Barcelona vs Liverpool: Predictions & Odds, Game 2

Mo Salah smiling.

  • Barcelona set to dominate Game 2
  • Liverpool beat Newcastle at home, but Firmino still to miss Tuesday’s game
  • Ousmane Dembele will skip the game as well

Liverpool and Barcelona have unfinished business. On Tuesday, May 7, at 3:00 PM EST the teams meet at Liverpool’s home stadium, Ainfield, England in Leg 2 of the UEFA Champions League.

UCL Leg 2: Liverpool vs Barcelona Overview

Times are tough for Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp. The team might finish this season without a single trophy, although they planned to win at least one.

During the entire campaign, the Reds were looking convincing, and everything pointed in the direction of a distinction at the end of the UCL and EPL. Just a few weeks later, desperation is knocking on their doors.

They now await Barcelona in the second leg of the Champions League semifinals, playing “against a team who has a man who is called Messi”. After 3-0 at Camp Nou, Liverpool’s prospects of reaching the finals are looking minimal.

Barcelona vs Liverpool
UCL Semifinals Betting Odds
Team Spread Moneyline Total Draw
Barcelona -½, -1 (+100) -123 Over 3 (+102) +255
Liverpool +½, +1 (-116) +320 Under 3 (-102) +255

Things are not much better for Mo Salah’s injury and Roberto Firmino has been confirmed out of the match as well.

On the other hand, Barca is looking good, and they don’t have many problems coming up into this clash. Valverde kept all of his players fresh and decided to send the second team against Celta Vigo, in a game which didn’t mean anything to Blaugrana.

Liverpool’s Slim Chances

We all know how Barca performs against the teams who open up and attack. They are ruthless, and we saw that in the first match of the semifinals. Though Liverpool didn’t deserve to lose with such a high difference, the Reds were punished for the slightest of mistakes. They haven’t allowed a single goal in the past three games at Anfield, but that was against much weaker teams than Barca.

Yes, the hosts are playing an excellent game at home, and have six victories in a row, but this game demands more than a win. The Reds need to perform a miracle, which isn’t that easy to do against Barca. A plain triumph is a colossal success let alone to erase a three-goal deficit.

  • Date/Time: Wednesday, May 7, 2019, 3:00 PM EST
  • Location: Ainfield
  • Moneyline: Barca +113/Liverpool +225
  • Draw: +245

Meanwhile, Barcelona is in perfect shape, and their loss in Vigo was the first one after 13 matches. Their back line is looking superb, with seven clean sheets in the latest 8 events. Unlike Liverpool’s defense, they are much more composed and poised, especially in the big games.

Salah and Firmino – Injuries Hurting Liverpool

Barca’s players were resting, while on the other hand, Liverpool’s were bleeding against Newcastle, only to reach a hard-fought win, which in the end might not be of a big influence on the title race. Salah left the pitch after a tough injury. If he isn’t ready 100% against Barca, Liverpool’s players probably have nothing to hope for.

Firmino’s absence will hurt them also. The Brazilian striker is the vital link which opens the space for Mane and the Egyptian, and if Origi and Sturridge have to appear without Salah this Tuesday against the Spaniards, it will be a huge minus for Klopp.

When looking at the overall picture, Barca may be the smarter bet, as they know how to handle situations like this one. Their counter-attack is without a single flaw, and when Suarez and Messi hit the open field, (which will happen eventually) Liverpool will experience nothing else but pain.

Barcelona will probably keep the ball in their possession, preventing Liverpool from having the chance to open attacks. Barca often decreases the tempo of play when having a good result behind them, which often makes games boring, meaning Liverpool will have to try harder – hence they may commit more mistakes.

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