NFC East Future Betting: 2018 Win Totals

Another week means another NFL division to look at. Today, we take through the project over/under win totals for the NFC East!

Before we start, let’s take a look at the other NFL divisions we have discussed to this point:

Eagles (10) OVER… 12-4

Coming off accomplishing the greatest feat in football, winning the Super Bowl, expectations are high for the Eagles. They are also interesting because it was backup QB Nick Foles who helped the team to the title, and now he will be replaced by Carson Wentz, who is expected to be healthy for the opening week.

Bringing back most of the core players of their offense, things are once again looking up. They have a tremendous WR corps and great depth at the RB spot. With DB’s who can pick off passes like its nothing, and linebackers who can sack the QB easily, the sky is the limit. We’re going 12-4 for Philly.

Cowboys (8) OVER… 9-7

Coming off a year where they were at Ezekiel Elliot’s mercy, they will have their star back for the whole season, and that should immediately improve them. They cut Dez Bryant, and in return, they added Tavon Austin, Deonte Thompson, and Allen Hurns to their WR corps. Whether it turns out to be an upgrade or downgrade remains to be seen.

Dallas’ pass rush has the ability to really bring the pressure, but in a lot of cases, they have shown inability to finish defensive plays. Their secondary leaves a lot to be desired, though they have a lot of potential to be better. Dak will not be leading his team to the playoffs, but to a winning record.

Giants (7) EVEN

After a very rough year last year where Eli was benched, OBJ was hurt, the they had a horrible coach with an even worse mustache, the Giants hope to have solved all of their problems. Eli is back under center, they have a capable coach in Pat Shurmur, OBJ is healthy, and they added Penn State star RB Saquon Barkley to the roster.

There are a number of big playmakers on the defense, who should be able to help things. A possible bounce back from Eli Apple, would be fantastic, as he has struggled both on and off the field the past few years. Janoris Jenkins and Landon Collins have a lot of potential. Their pass rush though has a lot to show. 7-9 sounds about right for these guys.

Redskins (6.5) UNDER… 6-10

They added Alex Smith to be their new QB, but that will not take this team to the playoffs, or even above last place in the division. The Redskins lack a good WR corps, and especially considering that new signing Paul Richardson is listed as their #1 guy. New RB Derrius Guice though should immediately improve the run game.

Smith is looking forward to the challenge in a new city.

“You’re in the weight room, you’re on the field, you’re working on what you need to work on. For me, there’s a throwing element, a moving element, running. Everything that goes into playing quarterback.” – Alex Smith

The pass rush for the Redskins is composed of older players, who do not have as much quickness or talent at this point. The return of Josh Norman should help the secondary, which will need all the assistance it can get. 6-10 is the prediction due to lack of receivers and inconsistent defense. Oh, and a coach who is a little overrated.

Full NFC East Betting Odds

The NFC East Betting Win Totals are listed at BETDSI and are as of August 9, 2018

  • Philadelphia Eagles 10
  • Dallas Cowboys 8
  • New York Giants 7
  • Washington Redskins 6.5

Updated Betting Odds to Win the 2019 NFL Super Bowl

With the NFL Draft now complete, we take a look at the teams with the best NFL odds to win next year’s Super Bowl!

New England Patriots Betting Odds (6.5/1)

As long as Tom Brady is still their QB, this team will always be considered Super Bowl favorites. Fresh off a loss to the Eagles, they are ready to bounce back.

They made a few changes at wide receiver and will be getting back Julian Edelman as well, which is bound to bolster their offense. All will be well for Bill’s team.

The return of Gronk should all but seal this team as the league’s premier squad. It is too hard to not pick them as favorites.

Philadelphia Eagles Betting Odds (8/1)

Carson Wentz will be back for the opening week and this should only make the team better. As good as Nick Foles was, the team will only improve. They have a fantastic receiving corps, and are very well coached.

The reigning NFL champions should be back and ready to try and defend their first ever SB title. They really do not have any glaring weaknesses and will be in full form in the opening weeks.

Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Odds (8.5/1)

If they were in the NFC, the Steelers would probably have made it to a Super Bowl by now. They just cannot escape the Patriots, and well, last year, it was the Jaguars who got the best of them.

