Coronavirus Sports Update: When Will Major US Leagues Return to Action?

  • All the major US sports leagues are suspended due to coronavirus.
  • Some sportsbooks let the players bet on when the play will resume.
  • There are calls for competitions to resume play behind closed doors.

The coronavirus pandemic has put the world in a lockdown. No one knows exactly when the crisis is going to end. Optimists say weeks, pessimists say months before life returns to normal. The impact of coronavirus on sports is huge in terms of finances and the public demand is that major leagues return to action as soon as its safe for the athletes.

NBA to Return to Action in Summer?

On March 11, the NBA suspended play indefinitely after Rudy Gobert of Utah Jazz tested positive for coronavirus. In the following days, a few other NBA players tested positive, including Kevin Durant. The infected players, as well as those who were in contact with them, will have to stay in quarantine, which is one of the main reasons why return to play is not an option at the moment.

Still, the commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver thinks that resuming the season would be beneficial for sports fans stuck in their homes during the lockdown.

“I’m optimistic by nature and I want to believe that we’ll be able to salvage at least some portion of this season”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said.

Bookmakers that offer NBA futures do not think such a scenario will play out anytime soon. The odds at do not favor the NBA season to return before July 1.

Next NBA Game to be Played July 1st or Sooner Odds at
No -155
Yes +115

However, the same sportsbook does suggest it will return before the beginning of August. The odds that the next NBA game will be played on August 1 or sooner stand at -170

2020 MLB Season to Start in June?

The 2020 season of the MLB was supposed to start on March 26 but the opening day was postponed. In the official statement, the MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the earliest the 2020 season can start is in mid-May.

The word ‘earliest’ is the one to focus on as there aren’t many who are optimistic this is actually possible. According to sportsbooks, such a thing is very unlikely to happen. In fact, the odds that the 2020 MLS season will start before July are +145. Oddsmakers, however, do think the new season should start before August.

Next MLB Game to be Played August 1st or Sooner Odds at
Yes -140
No +100

Basically the same is the case when it comes to the NHL, which is also expected to get back to action in August. The same goes for the MLS and all the other major US competitions.

Coronavirus Sports News Outside the US

One of the most popular sports competitions among bettors, the English Premier League is officially postponed until May. Still, not many actually think that will actually be the case, although some pundits suggest the best option would be to continue the campaign behind closed doors as soon as possible.

When it comes to tennis, the 2020 French Open was postponed to October, but the Wimbledon will apparently go according to the schedule. If nothing changes, the tournament will start on June 29. Another big summer event that’s expected to go as planned is the 2020 Olympics.

Until then, bettors have limited options before them. They might be limited, but they’re not nonexistent. The players can bet on sports like MMA, Aussie Rules, cricket, and so on.