What Does ‘Over’ Mean in Betting?


“Over” refers to a wager on the combined number of points scored by both teams in a game being greater than what the bookmaker sets. It is used in the context of “total points” (also known as “over under“) betting.

The sportsbook will set a line known as the over-under (O/U). This line is intended to create a total where the chances of either outcome are fairly similar, and you’ll see the odds are close to -110 on most occasions.

Picking the ‘over’ means you need both teams to combine for more than the set amount of points/goals/runs in the same game to win the bet. For example, if the line in an NFL game is 47.5 points and the final result is 28-20, you’ll win the bet because the total amount of points is over 47.5.

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