NASCAR Betting Odds and Prediction for the Coca Cola 600

The Coca-Cola 600 is right around the corner. Read below we as highlight some of the favorites to emerge victorious, below!

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Kevin Harvick (+200)

Entering with the highest odds of any competitor, Kevin Harvick has shown to be consistently dominant over the course of his NASCAR career.

He has been racing very well of late, and he is coming in with a lot of positive momentum. He has aged very gracefully, and really doesn’t look like he’s 42 years old out there. He’s a prime candidate to take this one home.

Harvick is one of the most honest guys in NASCAR. Sometimes, he even says things that rub other competitors the wrong way. Kevin had this to say about some of his “haters”

“Anybody who says I can’t do something, it just motivates me more than you could believe.” – Kevin Harvick

A bet on Harvick is a bet that the #1 racer is going to do his job and emerge as #1.

Kyle Busch (+300)

The 33-year-old has shown that he is still among the elites. Kyle Busch is not a racer that you want to be side-by-side with as you go down the stretch, as he will probably dominate you.

He has been hot of late, and has had success in Charlotte in the past. He is not somebody to be taken lightly, and is a driver that tends to start strong.

A bet on Kyle Busch is a bet that one of the best in the game can get it done. It is also a bet that Kevin Harvick, the favorite, will not be doing his job, and Busch will overtake him.

Martin Truex Jr. (+500)

The soon-to-be 38-year-old has had a fantastic career to date. He has picked up one victory at the Sprint Series thus far in 2018, but will need to see that number rise to 2.

He picked up his lone win when he was driving a Toyota, at Fontana. He has not been able to find success at any other venues just yet. As usual, the competition is going to be stiff, and a strong start for him can go an awful long way.

A bet on Truex Jr. is a bet that Harvick and Busch will fold under the pressure this weekend, and Truex will be cruising to a victory of his own.

Kyle Larson (+500)

The 25-year-old hasn’t earned any wins in this racing series just yet. He’s still in pursuit of that first, confidence-building victory. He has led for 355 laps, a good sign for confidence coming into this weekend.

The major key for Larson is going to be a strong start and staying as close to the lead as he can as the race goes on. He isn’t going to come speeding out of nowhere if he falls to the back at any point in this one.

A bet on Larson is a bet on a name that is trying to work his way up and build his NASCAR rep. He hasn’t won a ton of races in the past, but is hoping to break the seal this time through.

Enjoy the Coca-Cola 500. We are looking forward to the race and hope you are able to garner some great betting predictions!