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No sporting event is bigger than the Champions League when it comes to annual sporting occasions. The viewers that tune in to watch the European Cup final every season surpasses the numbers that are recorded by the Super Bowl, and some of the fixtures that have been played out throughout the Champions League have gone on to be revered as the best soccer matches of all-time.

There is nothing that comes close to the drama of the Champions League, with the world’s best club sides in direct competition for the honour of being called the best in Europe. The Champions League final amassed a staggering 380 million viewers from around the world in 2019, and fans are always on the hunt to find the best streams to watch the upcoming action.

Champions League Stream (Reddit-Upvoted)

Millions of soccer fans from around the world spend hours trying to find the best streams to watch the action. The Champions League is relentless for the elite teams, with games typically taking place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the season. One of the best ways to watch the action for free is on Reddit, as there are a number of pages that fans will be able to follow to find the best streams.

The reason for the Reddit popularity when it comes to Champions League fixtures is how easy they are to find. Users will simply need to search for ‘UEFA Champions League streams’ in the search bar to find pages that will be able to help them find streams. The biggest plus that comes with watching streams through this site is that they are completely free. Therefore, it makes it a cost-effective way to watch the biggest games in European soccer without paying a single dollar.

Some of the most popular pages are trusted by tens of thousands of fans that are members, with links uploaded to the pages every day for the upcoming fixtures. You will be able to see two of the most popular pages below:

As well as that, due to the popularity of some of the teams in the competition, you will be able to become a member of fan pages. These sites will specifically focus on one team in the competition, and there will also be debates that you will be able to get involved in. These are some of the most popular team pages:

Should I Watch Champions League Reddit Streams?

Like all streaming sites, there are positives and negatives that come with watching the action through the links that can be found on the site. The positives certainly outweigh the negatives for some fans, as it is a hugely popular way to watch the action without having to pay the big prices that are required for subscription packages.

However, it is worth remembering that streaming games online on sites like Reddit is illegal, and you do open up the possibility of numerous threats on your computer. Furthermore, finding a stream on Reddit can often be long winded for fans, as it sometimes takes longer than just searching for the game that you want to watch.

As a general rule, we would always recommend that fans wanting to watch the Champions League stream free to still take the hit and pay the subscription price to have the best possible experience of the match because frankly with the right package, the entertainment value outweighs the time you would waste searching for bad streaming mirrors. To add to this, mirrored streams are often delayed, which means that you will get delayed coverage and could find out about a goal in the game that you’re watching before you see it. As well as this, the streams often crash, which means that you need to waste valuable game time trying to find a new stream to watch the action.

Alternative Champions League Streaming Sites

Those looking for a Champions League live stream, Reddit isn’t as popular in other places around the world as it is in the United States, which means that Champions League fans often look for a stream elsewhere. The same problems persist with these streaming sites too, as it is still illegal coverage, and the streams are often laggy and crash in vital moments of fixtures. However, these are some of the sites that you can use to watch the action if you wish:

The Champions League is the biggest club competition in world football, which means that fans that don’t want to miss a second of the action are always encouraged to sign up for the relevant subscription package. As well as unmatched coverage of the live action, you will also get expert analysis from the pundits at half-time and full-time. The experience that you will get from these streams isn’t even comparable to the streaming experience that you will get on Reddit. Below you will see the broadcasters that have the rights for the Champions League in some of the most popular countries:

CountryStreaming Service
United StatesCBS/ Univision
United KingdomBT Sport
Indian SubcontinentSony Pictures Network
ItalyMediasat/ Sky Sport
GermanyDAZN/ Telekom Sport/ Sky Sport
AustraliaOptus Sport
CaribbeanESPN/ Flow Sports/ Fox Sports/ SportsMax


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