Al Horford and Harrison Barnes Become Unrestricted Free Agents

Two big news shook the NBA world last night. Al Horford and Harrison Barnes decided to test the market and to become unrestricted free agents.

These two guys have been very important for their respective franchises and projected to be one of the key pieces in the upcoming years.

Big Al Going From Boston

Horford’s decision came as a shock. Just a few days ago, things were ok between him and the Celtics. The 33-year old and team’s management were even discussing an extension which would keep him until the end of his career possibly.

But suddenly it all collapsed and the strong center will now explore his options. According to some rumors, he can get a four-year deal worth around $100 million.

This means that the situation in the franchise from Boston is not good at all, but there is no information about the exact reason of Horford’s leaving.

Since he came from Atlanta in 2015, the big man established himself as one of the key pieces in Celtics’ title quest. His versatility on the court, dedication, and contribution to the team’s successes made him one of the most popular faces in Massachusets.

The five-time NBA All-Star averaged 13.5 points with 7 rebounds and 4.6 assists during his stay in Boston. He played 208 games for the Celts and was about to earn $30.1 million in his last year at TD Garden

The No.3 pick from the 2007 NBA draft will no doubt create chaos in the market. His qualities are needed in any team, but according to the experts, the player himself will be searching for a franchise with realistic chances of winning the NBA title. He was never near one chance to play for the ring, even though he appeared in the playoffs 11 times.

Barnes Wants A Long-Term Deal

Another bomb came from the West Coast. Harrison Barnes, who stayed only 6 months in Sacramento after getting traded from the Dallas Mavericks, wants a new contract too. The 27-year old had $25.1 million for the next year but wants to see what market brings. The fact that Kevin Durant and Klay Thomson suffered devastating injuries made him much more valuable than he was before.

Unlike Horford and the Celtics, Barnes didn’t rule out the possibility of committing to the Kings, but instead just wants to secure his own position. Several teams are desperate for sharpshooting forward and a guy who can stretch the opponent’s defense and, on the other side, contribute when defending.

Back in February, Barnes was sent to California in return for Justin Jackson and Zach Randolph, and after that recorded 14.3 points and had 5.5 boards in 28 games played for the Kings. Previously he had 17.7 buckets in 48 for the Mavs.

That trade was a bit controversial because the player found out about the deal in the middle of the game.

Regarding more news, the New York Knicks didn’t want to accept Atlanta Hawks offer to take No.8 and No.10 in the upcoming draft in exchange for No.3.

Lakers are trying to clear cap space for one max contract slot, and the Timberwolves are trying to get rid of Andre Wiggins in any possible way.