Big Ben is back for another year the 3 B’s are still leading a very dominant offense. Though he is not able to physically be on the field, Ryan Shazier is with the team in spirit and his energy is infectious. The biggest issue going on with the Steelers is the signing of Le’Veon Bell for the future. Head Coach Mike Tomlin had the following to say:

“We want to get a deal done, he wants to get a deal done. Everybody has said that. Now it’s just about the negotiators getting into a room and doing what it is they need to do. I’m excited and hopeful. Hopefully we’ll have some exciting news before Monday.”

They should be able to make it back to the AFC Championship this year.

Los Angeles Rams Betting Odds (11/1)

The LA Rams took the league by surprise with their strong beginning to last season. With young head coach Sean McVay and QB Jared Goff, they were fantastic from the outset.

Todd Gurley returned to his elite form, and they found a few wide receivers to make a major difference.

They opted to let Sammy Watkins walk, a move we will see if they regret. The youngest head coach in the league should be ready to take them to the second round of the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings Betting Odds (11/1)

Coming off an incredible season, this team only improved, adding Kirk Cousins to be their new QB. They will be getting Dalvin Cook back, with a WR corps that is ready to absolutely tear it up.

The Vikings defense has been playing with a lot of heart and is poised to dominate once again next year. With playmakers across their secondary as well as up front, they are really not lacking in many areas.

Full Super Bowl Betting Odds

The Super Bowl Betting Odds are as of July 26, 2018, and from

New England Patriots +650
Philadelphia Eagles +850
Pittsburgh Steelers +1000
Los Angeles Rams +1100
Minnesota Vikings +1100
Green Bay Packers +1400
New Orleans Saints +1800
Houston Texans +1800
San Francisco 49ers +2000
Atlanta Falcons +2000
Los Angeles Chargers +2200
Jacksonville Jaguars +2200
Oakland Raiders +2800
Kansas City Chiefs +3000
New York Giants +3300
Dallas Cowboys +3300
Carolina Panthers +3500
Denver Broncos +4000
Tennessee Titans +4500
Baltimore Ravens +5500
Detroit Lions +5500
Seattle Seahawks +6000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7000
Indianapolis Colts +7000
Washington Redskins +7500
Cleveland Browns +8000
Arizona Cardinals +10000
Buffalo Bills +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +10000
Chicago Bears +10000
Miami Dolphins +15000
New York Jets +20000

NFL Betting Odds: Win Totals for NFC West

Another week means another NFL division. Today, we will be bringing you the over/under for the NFC West. Read below!

Before doing so, do not forget the rest of the NFL:

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NFC East Future Betting: 2018 Win Totals

AFC West Future Betting Odds: Win Totals for 2018

NFL Win Totals: AFC South 2018 Betting Odds and Preview

NFL: AFC North Win Totals and Betting Predictions for 2018

NFL: AFC East Win Totals and Betting Predictions for 2018

LA Rams (9) OVER… 11-5

The LA Rams, led by 30-year-old head coach Sean McVay produced a season a year ago which surprised everybody outside the organization. From being one of the worst in the NFL, to being division champions, it was a magical year. Jared Goff proved his value and Todd Gurley got back to being an elite RB.

With an up-tempo offense and a deep defense at all positions, this team was an absolute matchup nightmare. They didn’t lose much outside of Sammy Watkins, and so they are poised to succeed again. 11-5 and division champs sounds about right for the LA Rams.

Seattle Seahawks (9) UNDER, 8-8

Though they have a tremendous team and have some new additions on offense (Rashaad Penny at RB and Brandon Marshall at WR), they will disappoint. The loss of Kam Chancellor from the team won’t help, neither will the departure of Richard Sherman to division foe San Francisco.

They still have a very good defense and talent on both sides of the ball, but this team needs a new coach. It seemed last year Pete Carroll lost control of his locker room, and this is something that cannot go unseen. They have some work to do, and if they can fix the inner team issues, maybe this prediction will be wrong. 8-8 though, is where we have them.

49ers (8.5) OVER, 10-6

With Jimmy Garoppolo on town, and an offense on the upswing, big things are expected of the 49ers. They have their best team since the Jim Harbaugh era taking the field next year, and they have Richard Sherman in their now upgraded secondary as well. Watch out.

They have continued to build their defense has to improve and make the team better. With Robbie Gould at the kicker spot, they have a big edge in late game situations, as he is one of the best in the league. All is well in San Fran, as they claim a wild card spot and a #2 finish in the division at 10-6.

Garoppolo was asked in mini camp about his team, and had some great confidence.

