What Is ‘Alt Passing Yards’?


Alt Passing, or Alternative Passing Yards, is a type of sports betting in which bets are placed on the total number of passing yards gained by a team in a single game. This type of betting is often used as a way to add variety to sports betting and to create different betting strategies.

What is the Difference Between Alt Passing Yards and Passing Yards?

Normal passing yards is a statistic that measures the total number of yards a quarterback or other passer has thrown for in a game. Alt passing yards is a statistic that measures the total number of yards a passer has thrown for, adjusted for things like sacks, incompletions, and yards lost due to penalties. Alt passing yards is a more accurate measure of a passer’s real performance, as it takes into account these mitigating factors.

For Example

An example of an alt-passing sports bet could be a wager on whether a certain quarterback will exceed a certain number of passing yards adjusted for sacks, incompletions, and yards lost due to penalties. This type of bet could be used to measure a quarterback’s real performance over the course of a game, rather than just their raw passing yards.

Always Keep in Mind

  1. It’s vitally important to study the defense to understand their strengths and weaknesses, alongside considering how the game could play out in relation to your alt-passing yards bet.
  2. While a defense may give up a lot of yards through the air, if they are consistently getting high sack numbers in a game then you’ll need to take this into account as it will be reflected in the final total.
  3. It’s not just the passing defense that matters! If the defense simply cannot stop the run, then it’s likely that the offense will lean on the ground game. Not only will this result in fewer passing plays, but the clock will also continue to run so there will be fewer plays in the game in total.
  4. Take into account any weather conditions for the upcoming game. High winds, snow, or rain may result in a team taking a more conservative approach when it comes to their passing game.


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