What is a ‘Teaser’ Bet


A teaser bet allows the bettor to adjust the point spread or total of the game in exchange for reduced odds. It can also be referred to as buying points and gives the bettor a chance to tilt things in their favor.

Example of a Teaser Bet

For example in NFL betting, an underdog could be given 2.5 points on the spread line but the bettor may feel that the game will be settled by a field goal. If they lost by 3 points the spread would not be covered. A ‘Teaser’ bet allows you to increase that spread total to a larger point margin and you’ll have a greater chance of winning. For every extra point you adjust the spread in your favor, expect the odds to decrease. This also applies to total betting where you can increase or decrease the over/under line.

This can also work in reverse where you decrease the margin for error and decrease your chances of success, however, the odds will increase for every point you move the line in favor of the opposite selection.

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