Chicago Bears to Let Trubisky and Foles Compete for the Starting Place

The Chicago Bears will let Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles decide who becomes the starting QB. The organization expects to see a battle during the preseason period.

Trubisky’s Struggles

Chicago isn’t happy with their starting QB’s performances, and they decided to make a change. Trubisky won’t have a guaranteed starting spot anymore, and will have to earn that by competing with Nick Foles. His stats in the previous season were below average. To be even more accurate, they were pretty poor.

Unlike the previous season, Chicago didn’t reach the playoffs, and it is widely regarded that the main cause for that is Trubisky and his mediocre performances. In several most important categories for one quarterback, he underachieved a lot. For example, he had just 17 TD passes, threw for 3,138 yards, had the worst record in yards gained per pass, 6.1, and in general, his QBR was 39.4, which is 28th among all the quarterbacks.

All this and the lack of leadership and charisma was something that forced the organization from Illinois to acquire Foles. No doubt, that will create pressure on the 25-year old.

The Bears picked Trubisky as the second overall pick in the 2017 draft and had high expectations for him at the time. However, many doubted in the team’s projections after seeing him during the rookie year.

Back then, Chicago’s No,10 threw 2,193 yards for 7 TD passes and interceptions each, with 10 fumbles. Since it was his rookie season, and he had a hard time adapting to the new environment, the critics weren’t that cruel as they usually know to be. After all, he started in just 12 games in 2017.

In 2018, the Bears were fantastic, and the young QB ended the year with an 11-3 record. Still, that was primarily due to the tremendous defense of Matt Nagy’s crew. After that came the last year and a total crash.

Foles’ and Nagy’s Old Connection

Foles finally got what he wanted at the start of the last season, which was his own team. Even though he won the Super Bowl with the Eagles, and was the fan favorite, Philly was never his team. Simply, it was Carson Wentz’s even tough Foles appeared there earlier.

Yet, the fortune wasn’t on his side, and after signing a superb four-year $91 million, the Super Bowl LII MVP suffered a season-defining injury already in Week 1. That separated him from the field for a long time, which pretty much ruined Jags’ campaign, as well as his. Jacksonville decided to apply another strategy for the future, which meant that Foles could leave, and the Bears immediately jumped in.

Head coach Matt Nagy and Foles go way back, with the duo working together in Philadelphia and Kansas City. But not only that. Quarterback coach Jonh DeFilipino, OL coach Juans Castillo, and OC Bill Lazor all worked with Foles during his stays in Philly.

It is safe to say that they perfectly know his capabilities on and off the field, and even if they didn’t have any of the contacts before this move, Foles proved that he has the quality to be in Chicago.

He will have a huge motive to beat the young rival and earn that starting place. Chicago has an excellent team, capable of not just entering the playoffs, but making a huge noise afterward. Foles, too knows how to make noise in the playoffs.

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