Afreeca StarLeague Season 9: Winner Odds, Predictions

  • Afreeca StarLeague Season 9 reunites retired pros Flash and ZerO
  • The Emperor continues to be given the best chance of success at (-165)
  • Light is the only player who has managed to slow down Flash’s progress recently

Afreeca StarLeague Season 9 is back and with the group stages out of the way, a whole bunch of top-tier StarCraft players are back in the fray.

The upcoming playoffs in April will provide players with an opportunity to shine and be crowned an emperor of intergalactic warfare once again.

Flash is not surprisingly at the top of the current standing with a convincing (-165) advantage and ahead of the second tipped-to-win player, Light (+750).

Current Afreeca StarLeague Season 9 Betting Odds

Players Odds
Flash -165
Light +750
ZerO +900
Bisu +1100
Soma +1100
Stork +1500
Larva +1800
Action +2000

As the playoffs advance, the odds will be subject to abrupt changes, but one thing is certain – Flash is likely to keep his advantage over the opponents. ZerO and Light are other worthy picks who are likely to pull ahead and to keep a distance between themselves and the remainder of the StarLeague.

Flash Is StarCraft Master Race

When you say what people’s opinion of Flash is in South Korea, StarCraft don’t so much think as they venerate the player. Flash is the supreme SC players who has repeatedly proven his worth.

Dominating professional StarCraft for years, he has been intermittently making flash appearances back on the competitive scene never to disappoint. Given that his moniker is the God of Starcraft or “Emperor” for short, that is not at all surprising.

In one interview, he said that in his time off he just played with other races to learn more – not many players actually do that. His odds at (-165) reflect his real chances to succeed in Season 9 as well.

He went on an unstoppable streak in the group rounds, only fumbling the initiative temporarily to Light, but quickly recovering on the rest of the way.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Light has proven the only player to come even close to stopping Flash – whether that was due to a momentary hiccup or a well-executed strategy, we’d have to wait and see. Yet, Light is rightly rated second in the remaining pool of players.

The Korean has won the national cup once and he has success in various competition, always being one of the top-seeded players, although perhaps not of the same class as Flash. Yet, Light is still playing and at it whereas Flash is an intermittent face in competitive SC.

Question is if any of that is actually a set-up for success. Beating Flash would take not only raw skill – it would require the Emperor himself committing mistakes he can only commit under tremendous pressure.

Put another way, the pressure Light can pile up on Flash will be determining – assuming the pair actually both make it to the finals. In the case of Flash, this seems as the most likely outcome.

Someone Outside the Mainstream?

This is Korea and finding a player who is not a known face but competes professionally in SC. ZerO definitely seems like a great pick. The now retired Zerg is also a retiree in professional gaming but he is still holding his end of the bargain and well.

ZerO did win the CasterMuse StarLeague Season 2, which also reunited some top guns from the world of professional StarCraft.