Easy tips for hard fights

The UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is still a relatively new sport. However, the popularity of the sport has been soaring every year since its inception and betting of UFC has been a big part of that boom. The fights are fast, exciting and brutal. The only thing that compares in the gambling world is boxing but UFC makes boxing look slow and antiquated. That is the MMA factor. Mixed Martial Arts is the technique used in UFC and is basically multiple fighting and grappling styles combined into one. The tap-outs and knockouts come quick. UFC resembles a street fight more than a sporting event.

And this is what makes the sport a tough bet. There is plenty of information about all the fighters and their training. There are strong odds calculated by professional oddsmakers. There is a great fan base willing to wager on the event. It remains a tough bet though because all it takes is one punch. One punch and it’s all over. One punch and the odds don’t matter anymore. Just one punch.

To make a good bet on UFC you are going to have to take this into account as well as a few other factors. Let’s get to know the basics of UFC betting, the bets you can play and the strategies to use.

The Bets

Just like boxing or any sport, you can lay a wide variety of bets on UFC. However, there are only a few where you can find good value and make it worth your while.

  1. Moneyline – The moneyline is the most popular bet with UFC. It is simply picking the winner against odds. No handicapping, no points, just the winner. The favorite pays out less than the underdog so it is good to bet more evenly matched fighters.
  2. Futures – As with most futures, these can be complete wastes of time and no serious gambler would touch them especially a sport like UFC.
  3. Props – There are prop bets for everything and they range from the ridiculous to the overly specific. Most prop bets are a waste of time much like the futures. However, you can find a good prop bet here and there so they are worth a look. Stick to the props that are fight specific. What round does the fighter go down? Is it a tap-out? Is it a knockout? These can be played with some confidence and the odds you find will be very favorable.

The Strategies

UFC betting is as easy as picking the winner of a fight. Knowing how to do so in order to get the best payout you can is not so easy. Here are some UFC betting tips and strategies to use.

    1. Know Your Fighter – With the sports growing popularity comes a massive amount of media coverage. MMA may not get the mainstream media’s attention but there are plenty of places to find great, in-depth coverage. Use as much of it as you can to get to know the fighters. Every fighter fights differently. With different strategy and style and some fighters will match up well versus one fighter but not necessarily another. This is a street-fight at the end of the day and should be bet as such.
    2. Pick the Upset – The lines in MMA betting are altered the most by how the fans bet. That being said, fans love a favorite. This is true in every sport. Sports gamblers take favorites far more than they take the underdogs. This will skew the betting lines to make favorites look like even bigger favorites and underdogs look like even longer long shots. Take a good look at the underdogs on a fight card because many of them are going to win. Finding the right ones can give you a big payout.
    3. Don’t Believe the Hype – UFC and MMA in general needs a great champion. Someone to be the face of the sport and really promote it and take it to the next level. But this is next to impossible because this sport is brutal. One punch is all it takes to win a fight. No one is going to be undefeated for their career. Careers simply don’t last that long. Because of this, we find that the powers that be are quick to anoint good fighters too quickly. Don’t believe the hype and stay away from these fighters. If you want to lay a bet on one of these top-billed fights, it may be best to take the underdog. Remember Ronda Rousey (she’s a wrestler now) and stay away from the overhyped. Their time is coming and it won’t be pretty.
    4. Even Up – Because of the upset factor in UFC it is best to avoid any huge favorite or underdog altogether. Stick to the fights that are evenly matched with fighters you know. You’ll have to do the research but it is the best way to see some value on your bet.
    5. Love the Props – Proposition bets usually aren’t considered very smart plays. However, MMA has a few that carry great betting value. Wins by submission, wins by knockout, knockdowns, etc. There are plenty of props that reflect the actual outcome of the fight. The odds and payouts are big like all prop bets are, however, a knowledgeable fan can make some smart prop bets with plenty of value.
    6. Shop Around – There are many outlets when trying to find a place to lay a bet. However you choose to play a wager, keep in mind, you may want to check other venues for better lines, odds, and payouts. More so than any other sport, the odds of MMA move due to bets made by the general population. Therefore, you’ll get different odds depending on where you are placing your bet. If you use several betting sites, check on them as the fight nears to see how the odds are changing and if they are doing so in your favor.

MMA betting strategy is best when it is simple. These are tough fighters in tough fights so there are many aspects of the sport to keep in mind to get the most value on your bet. Limit your bets to the fights and fighters you know. Find the best odds on these fights. Stay away from the heavy favorites. Play it smart and you can find plenty of value in MMA betting.

Basic betting on UFC is the way to get the value you want. Keep it simple. There will be plenty of bets to play and plenty of fights to play them on with top rated UFC betting sites. Don’t get lost in the hype and do your research. All it takes is one punch.