Andrew Moloney vs Joshua Franco: Odds, Tips, Fighting Preview

The first title fight in boxing since February 29 is coming tomorrow, Tuesday, June 23 at 8 PM ET, featuring the talents of Andrew Moloney vs Joshua Franco.

Andrew Moloney vs Joshua Franco: Betting Preview

With the Andrew Moloney vs Joshua Franco fight imminent on Tuesday, June 23 at 8 PM ET, sportsbooks are calibrating the odds one last time for the upcoming WBA junior bantamweight championship bout. Moloney clearly has the lead with (-1200) with Franco given the rather modest (+650).

The event will be held at The Bubble at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada and broadcast on ESPN. The fight will also be the first time a professional men’s boxing world championship event has taken place since February 29 when most fighting competitions were suspended around the world.

Boxing fans are already excited to place a bet, as they should be, but some fear that Franco may be not much of a match for Moloney. Is he really worth placing an underdog bet on after all?

Moloney vs Franco Betting Odds

Andrew Moloney-1100
Joshua Franco+650
*Odds taken June 22

Franco Comes in Hot with Five Consecutive Wins

While the odds are pretty long for Joshua “The Professor” Franco, the fighter has managed to notch up five consecutive victories completely unapologetically. He has previously fought and won the WBA International Bantamweight title and the NABF Bantamweight title. His fighting style has put him on a bit of pedestal in the boxing community, and his overall tape stats now stands at 16-1-2, posting a very good overall score.

Why then the rather long odds for him? We are not entirely certain, but this may just be a miscalculation on the part of the sportsbooks. Andrew Moloney seems to be the more aggressive of the two fighters and he has had more successful knockouts in his career. That’s the only notable advantage he has in the upcoming bout with Franco, but would this be enough?

Moloney Has a Dangerous Knockout Technique

The sheer stoppage power of Moloney is impressive, mounting new challenges for any opponent. With four consecutive K.O.’s, Moloney may have just discovered a way of disposing of opponents quickly. He hasn’t got a single loss in his career, which is doubly impressive, but then again Franco’s own record isn’t too bad at all.

Moloney has been practicing with his brother, Jason, who is also a fighter and is scheduled to fight on June 25. While the fighter still has some rough edges to take care of, his ability in the ring is undeniable and he has a very good standing and shows a lot of prowess. Maybe favoring him in this one is justified, but we doubt (-1200) is really an accurate read of his abilities.

Tale of the Tape: Moloney vs Franco

Moloney Franco

Another thing to note about the upcoming bout is that both opponents are pretty evenly matched. Now, Moloney will have to defend his title against Franco whom the sportsbooks still favor a little less.

Andrew’s nickname, “The Monster,” will not be put to a test by none other than The Professor himself. Prepare yourself for a big showdown tomorrow night. And, if you are undecided whom to back, we recommend to put your money on Franco (+650).

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