Michael Cox  |  Mon 11th Mar   | Soccer

After one hell of results and surprises in the last week’s portion of the Champions League games, when looking at the upcoming events, we can assume that the fans aren’t going to lack excitement in the next few days also.

We are here to present all four games, and to give you quick betting tips which might help you in your quest for money.

Juve Ain’t Catching up Atletico

Starting with the game in Turin, where Juve awaits Atletico Madrid, who has a 2-0 advantage from the first leg. It is a tough position for the hosts who aren’t used to chase the result, especially in the Champions League. They have Ronaldo whose performances against the Madridians are nothing but perfect, but still, we believe that the situation is a bit different than in the previous years. Atletico is looking rock solid in the back line, and we can’t see in which way Juve can reach the deficit. So we would bet on Atletico’s advance into the next phase, and about the tip for this match, under 2.5 goals is our first suggestion.

Manchester City welcomes Schalke at home. There is no doubt who is going to win here, and which side has more quality. This is not the lack of respect, and if someone thinks like that we do apologize, but that isn’t the truth. Simply, the Sky-Blues are better. And that is it. We expect a huge win, and a lot of goals, which is why we encourage you to mix City’s success with lots of scores. Also, try with home team over 1.5 goals in the first halftime.

Barcelona will meet with Lyon on Wednesday. Blaugrana is still far away from their real form and they are keeping the power for the upcoming challenges, instead of spending it all early, as they did during the previous year. The French side has a solid quality, no doubt about that, but they can’t match Barca’s upfront machinery led by Messi and the rising Luis Suarez, who exploded in the recent weeks.

We are not being silly, but it is going to be very hard for the guests even to score, let alone make some kind of a sensation. The Spaniards are much much better.

Goals in Germany

And the grand finale, between Bayern Munich and Liverpool. The Reds are struggling to score in the recent times, and despite defeating Burnley this weekend, they weren’t looking particularly confident. Their form is obviously in decline and how are they going to win in Germany is a massive question for Jurgen Klopp. Meanwhile, Bayern is a bit better, but their game too, is far away from what it needs to look like.

The tensions between the coach Kovac and some of the players haven’t disappeared, and that is easily noticeable.

We are recommending betting on goals first, and then maybe trying to predict the winner. Over 2.5 goals are the first choice, but don’t skip over 1.5 HT. Something tells us that we might see two scores in the first 45 minutes.

Michael Cox