Brisbane Hosting the 2032 Olympic Games

  • Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympic Games, IOC decided today. 
  • This will be the third time for Australia to host the Olympic Games.
  • Brisbane was the only nominee chosen by the IOC, and that raised a lot of questions, making the whole process controversial. 

Brisbane officially became the 2032 Olympics host today, as the IOC members voted in favor of the Australian city, which was the only candidate. Even though many believe that the Australian city is the perfect choice for this manifestation, the question stands what are IOC’s motives for allowing just one bid in the entire process, ruling out several others.  

Third Olympic Games in Australia

It’s been a tradition to see several cities compete for the right to host the Olympic Games, but the current IOC president, Thomas Bach, decided to change that rule. 

He would issue special negotiating rights to the Australian city, denying a chance for Qatar, Hungary, and Germany to promote their pick for the race. The representatives of all three countries were all shocked with the development, suggesting that there might be some odd background for this decision. 

On the other hand, the reasons why the IOC acted like this were various. The most important one was the desire to prevent vote-buying, which was a big problem in the past per some of the sources from that body. Also, cutting the costs of the campaign in the time of the global crisis was one of the causes for this. 

The voting ended with 72 delegates backing Brisbane and just five against it. This allowed Australia to have its third Olympics, the first one since Sydney in 2000. The first one was in Melbourne back in 1956. 

This city hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2018, and most of the infrastructure from that event will be used for the Olympics. Also, various events will be dispersed throughout the entire state of Queensland. Golden Coast will be the home of the water competitions. 

Regarding the sponsorships Coca-Cola, Visa and Omega are staying the No.1 brands that support the Olympics, and NBC continues to have exclusive broadcasting rights. 

Paris and LA Getting the Olympics in Similar Fashion

The origins of Bach’s behavior could be seen in the process of bidding for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics. Hamburg, Rome, Budapest, LA, and Paris were in racing for the Olympics. Once the first three withdrew their candidacies, IOC had an Extraordinary Session on 11 July 2017 in Lausanne, which did something unprecedented – directly awarded the 2024 Olympics to Paris and 2028 to Los Angeles. 

That sparked fury among all the other nations who wanted to compete for the Olympics, hurting the already wounded and diminished reputation of this organization. 

Also, many are firing shots at IOC for allowing Beijing to host the 2022 Winter Olympics after the alleged suppression of human rights in China.

The fans are highly disappointed with the way things work in the highest sports institution in the world, and after today’s news, the social networks were once again filled with calls for boycotting the IOC and their way of handling the business. 

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