“You want guys who care about the game, who care about this team, and I think we have a good group in there” – Jimmy Garoppolo

Cardinals (5.5) OVER, 7-9

The first question will be about who the long-term QB for this team is. Sam Bradford has a very poor injury history, and behind him, waiting in the wings, is former UCLA superstar Josh Rosen. Their record will very much depend on who wins the QB battle. With David Johnson healthy again, and Larry Fitzgerald back for another year, the offense will be set to succeed.

The personnel on the defensive side of the ball, both in the secondary and up front has a lot of potential and some big-name players, but it won’t be enough. The loss of Tyrann Mattheu, who they opted to cut, will come back to bite them. 7-9 with Bradford, possibly 8-8 or 9-7 with Rosen.


1)    Rams 11-5

2)    49ers 10-6

3)    Seahawks 8-8

4)    Cardinals 7-9

Full NFC West Betting Odds

The NFC West Betting Odds are as of July 11, 2018 and come from BETNOW.

  • Los Angeles Rams 9
  • Seattle Seahawks 9
  • San Francisco 49ers 8.5
  • Arizona Cardinals 5.5

NFL Betting: NFC South Win Totals for 2018

Another Friday means another NFL division to examine win/loss totals for. Read below as we bring you the over/under in wins for the NFC South!

Before you start your NFC South reading, take a look at the following from the NFL:

New Orleans (9.5) OVER… 11-5

Their WR corps will look a little different next year with the departure of Willie Snead, but that shouldn’t put a damper on much. They are returning one of the best QB’s of all time in Drew Brees, and new addition Cameron Meredith, should he be healthy, should help the offense.

Both Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara are returning after dominant seasons, and they also added Terrance West, the ex-Raven. Their pass rush has come a long way and puts tremendous pressure on opposing QB’s. There are few holes in this roster, which will be playoff bound again next year. One un named NFL Coach was asked about 39 year old quarterback Drew Brees, and he had great things to say.

“Drew is in a great spot. The 39 year old still has the perfect opportunity to win a Super Bowl”

11-5 is the prediction.

Falcons (9.5) OVER… 10-6

With Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu in the fold again, the team also drafted Alabama WR Calvin Ridley to help further vamp their WR corps. With an RB duo like Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman, this offense is due for big things.

The issue last year was Matt Ryan’s interceptions, and the defense not showing up whenever they needed it. Their pass rush was very iffy, and their secondary was great at intercepting passes, but that was it.

10-6, and second place.

Panthers (8) EVEN

With the return of Curtis Samuel and the additions of Torrey Smith and rookie DJ Moore, Cam Newton will have a lot of targets this year. With Jonathan Stewart leaving, Christian McCaffrey will likely line up more in the backfield often and “normalize” the offense.

The Panthers have a number of big-time tacklers on their defensive line, and have done a good job of intercepting passes. They have a very talented special teams, which will certainly serve to their advantage as the year goes on. They just don’t seem to be able to replicate what they did last year though.

8-8 and third place.

Bucs (7.5) UNDER… 5-11

They have a great WR corps led by Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson, but this is a very dysfunctional team. Their starting QB cannot stay out of trouble, and is too busy “eating W’s” then coughing them up during actual games. Jameis is suspended for the first three games.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the QB who will lead them to wins, and they now have Jacquizz Rodgers as their main RB. They added Jason Pierre-Paul to try and improve their defensive line, which they will certainly need. They have great personnel across the board, but they lack discipline, which will be their undoing this year.

5-11 and in last.

There is a look at all four teams within the NFC South. It should be another interesting season. This divisional has shown great production in the postseason over the last few seasons. Can history repeat itself in 2018?

Full NFC South Betting Odds

Take a look at our full NFC South Betting Odds as of July 6, 2018 from JustBet:

  • New Orleans Saints 9
  • Atlanta Falcons 9
  • Carolina Panthers 8
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.5


NFC North Future Betting Picks: Win Totals for 2018

Another day – another NFL team to look at. On tap for today, we have the NFC North. Read below as we go over the over/under win totals!

Before reading further, if you missed any of the previous divisional previews check them out here:

VIKINGS (10) OVER… 11-5

Welcome aboard, Kirk Cousins! After year where Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater were hurt and Case Keenum took the team over, the Vikings came within a win of the Super Bowl. They added Cousins to replace him, and the outlook is great.

