Listen to Podcast 04 – Early Look at the NFL Week 6 Slate & Vegas Odds

00:00 – Introduction

Ryan Knuppel: Hey, what’s up, everybody. Thank you for tuning in to the sports and Vegas odds podcast. Welcome to another edition of the show. My name is Ryan Knuppel, better known as Knup, in the industry and I’ll be your host here this week and every week as we talk N.F.L. football, sports, and Vegas odds. It’s brought you by head on out there you can check out all the latest odds for all the latest sports and just enjoy all the articles you guys. We have several new article writers on board talking about all the different sports and investigating the odds taken a look at the different games giving you previews picks insight that may help you win some bets so head out to Vegas odds check that out and go from there.

00:45 – Predictions

Hopefully, you had a good week of betting in the last week of the N.F.L. week five. We’re moving on to week six this week I had a pretty good week again and week five it’s been a good year I’ve to say for myself personally and so you know I think to prepare for this podcast actually helps me. It gets me in the right mindset and it does a good thing so I know it’s early in the week when we talk about this but it definitely helps me put some eyes on the games and so this week is no exception I’m looking forward to another big week.

We only have two teams on by as we look at week six of the N.F.L. this week so let’s jump right in a list take a look at these games. I’ll give a little my little disclaimer that I always give you know from the very beginning that these are very early looks this is Wednesday that I’m recording this podcast and I haven’t even taken a glance at the odds yet so this is my first look you’re going to get my honest thoughts right off the top of my head with no research no looking at the numbers just my thoughts so hopefully enjoy that hopefully it helps you as you prepare for your week of the N.F.L.

01:47 – Eagles vs. Giants

All right we have the Eagles-Giants on Thursday night football this week we’ve got a nice rivalry game here looking forward to this game it’s always nice when the Eagles and Giants hook up in their own Thursday night football so prime time. Eagles are three-point favorites on the road at the Giants. Hey, you know Eagles are defending Super Bowl champs haven’t been playing that good. They’re two and three, 0 and two away from away from home. Giants, on the other hand, have not been playing good as well. They played better last week and they actually threw the ball downfield got Beckham involved. Beckham threw for a touchdown as well so he turned kind of an average year into a fairly decent year after last week but they still can’t get a wins they still just can’t win games and so you know the Giants sitting in one in four on the season own two at home.

Coming is three-point underdogs here. I kind of like the Giants in this rivalry game plus the three. Give me the points as I look at it early I think they can you know control and hold this Eagles off and sin and maybe score enough points. I’m hoping that after last week that they maybe figured some things out in that offensive attack and they’ll go downfield a little more against Eagles D, who sometimes struggles against the deep ball. So, Giants plus three looks like an early pick for me.

03:02 – Lions vs. Seattle

 Alright, move on to Sunday. We move on to Sunday first of all with a couple teams on by this week we have the Lions and the Saints are both on by. Before we get going let’s put a big congratulations from the Vegas odds team to Drew Breeze. Drew Breeze, breaking records last week. Breaking the Peyton Manning’s all-time yards record. Don’t know if any of you guys seen that commercial or video that’s out of Peyton Manning kind of congratulating Drew Breeze. You know how Manning likes to be a little jokester kind of a comedian at times and he-he did a little parody type skit where he congratulated Drew Breeze. So, you may have to Google that check it out it’s humorous but awesome at the same time. So, I always enjoy Peyton Manning humor. So, yeah so, Saints and Lions are on by but let’s jump in who is not on by as we look at the Sunday games.

