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00:00 – Introduction

Ryan Knupple: I like Clemson to win this. I liked them to win it big. I don’t think Notre Dame can hang with them at all in this game. Gimme Clemson to win big in the cotton bowl this year.
What’s up everybody? It’s your host new peer with the sports in Vegas Odds podcast. Welcome back to the show, another episode. And today we’re going to talk about college football. It’s bowl season, the best time of the year. I’m very excited for many of these games that are getting ready to take place starting this weekend. I’m recording this as a Wednesday he twelfth. We start games on the 15th, so we have about 40 bowl games as they do every season. Thirty nine I believe, plus the national championship. And I’m going to dive into five, six, seven of those. I won’t go through every one and bore you guys with all of my analysis. But I will go through some of the big ones. Talk about who I like, talk about some of the storylines that go around them. And hopefully it helps you as you’re capping and betting these in Vegas or wherever you’re betting on these games.
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So please feel free to hit us up. Hit us up on social media, wherever. We’re on Instagram, we’re out on twitter or you can hit us up out there anytime and we can talk. So without further ado, let’s get going. Let’s talk about some of the Games again.

02:03 – College Football

College football bowl start on December 15th. Now at 40 bowls including the National Championship. The college football playoff is set. We have four teams that made it. We have Alabama, we have Clemson, we have Notre Dame and we have Oklahoma. A couple of the teams that got maybe left out as many are talking about is Georgia and Ohio state came in fifth and sixth, right behind that top four. A lot of controversy once again around UCF who has won 25 straight games noting back to last year. Just continue winning yet they don’t get a shot at winning the national championship.
We’ll talk about that later when I talk about that game, but little controversy there as well. And yeah, lots of games, lots of good stuff. So it does start December 15th, but we’re going to fast forward. We’re going to jump to December 29th where some of the big bowl start happening. Typically the first couple weeks, it’s fun and exciting because there’s a lot of action, a lot of games. But they’re smaller school, smaller games. You know, the 15th, 18th and 19th to 20th, there’s a handful of games each of those days. And then the action really gets started, you know, 26th, 27th of December, right after Christmas.

03:16 – Goodyear Cotton Bowl

And I want to jump into the 29th and I want to talk about the Goodyear Cotton Bowl to start with. Where we have a Clemson and Notre Dame. So this is the College Football playoff game two verse three, a big game. And I want to talk about this and give you a actually a pick for this game. So Notre Dame’s coming into this game 12 and no, hasn’t lost all year. Clemson’s 13 and no, so they haven’t lost as well. But I think the big difference in this game is Notre Dame has not really faced the talent that Clemson has. Notre Dame they played Michigan the first game of the season. But they did have a different quarterback at that time. They’ve since switched quarterbacks to Ian Book who has had a great yea., but he hasn’t faced anybody. I mean, if you look at their schedule pit and Syracuse, some of those type teams are the best teams they played. They have not played the same schedule as a Clemson has out of the SEC. And so I think they’re going to struggle here. I think what you’re going to see this Clemson defense is for real.
I mean, they are big time. They are big. They are offense of line, they’re defense of line. Everything about them is just big. I think you’re going to see a real men verse boys scenario here. I think Clemson they’re listed as 11 point favorites. I would actually say they should be maybe 13, 14 point favorites and I wouldn’t be surprised if that line moves closer to that. As the game gets closer. I like Clemson to win this. I like them to win it big. I don’t think Notre Dame can hang with them at all in this game. Gimme Clemson to win big in the Cotton Bowl this year. And that would move Clemson onto the championship game, which does take place later in January on January seventh. So I like Clemson to win and advanced to the national championship on the seventh.

04:56 – Capital One Orange Bowl

Alright, we moved to the capital one orange bowl. Which is the other college football playoff game between Alabama and Oklahoma. Alabama is 13 and Oklahoma’s 12 and one. This is the one verse four matchup. I mean Alabama each and every year they do this right? They are the cream of the crop and we’re talking about college football. They are the best of the best. They kind of had a little scare last game out though when two of their quarterback went out. luckily they have another all American quarterback right behind him and Jalen hurts who’s just been waiting to get in and play. And he played a great game, but I think they’re a different team if two is truly her and doesn’t play now. I think the talk is, he is going to play. He should be back. He’ll be out a couple of weeks here but should be good for this game on December 29th. So he has some resting time, which is nice.
If he plays, I like Alabama to win this game. I think there a better team than Oklahoma. Oklahoma simply just can’t stop anybody. They’re going to want to get into a shootout with Alabama. And Alabama is going to score at will on this Oklahoma defense. Now can Oklahoma score at will on Alabama? I don’t necessarily think so. I think those score plenty of points and I think the kind of keep this game close. The Marquees Brown injury for Oklahoma concerns me a little, but I think it wasn’t so serious that he’ll be back. I think he’ll be back. but that is still to be determined. So keep an eye on that as you’re capping and betting this game in Vegas. But I like Alabama to win. I like Oklahoma to cover the line is at 14, so 14. I like Oklahoma plus 14.
Keep this game close. Alabama should advance. But I think Oklahoma’s the bet in this one for me. So Alabama advances to play Clemson on January seventh are my bet. I’ll come back with a podcast once that final. we’ll try to do one a beginning of the year to talk about the national championship game. So I won’t be guessing on who’s going there. All right. We moved to July, New Year’s Day, January first where I want to talk about a couple games. There are a handful of games, but I’m only going to talk about three or four of them here for the sake of time.

