2022 NFL Draft Order and Team Regular-Season Records

  • NFL Draft is set for Tuesday, 28 April
  • Scheduled to take place in Vegas
  • We could see more than one team with multiple picks in the top ten

We’re still only around the halfway mark of the 2021 NFL Season, but there will be fans out there who already know that their team is not going to compete this year and it’s now about the future and having a solid draft ahead of the 2022 season.

The NFL needs to guard against tanking at all costs, but it appears that Detroit, Houston, and Jacksonville will duke it out to be the worst, but Philadelphia will be watching this situation with keen interest.

They own Miami’s 1st pick in this Draft and the Dolphins have had a dreadful start, so the Eagles could have some serious capital going into the event.

It’s not thought that this will be a strong class in terms of QB’s which makes it even more interesting in many ways, and here’s how the Draft order currently looks.

2022 NFL Draft Order

Updated After Week 8

PickTeamTeam Record
#1Detroit Lions0-8
#2Philadelphia Eagles (From Miami)(1-7)
#3Houston Texans1-7
#4Jacksonville Jaguars1-7
#5Washington Football Team2-6
#6New York Giants2-6
#7New York Jets2-5
#8Philadelphia Eagles (From Colts)*(3-5)
#9Philadelphia Eagles3-5
#10New York Jets (From Seattle)(3-5)
#11New York Giants (From Chicago)(3-5)
#12Atlanta Falcons3-4
#13Miami Dolphins (From San Francisco)(3-4)
#14Minnesota Vikings3-4
#15Denver Broncos4-4
#16New England Patriots4-4
#17Cleveland Browns4-4
#18Kansas City Chiefs4-4
#19Carolina Panthers4-4
#20Los Angeles Chargers4-3
#21Pittsburgh Steelers4-3
#22Cincinnati Bengals5-3
#23Buffalo Bills5-2
#24Las Vegas Raiders5-2
#25New Orleans Saints5-2
#26Baltimore Ravens5-2
#27Tennesee Titans6-2
#28Tampa Bay Buccaneers6-2
#29Dallas Cowboys6-1
#30Detroit Lions (From LA Rams)(7-1)
#31Green Bay Packers7-1
#32Arizona Cardinals 7-1

*The Eagles’ Pick acquired from the Colts is dependent on Carson Wentz playing 75% of the team’s snaps this year, he currently meets the threshold for this to happen.

NFL Teams Without a First Round Pick in the 2022 NFL Draft

This could change in the off-season if one of the teams can acquire a first-round pick via a trade, but the following teams are not currently set to pick in the first round next year.

  • Chicago Bears
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Seattle Seahawks

How Are the NFL Draft Picks allocated?

The picks are given in reverse order based on the regular season records for the previous year as follows:

  • Non playoff teams make up the spots between 1-20 based on their regular season records
  • Wildcard round losers take picks 21-24 in reverse order of regular season records
  • Divisional Round losers take picks 25-28 reverse order of regular season records
  • Conference Championship Losers take picks 29 and 30 in reverse order of regular season records
  • Super Bowl Losers take pick 31
  • Super Bowl Winners Take Pick 32

These picks can be traded, and the draft order stays with the regular season record of the original team

What are the Tiebreakers for the NFL Draft Order if the Regular Season record is the Same?

If teams have an identical regular-season record, the following tiebreakers are applied to decide the picks:

  • Head-to-head record if applicable
  • Best Win/Loss/tie record in common games (Minimum of 4 common games required)
  • Strength of Victory in all games
  • Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed in all games
  • Best Net Points in all games
  • Best Net Touchdowns in all games
  • Coin toss
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