Andre Emmett Killed in Dallas

Former Texas Tech and Big3 star Andre Emmett was shot and killed yesterday in Dallas. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Andre Emmett Killed In Dallas

Former Texas Tech star Andre Emmett was shot and killed early Monday morning in Dallas. The police do not have a motive for the murder. It is believed that there was an altercation that Emmett tried to run away from but was shot. He was found by neighbors who called the police. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. Andre Emmett was only 37-years-old.

The incident is said to have happened in front of his home as he sat in his car. It is not known if the altercation began somewhere else and continued to his home or is the suspects were waiting for him.

Andre Emmett Played for Bob Knight

Andre Emmit was a star player at the University of Texas Tech. He is the 2nd all time leading scorer in school history. He also ranks third all time on the Big 12 scoring charts. Emmett was a four year starter but made a huge leap in his sophomore year.

That was the year legendary head coach Bob Knight arrived and Emmett saw his scoring average more than double. He finished that year as the 3rd leading scorer in the conference. He as also named 1st Team All Big 12. As a senior Emmett was a consensus All American capping off a fantastic college career.

The NBA Didn’t Quite Work Out

In the 2005 NBA draft, Emmett was selected 35th overall by the Seattle Supersonics (now the OKC Thunder). Emmett never played for Seattle as he was traded on draft night to the Memphis Grizzlies. He only played eight total games with the Grizzlies. He would have one more stint in the NBA several years later. In 2011 he had a short sting with the New Jersey Nets (now Brooklyn) where he played six games.

Emmett would spend the bulk of his professional career playing overseas. He never gave up his basketball dream and ended playing for over 20 teams in foreign countries.

Emmett Made a Name in the Big3

It was nice to see Emmett back in the U.S playing on a bigger stage. He had played for a host of D-League teams but at 37-years old, he had really found his niche in the Big3. The three on three league has given a lot of former NBA players a place to shine. Although Emmett was never an NBA star, he was a college star in the biggest state in the country.

He still had a lot of games too and was on of the leading scorers in the league. He said before his Big3 league debut that he was excited to show people that he could still play. There was never any doubt about that regardless of his unsuccessful NBA journey. He will always be remembered by the University of Texas Tech who released the following message:

Of course the Big3 for their part released a message as well: