5 Keys to Betting on Super Bowl 53

It’s very important when you’re betting on games to always have your reasons to pick the side you think is going to win. So, here are five things to keep in mind as the Super Bowl approaches.

1) Todd Gurley

He hasn’t had a full workload since before CJ Anderson was on the team, and we have not seen too much from him in the postseason. If you are going to be looking to bet on the Rams, just know that Gurley hasn’t had a good game in a while. Anderson has done a great job, but Gurley is the guy they need against the Pats, especially as a pass-catcher. Just be wary of Gurley’s struggles and lack of workload.

2) The Venue

New England defeated the Falcons after trailing them 28-3 two Super Bowls ago, and seeing as to how this is in Atlanta, they have a sure advantage. They love anything to do with the Falcons at this point, and so the game being played at the Georgia Dome should help to provide them a slightly simpler path to victory.

3) Julian Edelman

He did not appear in last year’s game against the Eagles as he missed the entire season, and he was clearly missed. Edelman had the biggest catch of the Super Bowl two years ago, and not having him last year did not help. They defeated the Falcons with him, but they could not knock off the Eagles when he was not present. He has become a weapon for Brady and has been dominant in the past few seasons. He is one of the top pass-catchers in the entire NFL, and we’ll see if he can keep it rolling in the big game.

4) Aaron Donald

The Patriots offensive line has been terrific all season long, but they haven’t had to face a team like the Rams yet. Aaron Donald had 20.5 sacks this year, far and away the most by an interior lineman. He is arguably even better than Khalil Mack, and he may finally be the QB that can take Tom Brady to the ground various times. If he can do that, it will completely change the game. The Eagles pass-rush made the difference at the end, last week.

5) The Coaches

Bill Belichick is coaching his ninth Super Bowl now, and only NFC East QB’s (Eli Manning and Nick Foles) have been able to beat Brady and Belichick in the Super Bowl to date. Sean McVay is 10 years younger than the Pats QB and is in his first Super Bowl. He is a genius play caller, and there is no doubt that he has spent every day since the win over New Orleans trying to come up with new plays. Both of them adjust as well as anybody, so it will be A BATTLE.

Ryan has been writing about sports betting for over a decade now, residing in sunny Orlando, Florida. He played 4 years of college basketball which gave him a true understanding of how athletes think and operate. Knup has become a true student of “investing” in sports and has spent endless hours studying odds, line moves, trends, stats and teams to become a true expert in sports betting.