Dalvin Cook will be back and healthy as the RB1, while they kept all of their primary offense targets around. They have a tremendous pass rush as is, which got better with the signing of Sheldon Richardson. The secondary is among the best, and they also have a great kicker.

No holes on this roster, the Vikings will enjoy an 11-5 season, and a division title.


The hope for next year, first and foremost, will be that Aaron Rodgers is healthy. The team however, lost a great bit of talent in Jordy Nelson, who they let go to the Raiders. They have a lack of big time WR’s outside of Cobb and Adams, which we will see next year.

However, they got much better at the TE position, adding Mercedes Lewis and Jimmy Graham, to help Rodgers out. Their defense leaves a lot to be desired, but will be good enough to keep pace with their high-powered offense.

The win total will be nine, as some days, their offense just doesn’t bring it.

Lions (6.5) OVER… 7-9

Though they have tremendous offensive talent and ability, the Lions have a lot to prove. They have struggled in recent years while having a good enough team to consistently win games. Matthew Stafford and a great WR corps are in place, but there is a lot to be desired here.

With the addition of Matt Patricia, the defense should be better, but it will still not be good enough to help them consistently win. Every year, I think highly of the Lions, but not this one.

The prediction is 7-9, and last place in a newly competitive NFC North.

BEARS (5.5) OVER… 8-8

A big year, one where big progress is made, is in store for the bears. Now led by Mitchell Trubisky, this team is going to begin going places. They have tremendous offensive talent in Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen at the RB spot, and new additions Taylor Gabriel and Allen Robinson at the WR spot. The Bears quarterback had some great things to say about what he sees from the 2018 squad:

“I’m very excited about this year and optimistic about what we can do, but I’m not allowed to make any guarantees where we will be. But I can promise you if you come to Bears games, you’re going to have a lot of fun and we’re going to have a good team this year.” – Mitchell Trubisky

Their defense is full of young guys, waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves. They are a team with tremendous talent and upside, who will prove a lot of doubters wrong. New coach Matt Nagy is going to take this team to new heights.

At 8-8, they will miss the playoffs, but show that in 2019, they could be division champs.

Full NFC North Betting Odds

  • NFC North Betting Odds for Win Totals are as of Monday July 2, 2018 and found at BETDSI .

Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 10

Detroit Lions 6.5

Chicago Bears 5.5

AFC West Future Betting Odds: Win Totals for 2018

Another Monday means another NFL division to look at. Read below as we highlight the win totals for the teams of the AFC WEST!

But, before you do so – here are a few of our other NFL articles recently:

Raiders (9.5) UNDER

With the Jon Gruden reunion, expectations for this Raiders team have soared. Following a playoff appearance, they struggled last year, and that is what led to the firing of Jack Del Rio, and the Gruden return. Gruden was pleased with the draft his team made, despite many experts disagreeing.

“But I’m not going to apologize or be sad about taking two young offensive tackles with the people we’ve got to block in this division. We’re not playing seven-on-seven here, you know? We don’t get to count steamboats or three Mississippi’s before they rush.” – Jon Gruden

Looking at the offense they have, they have Jordy Nelson, Martavis Bryant, AND Amari Cooper, which form one of the best WR corps in all the NFL. They are undoubtedly talented there, and they also added Doug Martin to join Marshawn Lynch in the backfield, adding even more talent to the roster. They also have a fantastic pass rush.

WHY UNDER? They don’t have a good enough secondary, and they will be watched under a microscope with Gruden as coach. Derek Carr won’t be fully healthy either. 9-7.

LA Chargers (9) OVER

The super Chargers are looking at a big season this year. Though it has already been dampened a bit with the loss of Hunter Henry, the amount of offensive talent this team has is incredible. One of the best WR corps in the league and a running back in Melvin Gordon who runs through contact brilliantly.

Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram last year proved to be one of the best pass-rushing duos in all the NFL, sacking QB after QB. The return of Jason Verrett in the secondary alongside Casey Heyward will help them to lead the league in defensive interceptions.

Philip Rivers is getting better and better as he ages, and will lead the team to an 11-5 season.

Chiefs (8) EVEN

The Alex Smith chapter came to a depressing end last year, following a blown 21-3 lead in the playoffs against the Titans. Now, they are turning over a new leaf to Patrick Mahomes, who becomes THE GUY this year.

