Aleksander Ceferin Warns European Soccer Leagues Not to Finish Early

  • European soccer has been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Some national leagues are thinking about scrapping the current season.
  • UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has warned leagues not to do it.

The coronavirus pandemic has halted almost all soccer competitions in Europe, aside from Belarus leagues. The future of the 2019-20 season is yet to be decided. Committees in charge of individual national leagues are in talks with the UEFA officials. At the moment, some leagues are considering scrapping the season, but Aleksander Ceferin is saying that it wouldn’t be a very good idea.

According to the president of UEFA, national soccer leagues across Europe should do all they can to ensure the remainder of the season is played, even if that means playing soccer throughout the summer. Otherwise, UEFA might decide not to let them take part in the Champions League 2020-21.

Belgian Pro League Gets Canceled

Belgian Pro League is the first European soccer league to decide to finish the season early. The table leader Club Brugge was crowned the champion, even though one round of the regular season was left to be played before soccer was paused. Still, that wouldn’t change the situation at the top as Club Brugge had 15 points more than the second-placed Gent.

The Belgian top flight was supposed to go into the playoff stage, in which the champion would be decided, as well as Champions League and Europe League spots. According to the standings, Club Brugge is supposed to go to the Champions League directly, while Gent needs to play the qualification round. Sporting Charleroi and Antwerp are supposed to go to the Europa League.

This scenario, however, might not play out as suggested by the UEFA boss. According to Ceferin, the teams from leagues that finish the season prematurely will not be permitted to compete in the two continental championships next season.

Tat is why I say the Belgians and others who may think of canceling the season risk their participation in next season’s European cups.

Said Aleksander Ceferin

There are several other leagues who are considering following the same path as Belgium Pro League. One of those is the Scottish Premiership, whose clubs could lose more than $50m if they don’t get to compete in Europe in 2020-20.

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