06:57 – Penn State versus Kentucky Citrus Bowl

So first we’ll talk about Penn state at Kentucky Penn State versus Kentucky in Orlando. Penn state’s historically good in bowl games. They’ve had a really nice tradition dating back to when Joe Paternal coach there. They’ve always been good in bowl games and now they get a Kentucky team that I think is a little fluky of a record this year. I just don’t think they’re that good. I’ve watched them several times. Um, and I just don’t think they’re as good as their record indicates. I think Penn State rules in this one. There are six and a half point favorites. I liked Penn State to win this big, at least by more than a touchdown, a Gimme Penn state in the citrus bowl.

07:32 – PlayStation Fiesta Bowl

Alright, we move to the PlayStation fiesta bowl where we have Lsu verse Ucf. Lsu`s nine and three and Ucf is 12 and O. I told you we’d talk about this earlier. We talk about it again, but UCF has won 25 straight games dating back to last year. We all know what happened last year. They went undefeated. They felt they got robbed and didn’t make the top four. And then they went in and they a beat on Auburn in the bowl game and kind of even more proof. And so everyone in Orlando around Ucf is claiming national champions, national champions. UCF undefeated.
They were the, with a disclaimer, with a Asterisk. They were the national champions. And so if they can win this one, I mean there are undefeated again. They got Lsu who’s a good SEC team. If they win this one, are they back to back champs? I think they are. I think they can claim that they’re back to back champs and it’s kind of frustrating. I mean, I’m not a UCF fan. I do live in Orlando, so a little disclaimer there. But it’s a little frustrating that Ucf doesn’t get a shot here. I mean, I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know if it’s expanding the playoff to more teams, people talk, oh, eight teams would do it, but then the nine and 10 teams are going to be mad.
So I don’t know what the answer is, but I think it would be nice to see if Ucf truly had a chance to win the national championship. It’s kind of deflating when a team has won 25 in a row and they don’t have a chance to win at all. And so I really personally hope they beat Lsu because I want the NCAA to really look at this again. And I think that would open their eyes again. So Lsu, I mean, they’re having a good season. They’re seeking their first 10 win seasons since 2013. So it is one of their better seasons in recent past. Ucf has some concerns as their quarterback; their main offensive weapon went out. And now he, last week was her first week with the backup. The backup did well, but it was against Memphis and he showed he can compete and he can score.
Man, Ucf is seven and a half point underdogs in this one. I’m taking them. I’m taking a nights plus seven and a half plus a touchdown and a half. I think they’re going to have a chip on their shoulder. I think they’re going to compete with Lsu. I don’t necessarily like Lsu offense. That defense is always good. Um, I’m going to take Ucf in this one.

09:44 – The Rose Bowl

Alright we move to The Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl. We have Washington and Ohio state, Washington and Ohio state. this is a funny one because Ohio state kind of felt robbed, right? They felt robbed. They didn’t make the top four. But that game against Purdue just killed them. You cannot overcome a huge loss to a mediocre team like that and now they’re paying for it. I think initially when this line came out and when this game came out, everybody loved Washington. Ohio state was five, six point favorites and people just were pounding.
The sharp money was on Washington. Everybody loved Washington saying that Ohio state was going to come out flat. I had nothing to play for. They’re upset. They’re not in the playoff scenario, so they’re not going to play hard. Well, that has been twisted around. Now when Urban Meyer, the coach of Ohio state has come out and said he is retiring after this season and officially this is his last game, coaching Ohio state. Well, if that’s not motivation enough for the Buckeyes to play hard, I don’t know what is. these guys love urban Meyer. Ohio state loves urban Meyer. They’re going to want nothing more than to compete for him in this last game. I can’t see a scenario that they don’t work their tails off to, um, to really win this game and win this game big. I’m leaning back towards Ohio state now. I think the line has now shifted back and it’s Ohio state minus six and a half as we speak.
I like Ohio state to win. I think they win big. I think they send Urban Meyer off in a great fashion and um, I think Washington kind of got unlucky with that announcement an:12]d I don’t think they’ll compete with Ohio state very well here.

11:21 – Allstate Sugar Bowl

All right we move to the final game. I’m going to talk about the Allstate Sugar Bowl. The sugar bowl, where Texas is nine and 4 for going against Georgia at 11 and two. I think this is a mismatch as well. Georgia is a much better team. We saw Georgia compete with Alabama and if it didn’t come down to one decision, one play, we would see Georgia in the, in the college football playoff. But they had Alabama on the ropes and they made a decision to go for it on fourth down. Did not convert. And Alabama won that game, knocking Georgia out of the contention.
I mean everybody still arguing that they should be there. Um, but they’re not. They are now in the sugar bowl going up against the nine and for Texas team, I think George is going to, I mean, I think they’re the better team in Texas, but I think they’re going to. I don’t know, I just think they’re not going to play real well in this game. The kind of like I was talking about with Ohio state, maybe not a lot to play for a maybe wishing they were somewhere else. Um, and I think Texas has a, as a kind of a chip on their shoulder this year. Uh, there are nine. And for a, one of the stats, I like to look at it. So Tom Herman, the coach of Texas has been an underdog 23 times in his career, a 23 times and he has a record of 21 and two against the spread as a dog.
Texas is 12 point 11, 11 and a half, 12 point underdogs in this one. I’m going to take those points as much as I think George is a better team. I will roll with Texas plus the points in this one and a love that bit. So I will be taking Texas plus 11 and a half. I’m in Vegas on this one. Okay. There you have it. I am once again, new. Those are the sports in Vegas. Odds, college football. Look at the playoffs and some of the bowl games. I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you enjoy the bowl games that are coming up. It’s a great time to not only watch a lot of football but to bet on football as well.

13:12 – Outro

So, if you need anything in this area, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks again for tuning in. We’ll be back next week with another episode of the sports and biggest podcast. Thank you and have a great day.

Ryan Knuppel