Junior Browne  |  Tue 9th Oct   | NFL

Antonio Brown is being sued by an individual named Ophir Sternberg for allegedly throwing furniture out of his 14th floor apartment. In an NFL season filled with drama on and off the field for the Steelers, it seems like star WR Antonio Brown has added more fuel to the fire.

Mr. Sternberg claims the objects fell within a foot or two of him and his 22-month old grandson. He is seeking approximately $15,000 in damages according to reports.

A second lawsuit has also been filed by the landlord against the NFL star over damages to the apartment and furniture. This incident took place back in April in Sunny Isles community in Northern Miami.

There seems to be no end in sight to the distractions facing this Pittsburgh Steelers team.

Where do you even begin when explaining all the things wrong with this team this season.
If you’re talking about on the field, their terrible secondary is a good place to start. The Steelers secondary is one of the worst in the NFL.

How bad is the Steelers defense?

The Steelers secondary ranks 30th in the league in passing yards against and is tied for last in passing TD against.
Week after week it seems like they are giving up big plays. The Steelers are giving up 26.6 points per game which is why they stand at 2-2-1. The Steelers offense averages 28.6 points per game, good for 5th in the league.

The four offenses that average more points per game than them (Chiefs, Rams, Saints, Bengals) have a combined 17-2 on the season. Even without superstar RB Le’Veon Bell, the offense is doing their job. The defense…not so much.

Their season is in jeopardy of spiraling out of control not only for their poor play on the defensive end.

Drama, drama and more drama for Antonio Brown and his team…

First it was Le’Veon Bell holding out. Then it was his offensive linemen throwing him under the bus about not showing which is unheard of in the NFL. Then it was Antonio Brown throwing a temper tantrum on the sideline about not getting the ball when he was wide open.

Big Ben got on the radio and let it be known that his behavior was a distraction to the team.

Now you have this news about a lawsuit which is sure to be an even bigger distraction. An incident involving claims that you almost injured a baby while throwing a temper tantrum is bad on so many different levels. This team can’t seem to get out of their own way.

The Steelers need to get it together and fast. They currently sit last in the division. Yes, they are below the Browns, that’s how bad things are right now. They still haven’t played the 4-1 Bengals and still have to play the Browns and Ravens two more times each. At this point their destiny is still in their own hands. Take care of business in your division and you should be ok.

The problem for the Steelers (as if they didn’t already have enough of them) is their schedule outside the division is brutal. They still have to play the Patriots, Saints, Jags and Panthers. At least 3 of those 4 teams will be in the playoffs.

As for the all the drama facing the team, unfortunately its not over.

If the Steelers don’t trade Le’Veon Bell by October 30th, he will have until November 13 to sign the franchise tender to accrue a season counted toward free agency.

If you add Le’Veon Bell returning to this already drama filled locker room, this Steelers season could be epic for all the wrong reasons.

Junior Browne