Listen to Podcast 07 – Four Tips to Dominating Your NBA Betting

00:00 – Introduction

Ryan Knuppel: Hey, what’s going on everybody? It’s Ryan, otherwise known as Knoop here with The Sports in Vegas Odds podcast. I want to thank you for tuning in spending your valuable time here, listening to us on this podcast. We take our time, we do a lot of work and preparation to get these things put together. So definitely appreciate it. And we hope you’ll get some value out of it and hopefully that you become a better sports better from the tips and strategies that we give you with this podcast. That’s the goal. That’s always the goal is to become better. So I thought I would shift gears a little bit today. I talked a lot about football over the past few months I think I want to talk about basketball today.

“If it was that easy, everybody would do it… I would rather be against the public than on the public side.”

00:37 – NBA

So how many of you guys like to bet on the NBA? I absolutely love betting on basketball. I think NBA is one of the most profitable sports to bet on if you know how to do it. And so I thought I’d give you four very high-level strategies and tips and things to look at when you’re betting on the NBA. A lot of the popular times are coming up with Christmas and Christmas Day NBA betting is huge. And then as football winds down, NBA is one of the only sports that you can really bet on as football starts winding down. So I thought I’d give you some tips and I thought we would talk about what are some ways to become better and make more money betting on the NBA.

01:18 – Research Teams Strengths and Weaknesses

So the first thing I wanted to talk about was that you needed to research teams strengths and weaknesses. So research teams’ strengths and weaknesses and vice versa. Research the teams that they’re playing, strengths and weaknesses.

01:33 – The Bulls and the Cavs (Example)

So for example, if the Bulls are playing the Cavs, I like to look at The Bulls are very guard-oriented, they like to run the ball. That’s one of their strengths. They like to do a lot of this guard work. On the other hand, The Cavs are very weak at guarding the guards. They’re very weak at guarding shooters. So that really creates a good matchup for The Bulls. And maybe you can look at how the big men compete against a really good center.

02:05 – Analyzing the team strengths and weaknesses

If a team has a really good center, what are some of the weaknesses or strengths that a team has against a really good center? And I think a lot of those things are things that I put into my mind when I’m betting on the NBA. I try to really follow: “Okay. What’s this team strength? What’s this team’s weakness and how does that correlate with the line and does that give one team an edge over the other in this matchup?” So that’s the first thing.

02:28 – Understanding who’s playing and who’s not

I think the second thing that I like to look at is simply understanding who’s playing and who’s not. You know the NBA is a very volatile sport. There are a lot of players that like to rest or coaches that like to rest players. You’ll have superstars that just sit here or there. You’ll have solid players that are out nursing a small injury or something like that. So I think you have to really understand who’s playing and who’s not because that really makes a difference on which teams can win and cover bets in the NBA. So a lot of that news is kind of throughout the day. So NBA is kind of tough because lions come out at night but then they’re for the next evening. And so you kind of have to follow news and breaking news for different teams and different players to understand who’s playing who’s not for those teams.

“Some teams don’t play well in stadiums, they don’t travel well. Maybe they’re traveling all way across the globe, traveling from California to Florida and they don’t play well after traveling that far. So you can look at those trends and see how they do it.”

The third thing that I like to look at when betting on the NBA is to look at the matchup trends. So the trends between those two teams; how have they fared against each other over the past ten years? There are some trends that you can look at especially in certain stadiums. Some teams don’t play well in stadiums, they don’t travel well. Maybe they’re traveling all way across the globe, traveling from California to Florida and they don’t play well after traveling that far. So you can look at those trends and see how they do it. Maybe it’s an afternoon game and those trends that point towards a team that really plays well in the afternoon or maybe teams on back to back game and they don’t play well on the back to back or they do play well on back to back or they’re well rested and they play well.
So I think you should look at the matchup trends both for the teams playing each other and for just a certain team in the situation that they’re in.

04:10 – Follow the Sharp Money

And then the fourth thing and final thing that I’m going to talk about today when betting on the NBA is to take a look and follow the sharp money. I always like to be on the side of the sharps. So these are the guys that are betting a lot of money. They have typically inside info, some Intel that we don’t have. And so there are tools out there that let you kind of follow that money especially when the Vegas odds change. What money comes in on which team? What money is shifting the lines? You can typically see when there’s a steam move, that is, a lot of money coming in and it moves the line in a certain direction. When that happens, I typically like to follow especially if there’s a lot of steam moves, a lot of sharp money coming in on a certain team. I like to follow that. I mean I’m not no dummy. I mean those guys aren’t betting a lot of money for a reason. Now is it 100 percent that the sharps are always going to win? No, absolutely not. If they were if it was that easy, everybody would do it. But I think I would rather be on the sharp side than the square side. I would rather be against the public than on the public side. And so in the NBA, it’s like any sports betting scenario, any sport.

05:19 – Summary

But in the NBA, especially, those moves there’s typically some people and groups of these sharps that know stuff before we do. And so if you really keep a pulse on that money movement and the odds movement, at the different books, I think it can help you get a heads up on you betting and getting the best line for that game.

05:40 – Outro

So there you go. I mean that’s a quick podcast today. But I want to just give you four tips on how to become a better NBA Better as the NBA season starts rolling into heavy gear and hopefully it helps you. If you’re a little intimidated betting on the NBA, I hope this helps you understand how to do that. And in future episodes, I’ll talk about some of the tools you can use to analyze trends and to look at sharp money and to look at some of that stuff. I’ll analyze some of the tools that are out there for that. I don’t have time for that today but I will do that in the future episodes. So be sure to subscribe to this podcast wherever you’re at, wherever you’re listening if it’s on iTunes or Audacity or whatever the other – sorry I don’t think it’s Audacity. But whatever the other tools are that you’re listening to this podcast, please subscribe.

Hit the subscribe button and be notified anytime I come on here because I just want to be here. I want to give you value, I want to help you become a better sports betting player and make money. So thanks again for tuning in. This is The Sports and Vegas Odds podcast. I am Ryan and I hope you have a great day and a great rest of the week. Have a good one.