Chiefs Listed as Favorites (-125) to Win Super Bowl 54

  • From a long-shot to the favorites, Kansas City Chiefs are listed at (-125) to win the Super Bowl
  • Kansas have known a few slow starts this season, but they have nevertheless bounced back and are now looking at their first Super Bowl title in 50 years
  • 49ers went from (+4500) long shot to one of the finalists for this year’s Super Bowl

They have waited for 50 years and they have finally pulled it off – the Kansas City Chiefs are looking at a title game, but the 49ers are there to contest it as well.

Kansas Take AFC Championship Game and Progress to Super Bowl

After an intense AFC Championship Game in which the Kansas City Chiefs routed the Tennessee Titans in nerve-biting 35-24 game, the Chiefs are progressing to the Super Bowl two weeks from now, on Monday, February 3. The Chiefs have been given (-125) to win the title outright and a slight favorite over their main rival, the San Francisco 49ers who are now listed (+105).

Both teams pulled an impressive performance during the Conference Championships winning against their opponents with at least 10 points. Admittedly, the 49ers managed to rake up a bigger point advantage, but that hasn’t yet determined the outcome of Super Bowl LIV.

Super Bowl 54 Moneyline Odds

Teams Moneyline (odds at BetOnline)
San Francisco 49ers +105
Kansas City Chiefs -125

*Odds updated January 19th

Chiefs Back in the Super Bowl after 50 Years

Historic. This is how the Kansas Chief’s qualification for Super Bowl LIV can be described. In fact, this is the first time in 50 years that the team has made it to the finals, marking a huge milestone for the Chiefs. They even broadcast it on Twitter.

And indeed, the Chiefs pulled off quite the spectacular game with quarterback Patrick Mahomes throwing phenomenal 294 yards and bringing three touchdowns home. He managed a running touchdown as well as 53 rushing yards, to top it all off.

In fact, Mahomes has been at it, putting in some serious yardage. He hit 53 yards in each victory during the playoff games, showing consistency and determination to bring his team to the top. Overall, the Chiefs quarterback dominated the field at a pace of 10.92 miles per hour after releasing the ball, making for a formidable opponent and a valuable team mate.

“We’re Not Done Yet”

Heady after the victory, Mahomes went on record to ominously say “We’re not done yet. We’re going to get it,” referring to the one and only – Super Bowl title. Even though they have every reason to be happy, the Chiefs did have a somewhat slow start with the Titans going 17-7 on them in the first part of the game, but the Chiefs just unleashing all their pant-up desire to win.

So, there is a trend here. The Chiefs will always start slow, and perhaps even surrender a significant lead to their opponents, but that is usually not the last of them. As the game versus the Baltimore Ravens showed, the former absolute favorites for the Super Bowl title were swept off their feet after Kansas managed a close, but definitive 34-28 victory in the playoffs.

49ers Cream the Packers

While the Chiefs are now listed as favorites to clinch the title, they shouldn’t overlook the competition coming from the 49ers. San Francisco managed to eat its way through the Packers, leading them with 27-0 at the half to the dismay of fans. Yet, the Packers picked up, but even then – the final score was nowhere near a win with 49ers winning 37-20 at last.

In their overall odds progression, San Francisco went from an underdog at odds of (+4500) all the way up to (+105). In other words, the 48ers are still the underdogs, but they have a very good chance of bringing the trophy home.

Question is, can they? The moneyline seems to back the Chiefs, but when money hinge on the fact, who can be absolutely certain?