right?

So if you did it in this situation, the so-called “real” odds of the parlay paying out would be 2.18-to-1, translating to a price of +218.

The “Turbo-Charged” Part

Now, all you have to do is make a comparison between the payout you can get with Odds Booster and that which you would get otherwise, and you have an idea about what kind of “boost” you’re really getting.

Just take a look at it:

On a $100 wager, you’ll have a return of $218 the “conventional” way, and $245 with Odds Booster. That means your payout would be about 12.4% higher.

And that is turbo-charged indeed!

One of the good things about Odds Booster is that you will be seeing a lot of variety. There are days where there are multiple offerings, spread across different sports. At a time like right now, when all four major sports are in operation, that can become quite the entertaining opportunity.

You could, for example, see a situation where the proposition involves three different baseball teams winning on the same day. BetOnline chooses the three teams, but that only makes it a more intriguing challenge.

On other occasions, you may be presented with a situation where you have adjusted lines on both a pointspread and a total, which may present you with a dilemma as far as your decision is concerned. We say that because on one or both of those components to the parlay, you may, in your view, be getting “the worst of it.”

The other side of that coin is that you may actually be leaning in the direction of where those line adjustments are going. So a line in one part of the Odds Booster is 7.5, while in the sportsbook the favorite is laying only seven points. Or the total in the sportsbook is 44, while in the parlay included in the Odds Booster that total is 44.5.

But you know what? You may really like the favorite in the game. You may really like the “over.” And if that is the case, you may be in better shape than you might have been otherwise, because you’re getting value even if you took the adjusted prices you have to use for those numbers.

And that’s what it’s all about, when it comes down to it, isn’t it?


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