Baker Mayfield Having Rough Time

Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield did a lot of talking during the course of his young career and it seems like it’s made him a target in the NFL.

Baker Mayfield Having a Rough Time

Cleveland Browns quarterback, Baker Mayfield usually has a lot to say. Whether it’s about his coaches or other quarterbacks, he is very outspoken. Before the season a lot of NFL fans felt like the Browns had real Super Bowl aspirations. Neutrals saw the addition of Odell Beckham as a piece that could put this very talented roster over the top.

That has not been the case so far this season. As for Baker Mayfield, he does not look like the same quarterback that came in and took the league by storm last year. It’s hard to put it down to one specific reason but the Browns better get it figured out fast.

Browns Have Tons of Issues Offensively

The first and most obvious problem for Baker Mayfield is that his offensive line is not very good. He does not have nearly enough time to pass and for a small quarterback, that’s a huge problem. While Mayfield does have the ability to make plays outside the pocket, he is still in the process of learning the NFL game.

He also needs to do a better job reading defenses. He sometimes passes up open receivers that are short to take deep shots. This ends up putting his team in 3rd and long situations when his gamble doesn’t work. The other thing that is going on is the play calling. Head coach Freddie Kitchens should consider giving the play calling duties to someone else. While he might be capable play caller, he is an inexperienced head coach While he gets used to his new role which is full of responsibilities, he might want to get some help with calling plays in the meantime because what they are doing at the moment is certainly not working.

Baker Mayfield Is a Target

Nick Bosa did not forget what Baker Mayfield did to his Ohio State Buckeyes. When Mayfield and Oklahoma upset the Buckeyes at home, he ran to midfield and planted the Oklahoma flag. Bosa had to wait a few years but he got a little revenge by causing havoc all night for Mayfield.

After one play in particular, he mocked Mayfield’s flag plant gesture.

Prior to that, Mayfield was reportedly involved in something else that upset other players on the 49ers. Apparently when the captains came to meet at midfield, Baker Mayfield refused to shake hands with Richard Sherman and the other captains. This of course angered Sherman and his teammates and he addressed it after the game.

This is Whey QB’s Don’t Trash Talk

A trash talking QB is rare, which is one of the reasons Baker Mayfield is so rare. He has a lot to say and isn’t afraid of the consequences. Mayfield might want to rethink that moving forward since he plays the most vulnerable position on the field.

He doesn’t get to hit anybody while being the only player on the field that touches the ball every snap making the person that everyone is trying to hit. This is not the first nor will it be the last time players try to come after Mayfield, he better be ready or stop all the talking.