A handy guide to golf betting

Golf is not only one of America’s favorite sports. It’s also one of America’s favorite sports to gamble on. From a weekend five dollar nassau to a country club seniors scramble, no matter the level of golf there always seems to be money on the line. And the sportsbook is no different.

Betting golf is one of the tougher plays in the sportsbook. This is because most bets have you picking one player versus the field. Of course, this can earn you big payouts but it’s a tough bet to lay down week in and week out. However, if you consider certain factors you can find plenty of value while betting golf.

To learn the basics of golf betting we will look at the bets you can play and the strategies you can use. Golf is as competitive as ever before and that’s great news for golf betting. Knowing the basics of golf betting is at a premium when finding the plays you need to get the best value.

The Bets

The bets available to play on golf are a little different when compared to all the other major sports. Beside a few match play tournaments, most of the plays are one player versus the field which can feel like playing the lotto more than laying a bet. However, The right bet with the right strategy can give you good value. Here are the popular bets of a golf betting guide.

  1. You vs. The Field – This is simply picking the winner of the tournament. It’s much like a future’s bet and also the most popular of the golf bets.
  2. Head to Head – The most popular play in golf betting is picking one golfer versus the field to win a tournament. This is by far where most of the action is week in and week out on the PGA Tour. However, one of the many side bets you can find in golf betting is a Head to Head bet. On a Head to Head bet, you are not picking an overall winner of the tournament but simply the better of two golfers. There are usually great odds on these bets and if you follow the tour and the players, there is plenty of money to be made on them. Be sure to browse the Head to Head matchups every tournament and find a few you like.
  3. The Props – Proposition bets are often seen as sucker bets. Most gamblers never even look through them and, in their defense, it’s perfectly understandable. There are usually hundreds of props for any tournament and most of them carry little value. However, you can find many props worth your time and money. There are Totals bets on birdies, on bogeys, on putts, just to name a few. If you know enough about certain golfers on certain courses, some props will stand out as easy plays.

The Strategy

Golf is very competitive these days and in order to be successful in golf betting you are going to have to study up on all the latest tournament results and stats. Just like other sports, who’s hot and who’s not is the all important question but there are other ways to win so know the PGA well will be your greatest asset.

  1. Who is Due – Golfers get hot or go cold just like any athlete will. Golfers primed to win a tournament will have been showing well in the weeks prior to the win. You improve your odds dramatically when you are able to identify who these golfers are. They make all the cuts, a ton of birdies and finish strong. And just as there are golfers on a roll there are ones who are ice cold. They are missing cuts and not breaking par. Stay away from them no matter how big their name is. Let the golfer prove themselves before laying a bet on them.
  2. 2nd Tier Value – Everyone is going to bet Tiger. Everyone is going to bet Rory. Great golfers equals bad bets. When picking against the field you don’t want to take the favorite. Especially a heavy favorite. You need that second tier guy to get the good value on a golf bet. +200 is not enough of a return on your risk. You need to find the guy at +500 to +1200. Not a long shot but not someone everyone is taking.
  3. Know the Courses – Some players play well on certain courses or in certain tournaments. There are many reasons for this. It’s their home course or just a course they’ve played before. It’s in their hometown. Their game just matches the course well. Keep track of a tournament’s history to see who these players are and how they’ve finished in the past. Some courses, Pebble Beach for instance, are played several times in a year on Tour. Get to know the big courses and the tournament they host and which players play well there.
  4. Wait a Beat – Laying a bet before the tournament starts will get you the best outs for a good payout. However, waiting for the weekend will greatly improve your chances. The cut has been made and you’ll have a better idea of who is in position to win come Sunday.
  5. Major in the Majors – The four major tournaments (The Masters, The U.S. Open, The British Open, and The PGA Championship) bring out the best fields every year. These are tough tournaments on tough courses. It brings out the gamblers as well. You will find your best odds and best bets during these tournaments. Betting a favorite at a major is a great play. The odds and payouts will be better than usual because it takes such a special talent to win a major. Don’t miss one of these tournaments.
  6. And the Minors – There are a second tier of tournaments on the PGA Tour. These do not attract the big names or, if they do, there won’t be many of them. The odds and payouts are much bigger these weeks because the field is much more wide open. There is plenty of value here. Just with any golf bet, it’ll take some sifting but watching every tour event will pay dividends.
  7. Props for the Props – It will take some searching but there are good bets to be found in the golf props. Because golf is an individual sport knowing the strengths of certain players will help narrow down a smart play. For instance, birdie over/unders for a player you know makes a lot of birdies. The great thing about prop betting is you have plenty of options.
  8. Check in on Saturday – On the PGA Tour, Saturday is known as “Moving Day.” This is the day a golfer either moves into position to win on Sunday or if they fall out of contention. Checking in on the lines on Saturday afternoon is a smart play. Most of the field has been eliminated from contention or missed the cut completely. The odds will be lower but not by much so there is plenty of value on picking a winner on Saturday.

Golf betting strategy is just like any other sports betting strategy. You have to be able to find the bets with value and ignore the rest. Become a fan of the sport, do your homework, and lay a bet with low risk and plenty of reward. There are great plays in golf betting if you know your tournaments, your courses, and your players. A little research goes a long way so study up and start getting paid out.

While betting golf will prove to be a tough play, there is value out there, especially if you play on the top rated sites. You just have to do your homework to find it.