Top 15 Hottest UFC Female Fighters

image of the hottest ufc female fighters

Mixed martial arts is arguably the most violent sport in the world. Such, one would think that there’s no room for beautiful ladies in this sport. However, the truth is just the opposite.

There are literally hundreds of hotties out there, so picking the top 15 MMA female fighters would be impossible. To narrow down the search, we’ve decided to focus only on those who have competed in the UFC, which is the elite MMA promotion.

What this means that MMA beauties like Gina Carano, Rachel Wray, Juli Firso, and others did not make our selection. But, even without them, you’re going to love our list.

Obviously, there are endless variants of ‘beauty’, but we are certain you are not going to disagree with this tiny selection amongst the thousands of beautiful fighters out there.

With no further ado in no particular order, here’s a highlight of 15 incredible women whose UFC record proves they can knock you off your feet with any attack they choose and they do the same us with their looks.

Angela Hill

  • Name: Angela Patrice Hill
  • Fighting Nickname: Overkill
  • Age: 33 (B-Day: December 10, 1986)
  • Pro MMA Record: 12-8
  • Earnings: ~$293k
  • Instagram: @angieoverkill (109k followers)
  • Twitter: @AngieOverkill (56.5k followers)

What connects UFC with cosplay and aliens? The answer is Angela Hill. She is currently #14 in the UFC women’s strawweight rankings after 14 bouts fought under the banner of this promotion. This makes her one of the veterans of her division, as well as one of the most successful female fighters of African-American heritage.

Her life outside Octagon is arguably even more exciting. Hill is a passionate gamer and is a big fan of cosplay. She’s often making stage entrances in costume. We’ve seen her cosplaying as Fallout Vault Dweller, Afro Samurai, and Dhalsim.

An interesting character, Hill has made numerous appearances in TV and radio shows. In February 2020, she was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, in which she revealed her grandfather was Barney Hill, the protagonist of the Barney and Betty Hill alien abduction case.

Rachael Ostovich

  • Name: Rachael Lillianna Ostovich
  • Fighting Nickname: N/A
  • Age: 29 (B-Day: February 25, 1991)
  • Pro MMA Record: 4-5
  • Earnings: ~$35k
  • Instagram: @rachaelostovich (694k followers)
  • Twitter: @rachaelostovich (36.4k followers)

Rachael Ostovich made her UFC debut in 2017, winning the hearts of male admirers straight away. It didn’t have to do much with her performances in the Octagon – she did win her debut fight, but then lost two following bouts. Instead, she became UFC fans’ favorite due to her looks.

Ostovich disappointed many of her fans in January 2020 when she tested positive for several banned substances, including ostarine and GW1516.

That wasn’t the first time Ostovich ended up in yellow papers. In 2018, she was in the headlines following a case of domestic violence. The story goes that her husband tried to kill her, injuring her eye and causing many other minor injuries.

Miesha Tate

  • Name: Miesha Theresa Tate
  • Fighting Nickname: Cupcake
  • Age: 33 (B-Day: August 18, 1986)
  • Pro MMA Record: 18-7
  • Earnings: ~$1.06 million
  • Instagram: @mieshatate (2m followers)
  • Twitter: @MieshaTate (833.1k followers

With a nickname like Cupcake, you’d think that Miesha Tate is a gentle peace-loving soul. Well, she kind of is, but not when she’s inside the Octagon. Her professional MMA career saw her fighting 25 fights, winning most of them. The most impressive milestone in her portfolio is the title of the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship which she won in 2016 after beating Holly Holm.

After retiring from the MMA, she got involved in the ONE Championship, becoming the Vice President of the organization. Aside from fighting, Tate also does modeling. She’s appeared in several publications including Fitness Gurls and ESPN The Fitness Magazine.

Cat Zingano

  • Name: Cathilee Deborah Zingano (née Albert)
  • Fighting Nickname: Alpha Cat
  • Age: 38 (B-Day: July 1, 1982)
  • Pro MMA Record: 10-4
  • Earnings: ~$2 million
  • Instagram: @alphacatzingano (540k followers)
  • Twitter: @CatZingano (254.4k followers)

Cat Zingano’s name is engraved with big letters in the UFC history. There are several reasons for that, starting with the fact that she’s the first female fighter to win a fight by a TKO (technical knockout) in the promotion. Another “first” set by Cat Zingano is that she’s the first mother to compete in the promotion.  

Ronda Rousey

  • Name: Ronda Jean Rousey
  • Fighting Nickname: Rowdy
  • Age: 33 (B-Day: February 1, 1987)
  • Pro MMA Record: 12-2
  • Earnings: ~$4.04 million
  • Instagram: @rondarousey (13m followers)
  • Twitter: @RondaRousey (3.5m followers)

She’s still in her early 30s, but Ronda Rousey has achieved much, much more than most other female athletes. In 2008, she won the Olympic bronze in judo, which was her first major breakthrough.

From there, she moved to mixed martial arts, winning 12 out of 14 professional fights. Her next challenge was pro wrestling. In 2018, she signed a contract with WWE, making a debut at WrestleMania 34 and winning the Raw Women’s Championship.