The addition of Sammy Watkins should help to improve their WR corps, while the addition of Kendall Fuller should help to improve their secondary. This Chiefs team though, is clearly less talented than what they put on the field a year ago and will not be as successful.

8-8 sounds about right for a team with a new QB and a changing defense.

Broncos (7.5) UNDER

Don’t be fooled. Though the team will have a healthy defense and a new QB this year, they are not much better than they were a year ago. The signing of Case Keenum was a good one, but it is not a move that will take them to the playoffs.

They have one of the best pass rushes and group of corners and safeties in all of the NFL, but that isn’t enough to turn them into a playoff squad. They are lacking a lot, and that will be on display this year when they are struggling at the ends of games.

6-10 will be the Broncos record with Case Keenum under center in 2018.

There is a look at the AFC West and their 2018 Betting Win Totals.

Full AFC West Betting Odds

  • AFC West Betting Odds are as of Monday June 25, 2018 and from Bovada.

Oakland Raiders 9.5

LA Chargers 9

Kansas City Chiefs 8

Denver Broncos 7.5

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NFL Win Totals: AFC South 2018 Betting Odds and Preview

Another day means we look at another NFL division. We go through the over/under win total predictions for the AFC South today. Read below!

But, before you do – some other NFL news from us at VegasOdds:

NFL: AFC North Win Totals and Betting Predictions for 2018

NFL: AFC East Win Totals and Betting Predictions for 2018

Houston Texans (9) – EVEN

The question with the Houston Texans every year is, can they stay healthy? For the last few years, we have seen very little of their star defensive player JJ Watt because of injuries. We have also not seen a QB make it through 16 games in Houston for quite some time.

The return of Deshaun Watson from a torn ACL should make this offense elite immediately. He looked like a star QB right off the bat. Lead by DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller, the Texans have a very impressive WR corps, and up front, their pass rush is looking excellent.Watson has had a good healthy off-season spending much of his time with JJ Watt working out. Watson had some amazing things to say about Watt:

“He’s been there keeping me motivated, and I’m keeping him motivated. If one of us is having a bad day or we’re slacking, we’re going to pick each other up and make sure that the other guys around us are also getting better. We try to bring that good energy and positive vibes. He’s a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, so he knows what type of work you need to put in to get to that level.” – DeShuan Watson on J.J. Watt

The Texans, assuming Watson QB’s them all year and is healthy, will go 9-7 and come in second place in the AFC South. 

Titans (8.5) OVER (9-7)

Last season, the Titans quite definitely overachieved. They weren’t expected to make it to the postseason, but they got in with a wild-card berth. They trailed the Chiefs 21-3 in their postseason game before rallying for a 22-21 win thanks to a TD catch by QB Marcus Mariota.

They have a very strong WR corps coming back this year, and the return of Tajae Sharpe to the lineup should only serve to enhance this. The addition of Dion Lewis next to Derrick Henry should make the running game even better than it was with DeMarco Murray. Add in the tremendous pass rush they have, and you have a great squad.

Nine wins is the number I see for Tennessee. They are in a highly competitive division. 9-7 it is.

Jacksonville Jaguars (8) OVER (10-6)

The reigning division champs had a very successful playoff run last year, falling short against the Patriots in the AFC Championship game after upsetting the Steelers in the divisional round. They rewarded Blake Bortles, who proved all the doubters wrong last postseason, with a hefty contract.

They have a fantastic defense, including debatably the best secondary, led by Jalen Ramsey, who was an absolute beast in the postseason. Lead by Dante Fowler Jr., they have a fantastic pass rush and are able to put pressure on any QB. Leonard Fournette is ready to follow up a fantastic rookie campaign and prove to be a top-5 RB.

The Jags will go 10-6 this year and claim the AFC South title once again.

Colts (7.5) UNDER (5-11)

This will not be a great year for this team, whether they use Andrew Luck or Jacoby Brissett. In the case of Luck, he has not thrown for a number of months and will definitely show some rust. Brissett showed to be decent at times, but a slightly mediocre QB in all.

The Colts lack a good defense, O-Line, and have a lot of youth offensively. They will be leaning on Marlon Mack to be their RB1, after very limited opportunities a year ago. Their wide receivers, aside from TY Hilton and Ryan Grant, are highly inexperienced. A long year is ahead for them.

I have them penciled in at 5-11.

That’s the AFC South and their projected Vegas win totals. Good luck with your NFL Bets!

