Coronavirus Suspends NBA, Threatens Other Competitions

Coronavirus suspended the NBA season, and it appears that many other competitions will suffer the same destiny as the top basketball league in the world.

NBA Season Shut Down

Adam Silver and the people around him decided to suspend the NBA season due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus. The Commissioner was forced to act like this after evaluation all the potential threats to the league and the players.

The final straw was when he found out that Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz’s center, happened to be infected. The French international wasn’t feeling very well, which is why he underwent a test, which came positive for this virus.

The game between Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz was at first delayed, and after the results canceled. The league announced that Gobert didn’t enter the building at any time.

After this, the entire Utah Jazz team has to be tested, as well as all the people in the franchise who had any contact with the French international. Besides this, all the teams who recently played against Jazz will have to be also checked.

According to some sources, all the players who appeared against Utah in the past eight days have to be tested. During that stretch, Jazzers met with Toronto, Detroit, Boston, and New York.

It was also revealed that the players of both Utah and OKC stayed in quarantine inside the locker rooms to be tested themselves.

Regarding Gobert, one day before the match with OKC during a press conference, he wanted to make a joke about the Coronavirus hype and decided to touch every microphone after the press conference. In the end it, that joke came back at him pretty badly.

What is Next?

Unfortunately, the global situation with this virus is affecting sports more and more as each day goes by. A lot of events had to be played without the fans, and some of them were canceled.

Since January, we witnessed multiple actions taken by the officials in order to prevent the spread of the virus. At first, they didn’t want to have any impact on the competitions, but as time went by, it was necessary to make some more radical measures.

The latest news which came from Italy was that Juventus’ player Daniele Rugani tested positive for the virus. The Serie A competition was the first to feel the consequences of the pandemic, and many matches were played without spectators.

The way it seems now, there is a huge probability that the entire championship might be canceled. On the other side of the continent, Premier League canceled the match between Manchester City and Arsenal. It was the first such case in Great Britain, and judging by the current situation it won’t be the last.

Indian Wells ATP Masters 1000 has been canceled, and the same thing is expected for Miami Open.

Many are worrying that the Olympic Games in Tokyo might be canceled too, which would be an unprecedented situation in history. EURO 2020 is also endangered, but for now, there weren’t any speculations about its future.

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