03:50 – Bucks vs. Falcons

 We have the Tampa Bay Bucks at the Atlanta Falcons. Falcons are one in four. Falcons are struggling and they got beat like a drum last week in Pittsburgh while the Bucks were off. They come in at two and two. Should be well rested coming into this game. I mean if you had asked me before the season that any of the Falcons would have been seven, eight point favorite in this game. Now they sit as three and a half point favorites only three and a half point favorites. One of the highest totals we’ve seen in a while again. That just shows each every week these Falcons totals are huge. Just shows one thing this defense is non-existent. They cannot stop anybody. They’ve really struggled in defense aside and they’re missing some key pieces there. Hopefully, they get back soon and get on the right track but I mean this Falcons team may be about done and out you know out for the season here if they don’t turn it around quickly. So, this could be a huge game for them. I look for them to play better here at home against the Buck’s a team that’s you know now with Jamison behind center under center quarterback I don’t think they’re quite as potent as they were is with Fitz Patrick. Maybe not as turnover prone but they’re not quite as potent so I like the Falcons to win this game. Give me the three and a half points I’ll lay those points and take the Falcons in this one.

05:02 – Steelers vs. Bengals

Alright, move on to Steelers Bengals. Steelers Bengals should be a great game. Steelers two in two Bengals four in one. Cincinnati is just two and a half point favorites with a total of fifty-three. Bengals have been impressing me the so far this season I mean their pass game has been great Andy Dalton is playing better and he’s played his career. But then you’ve got the other side you’ve got Ben Roethlisberger who’s having another career type year with sixteen hundred yards and eleven touchdowns already through four weeks five weeks I’m sorry.

He has so many weapons with James Conner, Drew Smith, and Shooter and then, of course, Antonio Brown and he can throw too. So, the Steelers offense is good says but the defense is not so good and so I like the Bengals about to carve them up on you know the offense and probably win this game and more than two-two and a half points. Give me the Bengals minus the two and a half in this one. That total sitting at fifth three is a whopping total but this should be this should be a D.F.S. heaven type game. Actually, both these games Buck’s, Falcons, the Steelers, Bengals are going to be playing plenty of daily fantasy players in this one. A lot of passing going on in the Steelers, Bengals game.

06:04 – Charges vs. Browns

Alright, Chargers at Browns. Another one o’clock game. Chargers at Browns, Chargers a one-point favorite on the road at the Browns who have now turned their season into two-two and one. Look at that, two and O at home 2, 0 and one for the Browns at home. Another nice win last week they’re playing a lot of close games though guys they’re not blown anybody out but hey they’re winning that’s baby steps right? This Brownstein who hasn’t won for seems like decades, several years is now finally putting some wins together so their one point favors underdogs at home against this Chargers team who I think a pretty good. Total of forty-five give me the Chargers all day and this one I like the Chargers to blow out the Browns. They’re going to beat them by a touchdown. Philip Rivers, having a great year with fourteen fifteen hundred yards thirteen touchdowns on the season you know he has some running game he has a passing game nice receivers a solid defense I’m a take the Chargers in this one all day.

06:57 – Seahawks vs. Raiders

 Alright, Seahawks at Raiders, let’s slow it down here Seahawks at Raiders. Seahawks are three-point favorites on the road. Three-point favorites on the road that is two four that’s their fifth road favorite we’ve had in a row, so Seattle’s three-point favorites on the road at the Raiders. Seattle’s two and three on the season Raiders just one in four. This Raiders team is one of the worst teams I think in the league. I don’t like them at all but Seattle’s down as well and I’m not a huge fan of this game I struggle with I think the lines about right in this one. I like the Seahawks to win but not by much. I have a hard time betting on this Raiders team I just don’t like anything they do very well I just don’t think they’re that good at all so I’m probably going to stay away from this game at first glance. Doesn’t really interest me at all unless there’s some kind of shark money or something coming in you know on this game. I’ll take a look at trends and things later as the week progresses.

07:53 – Bears vs. Dolphins

Alright, let’s move on to the Bears-Dolphins. And we have another we have another road favorite. We have the Bears minus three on the road at the Dolphins. So, Miami three-point underdogs at home total of forty one and a half. Oh man, first-first instinct is these dolphins are pretty good at home. They’re two in at home on the season. I like them getting three points at home against the Bears team that should be well rested. But they’re coming off a huge win against the Tampa Bay Buck’s but this is a different Dolphins team. They’re a lot better defensively than the Bucks’ I like the Dolphins plus three in this one. I think they get it going Tannehill distills. You know they have some good pieces go in there on defense as well so I’d like them to build a shutdown Travis Q. You had a monster week a couple weeks ago now it’s been on by but I think of the Dolphins win this game and you can give me the three points in this one.