Full AFC South Betting Odds

  • AFC South Betting Odds are as of Thursday June 21, 2018 and from Bovada.

Houston Texans 9

Tennessee Titans 8.5

Jacksonville Jaguars 8

Indianapolis Colts 7.5

NFL: AFC North Win Totals and Betting Predictions for 2018

On today’s slate betting odds and predictions for the AFC North. Read below as we examine the over/under of the Browns, Steelers, Bengals, and Ravens!

Steelers (10.5) OVER… (12-4)

The Steelers team has an endless amount of offensive talent that will undoubtedly be on display in full next year. They caught an unlucky break to face a Jaguars team who played perfect football in their playoff meeting.

When you have a lineup featuring the #1 RB and the #1 WR in all of the NFL, you should be expected to win a number of games. With Big Ben coming back, that all but ensures it. Their defense is certainly good enough to hold the leads this team will build.

PREDICTION: The Steelers claim the #2 spot in the AFC with a 12-4 record.

Ravens (8.5) OVER… (10-6)

Coming off a year in which they choked their playoff hopes away in the closing seconds against the Bengals a year ago, the postseason is the definitive goal for Baltimore this year. Joe Flacco has a QB behind him who could threaten his job security for the first time in his career.

Lamar Jackson should not be expected by anybody to start any games, but to be used in special packages this year. The Ravens running game lead by Alex Collins should be superb once again, while the WR corps should be better with Willie Snead and Michael Crabtree. Their defense will win a lot of games for them.

Prediction: 2nd place in the AFC North and a wild card spot for the 10-6 Ravens!

Cleveland Browns (5) EVEN… (5-11)

For the first time in a long time, there is some excitement coming into a season for the Browns. They vamped up their WR corps, RB position, and got two new QB’s in who are a huge part of the future. Baker Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor are both very qualified.

The addition of Jarvis Landry to play opposite a rejuvenated Josh Gordon will prove to be a very worthwhile move. This team needed to add strong veteran players to help boost a lineup that couldn’t win a single game a year ago. Hue Jackson’s coaching record in Cleveland will be certainly be much better than his first two years, where he went 1-31.

Mychael Kendricks chose the Browns in free agency and was excited about his choice. He talked about the future of the team.

“I chose the Browns because it gives me an opportunity to showcase my talent, and I feel like their scheme fits me best,” he said. “I’m familiar with the coaches. And I want to a part of an uprising. That’s cool to me. I like that. You know what I mean? We’re going to win some games, and I want to be a part of that.” – Mychael Kendricks

Prediction: Five wins is the number for Cleveland, as they try and build for the future.

Bengals (5) UNDER (4-12)

This is not a team that is headed in the right direction, and even after saying he will step down, Marvin Lewis decided to come back. They need a fresh face as coach and again will not get one.

Andy Dalton has struggled a fair bit over the past few years and aside from AJ Green, hasn’t found too much chemistry with his other WR’s. The team though, comes in with a little positive momentum after knocking Baltimore from the postseason running with their clutch comeback win last year. But, they don’t have the talent to overtake any of the other three AFC North teams.

Prediction: A rough year for Cincy has them at 4-12 and on the bottom of the division.

Full AFC North Betting Odds

Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5

Baltimore Ravens 8.5

Cleveland Browns 5

Cincinnati Bengals 5

NFL: AFC East Win Totals and Betting Predictions for 2018

With every team having their rosters finally set, it’s time to start looking at what Vegas predicts for the season. Read below we as highlight the over/under win totals for the AFC East for 2018!

New England Patriots (10.5) OVER

There is little to no reason to believe the Patriots will not be the best team in the AFC East. They have not had a season with fewer than twelve wins since 2009. They will crush the prediction.

Even with Julian Edelman now suspended for the first four games, they have a number of offensive weapons who will help to make this team dominant once again. Any team that is coached by Bill Belichick is automatically expected to win more than 10 games.

It will be another 12-13 win season for New England.

Buffalo Bills (6.5) OVER

Although this team is changing things up at the QB position and it is unclear how long AJ McCarron will start before Josh Allen takes over, the fact that 6.5 is their over/under is a joke. They are without a doubt a 7-9 win team. Head Coach Sean McDermott had some GREAT things to say about Allen during the May mini camp.

