2020 Worlds Odds and Picks: Suning Tipped as Damwon Favorites

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship is finally upon us, with only three days to go. The finals between Suning vs DAMWON Gaming will take place on October 31 in Shanghai, China, and the event is expected to draw massive interest from both teams ‘fans and the League of Legends community in general.

With Suning listed as the underdog at (+197), DAMWON Gaming seems to have been dealt a stronger hand for the finals (-244), with enough time for both teams to prepare.

Suning’s exceptional performance during the regional qualifications quickly propelled the team to the very top of expectations, and they are handed a strong chance of securing a victory in the upcoming game.

Odds to Win the 2020 League of Legends World Championship

Teams1×2HDPMap 1Map2 Map 3
DAMWON-244-1.5 (-125)-175-175-175
Suning+197+1.5 (-106)+130+130+130
*Odds taken on October 28

Suning Blast Their Way Out of China

Nobody gave much chance to Suning when they landed as Seed 3 in the overall standing, but the team found a pace of play that allowed it to consolidate its presence and propel itself to the top.

The Group A crucible wasn’t easy and Suning exchanged wins and losses, but ended on a strong 4-2 record, dominating both Team Liquid and G2 Esports, and proving their mettle once and for all.

Even JD Gaming, Seed 2 in China, could not adapt to Suning’s alternating playstyle, allowing the powerhouse to cement its leadership in China.

The semifinals proved a little disruptive, but Suning once again creamed their way to the top, landing a clear-cut 3-1 victory and drawing even more attention to them.

Top Esports, a team that was billed to win not only the regionals, but make it to the very final was creamed and disposed of under Suning’s inexorable offensive, pacey ganking and overall lack of error in judgment.

It’s not at all surprising that Suning are now the dear of fans, many of whom would be rooting for DAMWON, even though they probably already have an idea about who the new champion is going to be.

South Korea’s Pride and DAMWON’s Mission

Asia simply excels in League of Legends, and if you think this statement doesn’t necessarily hold true, we invite you to take a look at the tally. Out of 20 finalists over the past 10 years, only four teams didn’t originate out of Asia. Four European teams have made it to the top – G2 Esports (2), Fnatic (1) and against All authority (1).

DAMWON has had an interesting dynamic. They got defeated by G2 Esports last year and tossed out of the competition. A favor they have now returned in kind by destroying G2 Esports this year.

The team will probably rely on an openly-aggressive play style, something that Suning are probably aware of. DAMWON have Canyon who knows how to find and secure those early kills and then set a dynamic that often ends up overwhelming the opponent.

However, Suning know what they are going up against, whereas DAMWON will have to do some guessing in addressing their opponents. The team will most likely seek to secure a victory at all costs as it would be a chance for South Korea to return to the top of the League of Legends pecking order. DAMWON may be a little trigger-happy, but they also have the backbone to excel in terms of macro and act together as a cohesive unit. Perhaps, it’s Suning who may get in trouble

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