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Betting on sports online is a popular pastime. As a result, a huge industry has been spawned around the activity all over the world. And with the growing interest in betting on sports, today you have tons of different promotions. Some are available outright, but for others, you need sports betting promo codes.

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Today, we take a look at what some of the key benefits of a sports betting promo code are. Why should you care and are you missing out on something great? Our article will help you find out all that you need to know about bonus codes and how to boost your bankroll.

Benefits of Sports Betting Promo Codes

Why should you bother picking sports betting promo codes in the first place? The answer is simple – access to even better bonuses. Since there are so many sports events out there, sportsbooks have come up with an easier way to track all promotions.

By having a unique code assigned to each Super Bowl, March Madness, or NASCAR event, bookies just have an easier way to keep track of things. The bonuses themselves can be quite different, such as:

  • Bonuses for mobile users
  • ‘Risk-free’ wagers
  • Refer-a-Friend promotions
  • ‘Mega’ contest bonuses

There are loads of other promotions to get for yourself as well, but they will vary from one sportsbook to the next. Ultimately, you want to make sure you stay sharp and never miss out on the brilliant promotions that come your way.

How to Use a Sports Promo Code?

It’s really simple. In most cases, all you need to do is register your account, go to the cashier section and make a deposit by entering the sports betting code. In other cases, you need to get in touch with customer support.

For instance, risk-free wager would give you an opportunity to wager $25 and should you lose it, you can contact customer support and have the money restored. It’s a very neat arrangement.  So, to sum up, the steps to using a bonus code are:

  • Pick your sportsbook
  • Register an account
  • Select a promo code
  • Make a deposit
  • Contact support if necessary

It’s really intuitive and most sportsbooks really leave no room for error on the bettor’s part. So, stay calm and bet on! But first – let’s make sure you are up to date with the latest promos!

How to Never Miss the Top Sports Betting Bonus Codes

When you have a bunch of great sportsbooks on your hands, you will definitely want to keep track of all new developments. Flicking through each website individually may soon prove too much of trouble, so here are our solutions for always be on top of what bonuses are available. Here are some neat tricks to use:

  • Subscribe to the sportsbook newsletter – You are probably thinking that this is a way to keep your inbox messy. Well, it’s not. Bookies don’t spam you and when they do send an email, chances are either to encourage you to bet or to release a new promotion.
  • Check the websites manually – Hunting for the best odds will inevitably take you through a whole bunch of sportsbooks. While at it, you may always crash the promotions section and check what’s new.
  • Join a sports forum – Nobody will openly advertise sports betting in a sports forum, but this is what makes any relevant information even more valuable. Sports fans look out for each other, and they would mostly publicize information that they have verified themselves.

Ultimately, the best way to find some of the best sports betting bonus codes is to love sports and keep watching the game for fun.

Where to Find the Best Sports Codes?

The best sports betting codes are usually courtesy of the best sportsbooks out there. Instead of spending hours looking for the right bookie, you can just hop and look up a dedicated review. Now, the codes you need will be accessible and more importantly – visible.

There’s no way for you to miss out on a great promo, but it’s far more likely that you won’t be able to tell if a sportsbook is worth your while. Here’s how we determine if you should bother with it in the first place:

  1. Check the bookie’s reputation
  2. See if they have SSL encryption
  3. Read a review or see what sports fans say
  4. Make sure if the sports you like are available
  5. Don’t forget to check the wagering requirements

All of these points matter, of course. But to make sure you are really on top of your betting game, you will need to know all there is about the wagering requirements.

Sports Betting Promo Codes: Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements – just when you thought we look past those. Well, as it turns out sports betting bonus codes aren’t spared this common obstacle. But here’s the kicker – so long as you bother with actually reading the fine print under every bonus code, you will be absolutely safe and ready to go! What should you check before you enter the code, though? Well, here’s a quick list to use as a reference:

  • Check the expiry date – How many a calamitous moment could have been avoided if one only bothered to read the expiration date. It’s not difficult to check until what time the promotion runs. Now, most codes are available for at least a few months. Some specific ones might be a bit limited. We have specifically seen season opener promotions for the NBA and NFL, and including for the NFL to run for only a few weeks before they expire.
  • What’s the deadline – Know thy enemy, know thy deadline! Each bonus will come with a deadline and once you have been granted the money, the clock will start ticking. Make sure you have enough time to play through the money.
  • Check the odds – The odds are everything. You want to be certain that when you accept an offer, you won’t be stuck with the worst games out there, trying to scrape together a fortunate outcome for your bankroll.
  • Any restrictions – You can’t blame a sportsbook for introducing restrictions. The safest way to save yourself the hassle in the first place is to see if any specific games or matches aren’t featured in the offer. So long as you come prepared, you will have a smooth ride.

A thing to watch out for! Don’t forget to check whether a certain bonus can be taken together with another offer. Some bonuses exclusively state that you can only have one bonus at a time. Attempting to claim a second one will most likely disqualify you.

Bonus Codes for Mobile

Many sportsbooks prefer to keep the experience equated – for a want of a better word. In other words, promotions that are exclusive to mobile or desktop sports betting fans aren’t really that common. still has a $50 bonus like that, but you will really find no difference between either experience.

Refer a Friend Sports Betting Promo Code

If you have a friend, you might as well want to tell them about the cool sportsbook you have discovered. But why not make it so that you and your friend both benefit. This is precisely what the bookies offer.

Usually, when you use a code to refer a friend, you will be eligible for a percentage of said friend’s deposit. This is not to say that you take out of his or her bankroll – rather, the sportsbook will award you the bonus.

Once again, the amount will be subject to wagering requirements, but this is really no biggie when you know that you are betting side-by-side your friends.

What Bonuses Do You Need?

While a promo code can look pretty neat, you should ask yourself – do I really need that? If you are not a big NFL fan, that it would make little economic sense to bet on the opener game. You might want to check out the NBA special promos if that’s something you feel more at home with.

Either way, a great bonus code is not just about giving you some extra money to play with, it’s also about how likely you are to benefit from a specific promo. Factor this in making your next choice.

A New Promo Code Every Month!

The world of sports is dynamic and you can expect a plethora of possible bonuses coming your way easily. Don’t ever feel on missing out, because there’s always a bookie out there that’s ready to offer you exactly what you need regardless of the season. Just make sure to stick with our guide of top sportsbooks and the rest will follow.

    Lauren comes from a family background of sports fanatics and punters which piqued her interest in the industry from an early age. She competed in high school playing softball as the team captain and then went on to study journalism in college while writing for the news weekly sports section. With experience on the field and behind the lines, Lauren knows exactly what the readers want and enjoy.

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