Code Green VALORANT Tournament: Schedule, Team, Date, Where to Watch

Code Green is the third VALORANT tournament to take place this week after 100 Thieves and T1 ran with their own tourneys on Tuesday and Thursday. The event features $20,000 in prize purse which will be allocated to various COVID-19 relief charities.

VALORANT Code Green Tournament Features 16 Teams

Today, BoomTV and CashApp will host the Code Green tournament focusing on the Riot’s closed beta first-person fantasy shooter VALORANT. The event will feature 16-team double elimination bracket and comes with a $20,000 prize pool, which will be forwarded to various COVID-19 relief charities. To keep fans interested, CashApp will also allocate $10,000 in prizes through chat.

BoomTV will run the competition in a two-bracket system with the Winner Bracket hosting games in a Bo2 format and the Loser Bracket running games in a Bo1 format. Several teams have already been revealed with many popular content creators and streamers stepping in to take on the closed beta tournament.

When and Where to Watch Code Green VALORANT Tournament?

  • Stream Live: BoomTV
  • Date: Friday, April 17
  • Time: 11 AM PST

Who Is Playing in Code Green VALORANT Tournament?

Presently, we know the details about 10 squads with another six coming in the next hours, or most likely when the event kicks off live. The participating teams, named after their captains so far are:

  • Team n0thing
  • Team Jordan Fisher
  • Team Jake’n’Bake
  • Team bnans
  • TSM Apex & Friends
  • Just Friends Couples & a 5th Wheel
  • Team Imaqtpie
  • Team SynceDez
  • Team summit1g
  • Team Myth

Teams and Players Breakdown

If you are not fully aware of the VALORANT or esports vernacular, these names could be a little overwhelming at first. More importantly, though, there are four professional VALORATN teams already participating, although their members are playing across different rosters for the sake of balance.

Team SoloMid, an esports franchise worth $225 million, is fielding all six members. TSM are joined by T1, the South Korean esports powerhouse which is also adding a VALORANT outfit even though the game is in a closed beta.

NRG Esports are fielding KingRichard and LuluLuvely. Sentinels, a fairly new squad, will join Team sYnceDez with retzi and zombs. Counter Logic Gaming have a lone wolf in the game, with missharvey supporting Team bnans’ efforts.

Not the First Tournament in Town

Earlier this week we saw two tournaments. Lifestyle and esports brand 100 Thieves hosted theirs on Tuesday. The event pulled in 443,637 peak viewers and clocked nearly 3M hours watched in an eight-hour streaming marathon.

The most recent tournament took place, Thursday, April 16, with Esports Charts still processing the viewership data as of the writing this piece. VALORANT is still not a game you can bet on, with sportsbooks haven’t taken the liberty of introducing arbitrary odds

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