Andy Dalton Signs With the Cowboys, Chicago Sends a Message to Trubisky

Andy Dalton, the former starting quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals, has joined the Dallas Cowboys, after signing a one-year deal this Saturday. Along with the news that the Chicago Bears won’t be picking up the fifth-year option on Mitch Trubisky, this is the highlight of the day in the NFL.

Dalton Chooses to Stay Close to Home

The player had $3 million guaranteed, but the entire sum could go up until $7 million, depending on both Cowboys’ and Dalton’s performances. According to various sources, the 32-year old agreed on this deal because of family matters. They are living in Dallas, and in the moments when COVID-19 pandemic strikes hard the USA, they won’t have to move away.

However, according to the player himself, there is more than this. Dalton stated that the Bengals delayed his release and that after he got his freedom, his options were limited.

“I think it would have worked out differently if I had been a free agent when the new league year started. I was still under contract and that hurt me,” he said.

The team from Cincinnati released Dalton this Thursday. He’s been a starting passer for them for the last nine years and a franchise face ever since he came from college. The Bengals picked Daton as the 35th overall pick in 2017, after playing four years at the TCU in Fort Wayne.

His move to the Cowboys doesn’t mean that Dak Prescott’s starting job would be endangered. Even though Prescott didn’t sign a new deal, he is negotiating with the management. Still, it seems that the Cowboys not only want to have a proper back up for him in case something goes wrong during the season, but also Jerry Jones definitely wants to spice up the situation with Dalton’s arrival.

Dallas is expected to be among the top contenders for winning the Super Bowl, as they have one of the best teams in the league. With Dalton, they are about to have one of the best quarterbacks duos, as both he and Prescott have been Pro Bowl selections on multiple occasions.

Chicago not Happy With Trubisky

In the meantime, the Chicago Bears have declined a fifth-year option on the starting QB Mithell Trubisky. The former No.2 pick from the 2017 NFL Draft failed to become the leader of the team as many expected and he will be under heavy pressure in the upcoming season.

Trubisky had a very bad season, which ended with the Bears missing the playoffs and going 8-8. Before the start of the campaign, the team was seen as one of the best in the league and was among top contenders for winning the Super Bowl. However, the poor performances of their quarterback who threw only 17 TD passes were the main reason for such an outcome.

At the start of the free agency, the Bears made a trade that saw Nick Foles coming to Chicago. The organization from Soldier Field didn’t have the patience to wait for Trubisky to improve but brought the passer who already knows how to play at the highest level.

It wouldn’t be odd to see him taking over the starting position after the training camp and the preseason matches.