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Football is the most popular sport in America and its popularity is growing around the world with every new NFL season. The reason for this is obvious – every single NFL game comes with some breath-taking moments.

Whether it’s an inch-perfect pass, bone-crushing tackle, or a lightning-fast rush, you surely don’t want to miss such moments. Unfortunately, you can’t be in two places at once (damn physics!), so you are going to miss some of those. Luckily for you, we live in the era of the internet, which enables you to relive those football highlights you’ve missed in the live coverage.

Where should you look for these things? Check out the Subreddits below for our favorite Reddit NFL moments.

NFL Live Reddit Moments

The r/nfl subreddit is the largest subreddit focused on NFL discussions. There are nearly 2 million members in the subreddit, discussing everything football-related, from the latest news and gossip to Reddit football highlights from last weekend’s NFL games Reddit users are reliably on top of.

You can simply scroll through the latest threads to see if there are some about the latest NFL highlights. Usually, such treads are created the morning after the game, however, sometimes, Redditors might post NFL highlights even during the game.

Then, there are also those threads created by the Reddit bot. “This Week’s Top /r/NFL [Highlight]s” is posted every week of the season by SubredditSummaryBot. To stay up-to-date with the series of posts, you can either search for the last week’s Reddit football highlights every Monday or follow the bot account.

Speaking of SubredditSummaryBot, you can sign up to a weekly briefing by sending the bot a message with the subject ‘NFL.’ If you sign up, you will get a roundup of NFL highlights once a week in your Reddit mailbox. If once a week is not enough for you, SubredditSummaryBot can send you highlight recaps on a daily basis. To sign up for this service, all you got to do is send the bot a message with ‘NFL daily’ in the subject.  

NFL Games: Reddit-Voted Moments

Consider yourself an NFL fan? Why not check out what likeminded people have to say about the best moment in football. The subreddit r/nflhighlights/ is exactly the place for that. The same goes for r/NFLvids and r/Football_Highlights. These are Reddit communities in which users share gifs, videos, and images from the NFA games.

These communities are most active during the Playoffs, focusing on fresh news and the highlights from the current NFL season. If you’re looking for all-time highlights voted by Reddit’s biggest football fans, you can check out some of the discussions in /r/nfl/, such as the one talking about the best NFL moments from the times before Reddit or the one discussing the worst moments in the history of certain NFL franchises.


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