How to Read Boxing Odds

Online gambling’s popularity is sky high these days and shows no sign of slowing down. There are more and more online gambling sites available every day looking for your action. It’s a great time to gamble on sports online, and that includes those looking to place a wager on boxing.

Boxing and gambling have always gone hand in hand and betting on boxing is quite entertaining. Before laying your next boxing wager, you’ll want to be sure you know all of your options. We are here to help with just that and have done the research for you so let’s go over all of your options when placing a wager on boxing.


The moneyline wager is the simplest and most popular boxing wager. All you have to do is pick the winner. Of course, nothing in sports gambling is that simple. When wagering on a boxing moneyline, you are playing against the odds, and before placing the wager, you’ll need to weigh the risk versus reward that the odds offer.

For instance, heavy favorites are easy to pick. However, heavy favorites will not pay out well due to their odds. Taking underdogs can pay out much better. But, of course, they won’t win as much. This is what makes the wager interesting.

The best way to approach a simple wager is to keep it simple. If you have the winner, take that wager. You’ll quickly learn when the odds become too long, making the bet not worth your time or money.


he Round boxing wager is very similar to betting the moneyline as it is another simple wager to place. All you are doing is picking the winner, just like the moneyline, and the round the match will last.

Obviously, the Round boxing wager has much better odds than the moneyline wager as the degree of difficulty is kicked up a notch. Having the winner and going the distance is one of the more popular plays with a Round wager, although it will not pay as well as many other Round bets, it will pay better than a simple moneyline wager.

The key to this wager is knowing your fighters. Some fighters are great knockout artists; others are adept at not being hit and outlasting their opponents. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters is essential. It takes two to tango, and two to box. Liking one fighter is fine, but knowing both is the key to winning boxing wagers such as this.

Group Round

A different version of the Round boxing wager is the Group Round. For this wager, you don’t have to the exact round where the fight ends. The rounds are divided up into groups. For example: Rounds 1 through 3 are Group 1. Rounds 4 through 6 are Group 2.

Rounds 7 through 9 are Group 3 and Rounds 10 through 12 are Group 4. As you can see, it is a little easier than the Round wager. You just need to pick the winner and the Round Group the fight is won. The odds and payouts are not quite as good as with the Round wager, but still much better than the usual moneyline bet.

Method of Victory

Another very popular boxing wager is on the method of victory. This bet also starts with picking the winner. However, you also select the method of victory, either by KO, TKO, Disqualification, Decision, or Technical Decision.

The combination of these two outcomes makes for some excellent odds and payouts. For some events and available at some online sportsbooks, this wager can be expanded to predict the winner, method of victory, and final round.

This wager will give you some of the best payouts for a boxing wager and for good reason. There are numerous ways as to why a fight can end and predicting which one will happen can be very tough. Of course, you have to know the fighters, their approaches, and their strengths. And also their defensive methods. This is a wager for seasoned gamblers with plenty of boxing experience.

Total Rounds

The Totals Rounds wager is the OVER/UNDER bet for boxing. In other sports, the OVER/UNDER is reserved for the total points scored in a game. Here in boxing, it is for how many rounds the bout goes. The sportsbook will set the number of total rounds fought and you pick either less or more. The number is always set with a .5 to take away any chance for a push on the wager.

For instance, your sportsbook sets the OVER/UNDER at 7.5 rounds for an upcoming fight. You think the fight will go 7 rounds, or less so you bet the UNDER. If you thought the fight would end in the 8th or after, you’d take the OVER.

Again, the key to this wager is knowing both fighters and how they box. Is one of them a hard hitter? Is one a bleeder who cuts easily? You’ll need to be concerned about anything that can end a fight and if the fighters can deliver.

Goes the Distance

One of the simplest boxing wagers is the Goes the Distance bet. For this wager, you simply choose if the fight is going to go the number of rounds allotted or end beforehand.

It’s just a yes or no wager. So…

If you think the fight will last until the final round and end in a decision, you are a “yes.” If you think a knockout will end the bout, you are a “no.” The odds for this wager will vary wildly depending on the fighters involved.

This wager is a Total Rounds bet where you took the OVER, and the fight has to last until the final bell. Just like any boxing wager, you need to know your fighters. And with this wager, you’ll need to know the defensive strategy. Many fighters have a strategy to indeed go the distance and try to win technically on the scorecard. Some, of course, are better at this than others. Know the difference and know your fighters.

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