Canada and Australia Won’t Participate in Olympics Unless IOC Postpones Them

Canadian and Australian athletes won’t participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo if they take place this year.

International Olympic Committee Under Pressure to Postpone the Games

The biggest news in the world of sport is that the Canadian and the Australian Olympic Committees declared themselves ready to boycott the Olympic Games if they proceed as planned. It is expected for many other countries to follow the same example and create a massive pressure on organizers to move the Games for 2021.

The International Olympic Committee didn’t make any decision about the future of the Olympics, and this body will address the public regarding this matter in four weeks. Many countries and individuals around the world raised their voices against the current plans, which include the opening of the Games on July 24. According to all of them, that is unacceptable for several reasons.

The Canadians and the Australians revealed that they wouldn’t participate in contests in Tokyo unless IOC moves them for at least one year later. In the meantime, the Olympic flame has been taken from Greece, and the ceremony of handing it to the organizers took place at an empty Panathenaic stadium in Athens. At the time, the pressure of the public on the Japanese organizers started to increase, as they continued to follow the plans, although the COVID-19 pandemic was striking hard all over the world.

Furthermore, they would stubbornly deny all the talks about the future of the Games, but in the meantime changed its stance following the latest developments. IOC and the organizers from Japan are now considering the postponement of the Olympics, which was revealed by Yoshiro Mori earlier today. A possibility of canceling the games is ruled out, although some suggest otherwise.

Apart from Canada and Australia whose actions have been radical, several other national Olympic Committees also asked for a delay. Brazil, Norway, and Slovenia didn’t mention any timeframe, but simply wanted for the IOC to put the games on hold until the Coronavirus pandemic ends.

The main reason for those demands is the fear for the athletes’ health, as well as the possibility of spreading the virus back home or elsewhere throughout the world. Also, at the moment, the preparations are on hold, and for some sports and individuals that might have a massive impact on their form and shape during the Games.

COVID-19 Shuts Down the World of Sport

The postponement of the Olympics would be the biggest hit to the fans all over the world, but it wouldn’t be the only one they’ve suffered since the start of the year.

EURO 2020 is officially moved for the next year. At the time, it seemed too radical, but after some time, many other competitions had the same fate. However, it is not the only football continental championship which had to be postponed. Copa America, which was planned to take place in Colombia and Argentina in June and July, is rescheduled for 2021. Formula 1 season didn’t stop; numerous tennis tournaments are canceled, and almost all the major national competitions, regardless of the sport, are on hold, such as English Premier League, NBA, NHL, Bundesliga etc.