Ronda also made numerous appearances in Hollywood blockbusters, most notably The Expendables 3 and Furious 7. Today, she lives on a ranch with her husband, Travis Browne, who’s also an MMA fighter. As you can see from her Instagram posts, Ronda is a passionate gamer whose favorites include Mortal Kombat 11 and Dragon Ball Z.

Holly Holm

  • Name: Holly Rene Holm
  • Fighting Nickname: The Preacher’s Daughter
  • Age: 38 (B-Day: October 17, 1981)
  • Pro MMA Record: 33-2 (and 3 draws)
  • Earnings: ~$1.6 million
  • Instagram: @hollyholm (2.1m followers)
  • Twitter: @HollyHolm (394k followers)

With 2.1 million followers on Instagram, Holly Holm is one of the most popular MMA fighters. The main reason for this is that she’s done exceptionally well in the UFC, as well as in other sports, including boxing and kickboxing. In fact, according to some, she is the best female boxer of all time.

As this list is about female UFC fighters, we need to mention that her current ranking in the UFC women’s bantamweight rankings is #2. In her entire professional MMA career, Holm has won 13 fights, while losing only five.

Holm was the main protagonist of what’s considered to be the biggest upset in the history of UFC. In 2015, she won the bantamweight title by beating Ronda Rousey in front of the record crowd (56k people) in Melbourne at the UFC 193.

MMA fans follow her on Instagram and Twitter to admire her fighting skills. Of course, that’s not the only reason. No one can deny that she’s a true beauty. However, unlike many other UFC ladies, Holm doesn’t share too many provocative posts on social media. Her modesty should not surprise you. After all, Holly Holm is The Preacher’s Daughter.

Andrea Lee

  • Name: Andrea Lee
  • Fighting Nickname: KGB
  • Age: 31 (B-Day: February 11, 1989)
  • Pro MMA Record: 11-4
  • Earnings: ~ $81k
  • Instagram: @andreakgblee (135k followers)
  • Twitter: @AndreaKGBLee (36k followers)

If you’re wondering why an American MMA fighter born and raised in Texas is often seen rocking a red bikini with hammer and sickle, it’s because Andrea Lee’s nickname is KGB.

And why is that her nickname? Because, apparently, she looks Russian. At least that’s what her coach thought when he gave her this moniker.

At first, she thought of it as a joke, but then decided to embrace it. In her native Texas, she’s seen as a baddie, but when in contact with Russians, she’s a sort of a hero. When she appeared in a KGB bikini at a Mau Thai championship, the entire Russian team came to her to take a photo.

Claudia Gadelha

  • Name: Ana Cláudia Dantas Gadelha
  • Fighting Nickname: Claudinha
  • Age: 31 (B-Day: December 7, 1988)
  • Pro MMA Record: 18-4
  • Earnings: ~ $470k
  • Instagram: @claudiagadelha (945k followers)
  • Twitter: @ClaudiaGadelha_ (163k followers)

As per her own admission, Claudia Gadelha had a tough childhood, often getting in confrontations with her mother who was against her getting involved with the MMA. Claudia’s rebellious spirit prevailed and she became a pro fighter, eventually reaching the UFC women’s strawweight stardom. At the moment, she’s ranked #6 in this division.

Her performances in the Octagon aren’t the only reason why she’s got almost a million followers on Instagram. It’s needless to say that a majority of her followers are guys, who swarm to her profile to adore her sexy pics.

Randa Markos

  • Name: Randa Cemil Markos-Thomas
  • Fighting Nickname: Quiet Storm
  • Age: 34 (B-Day: August 10, 1985)
  • Pro MMA Record: 10-8 (and 1 draw)
  • Earnings: ~$164k
  • Instagram: @randamarkos (93k followers)
  • Twitter: @randamma (60k followers)

Claudia Gadelha says her childhood was tough, but wait till you hear the story of Randa Markos. This UFC star was born in Iraq in 1985, in the middle of the Iran-Iraq War.

Her family is of Chaldean Catholic heritage, which made them a target of both sides involved in the war. As a result, they were held at gunpoint on one occasion while she was a baby. That was good enough of a motivation for them to flee to Canada in 1988.

The Markos family left the war behind and started living a good life. Randa went on to finish TriOS College and get a Pharmacy Assistant Diploma. For a while, she worked as a pharmacy technician in Windsor, while training MMA in her spare time.

It tuned out that she was a natural, which inspired her to leave her daytime job and become a pro fighter. She made her debut in 2012 in IFL 51 with a win over Allana Jones. Two years later, she signed for UFC, from where her career went upwards. As of 2020, she has a record of 10 wins and 8 losses, but she’s still an active fighter with no retirement plans.

