Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant Tests Positive for COVID-19

Kevin Durant has confirmed that he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The Brooklyn Nets have taken steps to identify Durant’s last known contacts and inform them. Along with him, three fellow players have been confirmed infected.

Kevin Durant’s Seventh NBA Infected with COVID-19

Kevin Durant is among the athletes who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) along with three fellow Brooklyn Nets players. On Tuesday, the NBA confirmed that Durant and three other members of the Brooklyn Nets had contracted the virus and were diagnosed with COVID-19. This said, the players are feeling well and are not in an immediate danger.

Speaking to The Athletic, Durant encouraged everyone to take care of themselves and mind the quarantine and medical instructions. “We’re going to get through this,” he concluded.  

The Brooklyn Nets also released a statement on Tuesday with the team actively looking to pinpoint Durant’s contacts and get everyone tested on time. ESPN later reported that the team had turned to a private company to run the COVID-19 tests.

In the meantime, preventive measures have already been put in place with all team members asked to remain in self-isolation as well as keep in touch with their doctors. In the official release, the Nets said that the health of team members and staff was the highest priority for the team as of now.

With the latest incident of infected NBA players, the total number of basketball athletes to have been infected has risen to seven as of the time of reporting. A Detroit Piston player and Utah Jazz players have also been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Containing a Crisis, the United States Isn’t Prepared For

In the United States, COVID-19 has prompted a state-wide response, leading to the shut-down of all major sports leagues, not to mention seasonal events such as March Madness.The NCAA cancelled both the tournament as well as the brackets selection, dashing fans hopes that the event might go on behind closed doors.

The Kentucky Derby has been pushed back to September and the future of tennis is uncertain. The CDC has encouraged people to take social distancing more seriously, minimize travel and try to stay home when and if possible.

UEFA has postponed Euro 2020 until next year, and more events are falling victim to the novel coronavirus which has shown little mercy. Experts have been split on what the best way to contain the disease is as well.

Most virologists have urged for flattening the curve, so that while the majority of the population will probably get sick, hospitals won’t be overwhelmed and patients will get adequate treatment.

Places like the United Kingdom have not really urged social distancing at first and have as a result allowed the free circulation of people. At the moment, though, the country is making a U-turn and cautioning to practise social distancing.

An upcoming boxing fight for the heavyweight title between Antony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev would most likely be deferred to June or July as COVID-19 is only now beginning to unfold in full.