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The best sports betting bonuses online

There are hundreds upon thousands of offshore online sports books that are available for the general public to utilize as their main source of sports gambling. When these offshore online sports books compete to earn your business, their main source of enticement is by offering you a bonus to sign up, bonuses for making deposits and various bonuses throughout the year that are event-based. In this article we will talk about those various sports betting bonuses and explain to you what to look for when accepting these free bonus sports betting incentives.

Are They Bonuses or Are They Earned Free Plays?

Many times offshore online sports books will offer large bonus free plays, as well as cash incentives, for opening an account or making a deposit. Many people are under the assumption that just because it says it’s a bonus, it services free money. In most cases, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Now, before we confuse anyone, let us 1st say that these bonuses are in fact placed on your account and can be obtained but in most cases there are restrictions that come into play with each and every bonus.

As example, many offshore sports books will offer you 20-30% bonus of your initial deposit, some offer even as much as 50% of the initial deposit but in ordinary for you to make a withdrawal of any of the bonus money you must 1st complete a rollover of a specific amount, predetermined by the sports book.

These rollover restrictions can be anywhere from 3X to 50X what the initial deposit originally was. That means if you deposit $1000, and the bonus was a 25% incentive, your actual bonus would be $250. That being said, if you have a 20 X rollover on the bonus, you would need to wait until you one $5000 before you could make it withdraw due to the rollover restriction.


Some other sports books will offer you the same bonuses but instead of applying a rollover limit, they institute a time frame for which you must stay active in ordinary to make a withdrawal of any of the free play money. What this means is that sports betting sign-up bonus that you are promised is available but only after a predetermined amount of time decided by the offshore online sports book.

There are also sports books that put limit restrictions on large wagers that are derived from the free play money bonuses. What this means is they limit how much money you can bet on one single wager or how much money you can potentially win with one single wager at a time. This prevents you from making a big hit, pulling out all your money and leaving the sports book.

What Makes a Bonus Valuable?

When you’re making the decision on what should sports betting bonus to use at a offshore online sports book, take into consideration of your playing style. If you are someone who plays many parlays that have large payoffs, it very well may benefit you to take a larger bonus that has a larger role over. If you are the type of player that only plays flat plays for small amounts, chances are you’re not looking to get rich right away and is better off to take the bonus that is paid out over a course of time. Either way, the important part is the fact that the bonus is valuable, achievable and real.

Various Types of Bonuses

There are several types of bonuses that offshore online sports books will offer to their clients or potential clients. Some of those bonuses consist of sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, re-up bonuses and various free play incentive bonuses. Each of those bonuses are defined below:

  • Sign-Up Bonus – This is pretty much self-explanatory on what the bonus is. These are designed to increase the sports books client base and to earn your business.
  • Deposit Bonus – Deposit bonuses are usually an additional percentage of the amount of money you deposit. These are designed to entice you to continue making deposits when your account gets low by offering bonus money to the customer.
  • Re-Up Bonus – When your account has set dormant and no activity has been made, the offshore sports books give out bonuses to encourage you to make a deposit. These are also usually based on a percentage of the amount of money you intend on depositing.
  • Free Play Incentives – Free play incentives are given out at random times throughout the year for various reasons. At times they are a simple thank you for your continued support and patronage to the offshore online sports books and at other times they are a way to get you involved in a sport you wouldn’t normally take part in.
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