“We’ve seen a young man that has taken the right approach through the weekend and rookie minicamp. You see the leadership and you see the intelligence. Then when he went to the field, I felt he had great command of the offense, great command of the huddle. I thought he had two solid days of the way he threw the football. Most of it was passing game because of the nature of the camp. We didn’t run the ball much, when we did it was few and far between. He had two nice days of camp.” – Sean McDermott

They were one of the weirdest nine win teams of all time a year ago, with how they were fantastic in some games and horrendous in others. But, they are solidly coached and did just recently end a playoff drought of 18 years.

8 wins is a good prediction for the Bills.

New York Jets (6.5) OVER

Last season started off impressively for the Jets, although they were expected to tank. They started to lose games as the season went on and Josh McCown’s play faltered. They enter this season with three very capable QB’s on their roster.

The time when they decide that Sam Darnold is ready to come in and be the guy. This is a team with a decent WR corps and a solid defense, but one who is not at all ready to compete for a playoff spot.

The Jets should win, should all go as expected, seven games next year, and build upon that in 2019.

Miami Dolphins (5.5) OVER

A team that had Jay Cutler a year ago, they have instantly upgraded at QB with the return of Ryan Tannehill, but have lost Jarvis Landry which will hurt the WR corps. The signing of Danny Amendola is a nice short-term fill in.

They are well coached under Adam Gase and are a bunch with some unfinished business from 2016. They made the postseason but lost Tannehill late in the year, and so he was unable to play in the playoffs. Matt Moore was not the guy for the job.

They should win six to nine games this year and are in fact talented enough to compete for a playoff spot.

Full AFC East Betting Odds

New England Patriots 10.5

Buffalo Bills 6.5

New York Jets 6.5

New York Jets 5.5

NFC East: Division of Reigning Champions. Odds to win Division in 2018

It’s never too early to start looking ahead to the NFL season.

Yesterday, we gave you an AFC East preview:

Now today will be the NFC East. Enjoy!

Philadelphia Eagles (5/8)

They did it. With Carson Wentz out and Nick Foles stepping in, the Eagles went all the way and took out the Pats for their first ever SB. Now with Carson Wentz coming back, they will have a great chance to compete for another title.

They brought in Mike Wallace to replace Torrey Smith, and re-signed Alshon Jeffery to a long-term deal. They have a tremendous DL, a great coach, and a fantastic RB corps. There are few holes, if any, on this Eagles roster.

Malcolm Jenkins mentioned how he missed Carson Wentz last season, but had some great thoughts about his team without the leader.

“You learn lot about people when they have nothing to gain in a situation,” Jenkins said. “Carson being out and the team still moving on and having success, for him to still be engaged, involved and wanting to contribute says a lot about his character. He’s been itching to get back healthy to compete and be a part of the team and what we’re doing.” – Malcolm Jenkins

A bet on the Eagles, is a bet on Carson Wentz to return to his pre-injury MVP form.

Dallas Cowboys (7/2)

Assuming that Zeke doesn’t miss any games with a suspension this year, this offense is going to be very potent.  They lost Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, but have added Deonte Thompson, Tavon Austin, and Allen Hurns to help make up for the production they were going to lose.

Ezekiel Elliott, assuming he plays all 16 games, will be one of the league’s premiere running backs, while Dallas’ secondary will be picking off pass after pass.

Dak Prescott is a very solid game manager, and should be expected to lead this team to a wild-card berth at the absolute least. The expectation should the postseason, but betters beware of how the NFC East fluctuates its standings every year.

New York Giants 6/1

Now that they have Saquon Barkley in the fold, they will have a potent running game to support Eli for the first time in years. In addition to this, with Ben McAdoo gone, they can officially name Manning as their QB for all sixteen games, as we hardly expect Davis Webb to be the guy.

Assuming OBJ comes back healthy, he and Sterling Shepard, in addition to new addition Cody Latimer, should be able to lead a very good WR corps. Their defense is going to have to without a doubt be better in 2018.

They went from first place, to a team that didn’t know how to win last year. The Giants have an outside shot of winning the division, but the best bet is Dallas or Philly.

Washington Redskins (8/1)

With Alex Smith now under center in place of Kirk Cousins, this offense will definitely be looking different. They are the cellar dweller until proven otherwise.

The drafting of RB Derrius Guice should help to enhance their poor running game, but the addition of Paul Richardson still leaves them without a true #1 WR. They are probably the third-worst coached team in the division, and have some work to do.

Only true Redskins fans should be willing to wager that their team will be winning this division in 2018.

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