Ariane Lipski

  • Name: Randa Cemil Markos-Thomas
  • Fighting Nickname: Violence Queen
  • Age: 26 (B-Day: January 26, 1994)
  • Pro MMA Record: 12-5
  • Earnings: N/A
  • Instagram: @arianelipski (132k followers)
  • Twitter: @Ariane_lipski (9k followers)

Ariane Lipski is much more than just a pretty face. The rising UFC star has a 50-50 score in this promotion, but her KSW pedigree is nothing short of impressive. Speaking of which, in 2017, she won the KSW Women’s Flyweight Championship.

Lipski is a Brazilian martial artist, even though her name doesn’t quite sound Brazilian. It’s because her family is Polish – her grandfather emigrated from Europe to Brazil just before the outbreak of World War Two, citing security as the reason to do it.

Felice Herrig

  • Name: Felice Nicole Herrig
  • Fighting Nickname: Lil Bulldog
  • Age: 35 (B-Day: September 18, 1984)
  • Pro MMA Record: 14-8
  • Earnings: $156k
  • Instagram: @feliceherrig (401k followers)
  • Twitter: @feliceherrig (130k followers)

As of summer 2020, Felice Herrig is #15 in the UFC women’s strawweight rankings. Not too impressive, you might say, but this girl has a 14-8 record in her pro career. An even more impressive fact is that she has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram.

The main reason behind this is that she’s loved by male UFC fans. Or should we say her provocative Instagram photos are loved by male UFC fans? Don’t trust us? Go to her official Instagram profile @feliceherrig to see for yourself.

Michelle Waterson

  • Name: Michelle Waterson
  • Fighting Nickname: The Karate Hottie
  • Age: 34 (B-Day: January 6, 1986)
  • Pro MMA Record: 17-8
  • Earnings: $362k
  • Instagram: @karatehottiemma (1.5m followers)
  • Twitter: @karatehottiemma (101k followers)

Obviously, if some’s nickname is The Karate Hottie, you got to assume that the person in question is a hottie. And she really is, proven by the fact that Michelle Waterson has over 1.5 million followers on social media.

Her admirers love her not just for her amazing looks, but also for her achievements in the UFC. At the moment, The Karate Hottie is #8 in the UFC women’s strawweight rankings, with 4 wins and 4 defeats in the promotion. Her total career record, however, is much more impressive 17 wins, 8 defeats.

Alexandra Albu

  • Name: Alexandra Albu
  • Fighting Nickname: Stitch
  • Age: 30 (B-Day: July 14, 1990)
  • Pro MMA Record: 3-2
  • Earnings: $32k
  • Instagram: @stitchalbu (72k followers)
  • Twitter: @albustich (4k followers)

Born in Moldovia in 1990 when the country was still a part of the USSR, Alexandra Albu went on to represent Russia in judo and karate, before turning her focus to MMA. Her first professional fight was in 2013 in Octagon Fight Club in Moscow. After winning on her debut, Albu signed with UFC, appearing in four fights so far.

Apart from being a rising star in the MMA universe, Alexandra Albu is slowly becoming a social media celebrity. Her Instagram profile is getting more and more popular every day, the reason being that she often posts sexy photos.

You can check out her sexy Instagram posts by going to her page @stitchalbu. The word Stich in her Instagram handle comes from her fighting nickname, which she got for being a fan of the animated movie Lilo & Stitch.

Tracy Cortez

  • Name: Tracy Cortez
  • Fighting Nickname: N/A
  • Age: 26 (B-Day: December 10, 1993)
  • Pro MMA Record: 7-1
  • Earnings: N/A
  • Instagram: @cortezmma (172k followers)
  • Twitter: @TracyCortezmma (27k followers)

Tracy Cortez made her UFC debut last year when she was 25. However, she’s been in the MMA world since she was 14. That’s when she started training this sport, but even before that, she was a passionate fan. Her love for combat sports comes from her oldest brother Jose Cortez.

Speaking of him, his fight with UFC legend Drew Fickett was what inspired his sis to start practicing MMA more seriously. Sadly, Jose passed away in 2011 after losing battle to cancer. As per her own admission, she struggled to deal with the loss but was helped to push through the tough period by Henry Cejudo, who was one of her brother’s best friends.

With his help, she got back into the game, eventually getting a contract with the most reputable MMA organization in the world. In November 2019, she made her UFC debut against Vanessa Melo, whom she beat by points.  

Paige VanZant

  • Name: Paige Michelle VanZant (née Sletten)
  • Fighting Nickname: 12 Gauge
  • Age: 26 (B-Day: March 26, 1994)
  • Pro MMA Record: 8-5
  • Earnings: $207k
  • Instagram: @paigevanzant (2.6m followers)
  • Twitter: @paigevanzant (336k followers)

A list of top hottest UFC female fighters can’t be complete without Paige VanZant. The blonde is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful US athletes. Her beauty and charisma are the reasons why she caught the eyes of producers of non-MMA-focused shows, including Chopped and Dancing With The Stars.

The latter one was where she and her dancing partner Mark Ballas almost won in 2016 when they reached the final of the show.

Don’t agree with our list? Do you think there’s someone we missed out? Or, maybe you think some of these ladies aren’t as hot as needed to get on a list like this?

If so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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