08:46 – Vikings vs. Cardinals

Alright, we’ve got Vikings hosting the Cardinals. Cardinals a Vikings. Vikings are ten and a half point favorites. Ten and a half point favorites at home with a total of forty-three. This is the biggest favorite on the board of the weekend and well deservingly. I mean the Vikings are a good team are two-two and one coming off a nice win against the Eagles last week. They got the Cardinals who right there with the Raiders are one of the worst teams in the N.F.L. can’t seem to get anything going on offense this year. I don’t know if you blame quarterback if David Johnson is over the hill I mean we know Fitzgerald’s over the hill but they can’t seem to get anything going on but. We all remember what happened the last time the Vikings were monster favorites at home they laid an egg against Buffalo. So, will they? How will they react? How will they play against this Cardinals team? My guts telling me to take the Cardinals plus the points ten and a half is an awful lot. To give in this game I’m probably going to take the Cardinals plus the ten and a half points.

09:42 – Colts vs. Jets

 Alright, Colts at Jets. Jets are two and a half point favorites at home totals forty-five. Andrew Lux just one in four with this Colts team. There are struggling to get wins this season. Jets, on the other hand, are two in three with a one in one at home record oh man two teams that aren’t really fancy. They don’t have a lot of you know firepower star power on their teams. I mean the Jets put up a lot of points last week so they had some offense of talent. Colts, on the other hand, are struggling to score so I kind of like the Jets at home minus the two and a half year I think they’re going to win this game and give me the two and a half I’ll upright take Jets minus two and a half.

10:20 – Panthers vs. Redskins

 Alright, Panthers at Redskins. Panthers at Redskins the Redskins are just one point favorites at home. Total of forty-five. This Panther team is three and one, three and one on the season but their one loss did come on the road to their own in one away. Redskins, we all know what happened to them on Monday night football. They got just demolished by the Saints. The Saints put up a lot of points against this defense but it’s the Saints. Saints can score points so, Redskins, are always a different team at home. They always play better at home but they are one point favorites. Man, my guts take in the underdog I like the Panthers to cover that plus one in this game and win this game straight out but there may be some trends or short movement that really get me to change my mind on this so we’ll see what happens as I start looking at the numbers more but off top my head give me Cam Newton on the road plus one at Washington.

11:08 – Buffalo vs. Houston

 All right final one o’clock game is the Buffalo Bills of the Houston Texas must be a hot day in Houston on Sunday. We got the Texans minus nine and a half against his bills team who is I guess underrated. Nobody thinks they’re good but all of a sudden they’re two and three. The same record as it is the Texans and this Texans team is a nine and a half point favorite. Seems like an awful lot to me a total of forty-one. I’m leaning towards Buffalo plus the points in this one I mean they’re there quietly competing. They’re not you know getting demolished by everyone like people thought they were going to and this Texas team hasn’t really proven that they can just blow teams out. So, a ten point spread or so is quite a bit for Deshaun Watson and crew. I’m going to take the bills plus ten, plus nine and a half hopefully ten if I can get it in this game.

11:57 – Rams vs. Broncos

 Alight, Rams at Broncos. Rams at Broncos. Rams are seven-point favorites undefeated five in 0. Coming into Denver and Mile High Stadium is always a tough place to play. Broncos are two and three but they’re two in one home both those wins at home so they’re a different team. They’re getting a touchdown getting plus seven at home total fifty-two and a half. My contrarian and brain are saying take the Broncos here. I always like to go against the hot team I think there’s some line inflation go in towards the Rams in a normal situation the Broncos would be like three-point underdogs in this one may be only a couple point underdog now they are seven give me a touchdown at home for Denver I’ll take them there all day on this one. The Rams are bound to come back to normal. Come back to a little show a little regression at some point this season and where else better than at Denver?

