All President Trump Prop Bets and Their Odds for Super Bowl LIV

  • Sportsbooks have released a number of prop bets about President Donald Trump and Super Bowl LIV
  • POTUS approval rating could be lower than some Super Bowl overall team scores and longest reception yardage
  • Is the President going to go on a Twitter spree during the Super Bowl?

U.S. President Donald Trump has always seen himself as a people’s person, but not everyone responds kindly to POTUS’ firm and somewhat prolonged handshakes, nor his comments about the NFL.

Some have questioned whether his ego could suffer another major blow after the President was booed and openly ridiculed at World Series, prompting him to leave and Tweet his vexation in front of millions of followers.

Given the avalanche of issues the President is facing, sportsbooks are now offering various props, and one of them is indeed whether POTUS will attend Super Bowl 54. Here are the odds you would be interested in.

President Trump Super Bowl 54 Odds

Prop bets Yes No
Will President Trump call winning coach after the game? +500 -1000
Will President Trump sing along to national anthem? +200 -300
Will President Trump tweet ‘latinos’ after the game +500 -1000
Will President Trump predict winner before kickoff +500 -1000
Will President Trump tweet during the game? +110 -150

Odds taken from BetOnline on January 24.

Which will be higher? Odds Which will be higher? Odds
49ers point total -120 Yardage of longest reception -200
Donald Trump total tweets on 2/3/20 -120 Trump approval rating on 2/3/20 +150

Odds taken from BetOnline on January 24.

That Time When the President Didn’t Know the National Anthem

Props bets are immensely fun when you pair them with Mr. Trump’s quirky personality. He has repeatedly pulled off one stunning public act after another. Therefore, assuming that the President wouldn’t be able to get through the anthem is something of an amusement to sports fans.

He attended the College Football Playoff championship game in Atlanta when he was caught on camera mumbling his way through the anthem. His half-hearted performance of the anthem was even more grotesque because of how the President had treated Colin Kaepernick, the former 49ers quarterback for his refusal to stand up during the anthem.

So, the big question right now is – will POTUS try to sing along to the national anthem? There’s a good chance would try, though don’t hold your breath for the best rendition.

Will President Trump Call Winning Coach after the Game?

The President definitely likes to inserts himself in ‘winning situations.’ A call to Kyle Shanahan or Andy Reid should not surprise at all. In fact, he might just so call the other coach if he gets the numbers – or even team winning wrong. Good news is the President got people for that.

A Collapsing Approval Rating or Something Else?

The President’s approval rating has taken one tumble after another and caught between a hard place and an Impeachment, his prospects don’t look too good. The odds favor that yardage of the longest reception will most likely be higher than Trump’s approval rating, which is definitely not such a wild guess after all.

Meanwhile, there are a few other props that might catch your attention, including whether the President will Tweet during the game or whether Trump’s tweets will outnumber the 49ers point total.

All sports fans out there should keep in mind that if President Trump fail to turn up at Super Bowl LIV, all bets are off.