What is a ‘Tie’ In Betting?


A tie can either mean that a game has ended without either team winning. This is particularly common in soccer where a tie or a draw is a regular outcome due to no overtime rules in league games, but it can also apply to the NFL and other sports.

‘Tie’ is also the word given to a spread or total bet where neither side has won, but this is more commonly known as a ‘push‘. In that event, the wager is returned and neither side wins. This is why most lines include a ‘hook’ which is a half point to ensure there’s always a winner.

What Does ‘Tie no Bet’ Mean?

‘Tie no bet’ (also known as ‘draw no bet’) is a bet that removes the possibility of losing money if the result ends in a tie rather than a win/lose scenario. Should a tie happen, the bettor’s stake is returned.