12:46 – Jaguars vs. Cowboys

All right Jaguars at Cowboys. The Jaguars are minus three-point favorites on the road at the Cowboys forty and a half total. Very low total in this one. The Cowboys like to like to take it slow they like to be methodical on offense and then those Jaguars can score points. I mean they did against Cleveland I’m sorry against Kansas City last week but overall they’re not that offensive fiery team that you would expect. A lot of that is from Leonard Fournette being out, but hey, we’ll see what happens. They are a defensive juggernaut. I still like Jasonville Jaguars over the Cowboys I think they’re a much better team overall than Dallas. So, I’m going to take Jacksonville minus three at first glance in this one. But I’ll probably be a close game so this may be a layoff for me.

13:32 – Ravens vs. Titans

 All right we have Ravens at Titans. Ravens at Titans, another three-point favorite on the road. Ravens are three and two. Titans are three and two. But Titans are a better team two and O At home oh I like the Titans in this one. Give me the Titans plus the three anytime I can get a home team that’s pretty good home plus points like this especially that the key number of three-three and a half hour take the Titans all day. Give me the Titans. I’m not I’m not buying this Ravens team I don’t think they’re very good. I know several are on them and think they’re a little better than normal but I just don’t see it. I’ll take the Titans plus the points at home.

14:06] – Kanas vs. Patriots

Alright, we had the Sunday Night Football. Highest total on the board here. This should be a shootout fireworks all over the place. The Kansas City Chiefs undefeated five and O. Everybody’s darling at the New England Patriots who are three in two but three and O at home. Tom Brady and crew should be ready to derail this Chiefs team. The Patriots are just three and a half point favorites at home. That’s one of the lowest favorites at home we’ve seen from a Patriots team in a long time. Total of fifty-nine in this game. Line makers in Vegas. The Vegas odds makers think this game’s going to be a shootout. They think these points are going to come like crazy. Patrick Mahomes is having a great year as is all of the Kansas City offensive players. But there’s something about Tom Brady. Just something about him that makes me want to take him every time he plays at home I mean maybe it’s because he’s one of the winningest quarterbacks ever. Always seems to cover. I think they’re going to beat the Chiefs they really do. I think they’re going to find ways to stop this offense and make it really frustrating. Give me the Patriots I’ll take the three and a half all day giving the Patriots a win this game on Sunday Night Football.

15:08 – 49ers vs. Packers

And then finally Monday Night Football. Forty-nine-errs at Packers.  Packers are monstrous nine and a half point favorite’s total forty-six and a half. Oh, I’d never like to go against the Packers at home. The Packers at home are a different beast. Rodger is having a good year despite being a little banged up. He seems to be connected with the Devontae Adams each and every week and now a lot of his receivers are injured so he’s going to have to go to Adams, even more, I’ll like for them to win by double digits. I probably won’t bet it oh, although its Monday night football so, probably will. But this forty-nine-errs team. I just think putrid I don’t think they’re good at all. One in four O in three O away. I’ll probably take the Packers minus the points. Maybe first half bet maybe Packers minus you know the five-six points in the first half is my bet here.

15:54 – Outro

Okay, there you go that was a mouthful for you guys. That was a look at week six in the N.F.L. from a Vegas odds perspective. Again those are some of the first looks I haven’t studied it all has just for me watching football each and every week watching lines watching games knowing the players. Playing daily fantasy feel like I have a pretty good pulse on all these teams and all these players. So, if you have any thoughts head on up to Facebook. Head on up to twitter give us some thoughts you can find us Vegas odds all over the place and we love to chat with you interact with you. Hear what you have to say about any of these games and go from there. Hopefully, we’re going to have some more creative type podcast coming soon. Right now we’re just talking about N.F.L. but hopefully soon to bring some interviews. I’m going to give you some stories I’ve got some great stories in the betting world in the D.F.S. world so I’m going to talk about some of those stories I have in the future so they tuned. If you haven’t followed us already get follow us where you can YouTube find us in the podcast directories all over out there we’ll be showing up. So, thank you again for tuning in the Vegas odds podcast. The sports in Vegas odds podcast my name is Ryan Knuppel and I appreciate you tune in. Have a great week betting. Good Luck.

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