Dallas Cowboys Sign Jaylon Smith to Extension

The Dallas Cowboys sign linebacker Jaylon Smith to a five-year contract extension after drafting him despite a devastating knee injury in college.

Dallas Cowboys Took a Gamble on Jaylon Smith

The Dallas Cowboys signed Jaylon Smith to a five-year contract extension worth $64 million dollars. The deal includes $35.5 million in guaranteed money. Jaylon Smith will be with the Dallas Cowboys until at least the 2024 season. The Cowboys decided to get this deal done early instead of letting him become a restricted free agent after this season.

When the Dallas Cowboys drafted Jaylen Smith with the 34th overall pick in the second round, they took a bigtime risk. In the last game of Jaylen Smith’s college career, he tore his ACL and MCL. The devastating knee injury left Smith’s football future up in the air. There was no way to know if he would ever be back to the player he once was.

It gives you an indication of just how good he was at Notre Dame. Prior to his knee injury, Jalon Smith was the projected first overall pick in the 2016 draft. He won the Dick Butkus award as the top linebacker in the country. The Dallas Cowboys did have the benefit of some inside information.

Jaylen Smith’s Knee Operation Was Done by Cowboys Doctor

It just so happens that Jaylen Smith’s devastating knee injury was operated on by Dallas Cowboys doctor Dan Cooper. For that reason, they had much better information concerning the condition of Smith’s knee.

They knew that even though he would have to sit out his entire rookie season to rehab the injury, if he could get healthy, they would have an elite prospect on their hands. That’s exactly what happened and here we are a few years later with Smith signing a five-year extension. He mentioned the gamble the Cowboys took on him:

“You took a risk, a $4.5 million risk had I never been able to play again…. Me understanding that, it was my duty for them to get their return on their investment. They’ve been able to do that, and now I’m fortunate enough to really be a Cowboy for life, which is what I wanted.”-Jaylon Smith

What About Dak and Zeke’s new deals?

It appears that Jerry Jones knows exactly what he’s doing. While everyone was busy talking about what’s going on with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, Jerry Jones is going about taking care of business his way. The Cowboys had one of the best defenses in the NFL last year and have just resigned two of it’s core pieces this summer in Demarcus Lawrence and now Jaylon Smith.

It looks like Dak and Zeke will have to wait their turn as Jerry Jones seems set on doing business on his terms. He recently offended Elliott by answering a question about him by saying “Zeke who?” When reports surfaced that Elliott and his camp thought the comments were disrespectful, Jones did not back down. He said:

Jaylon Smith Will Be Part of Cowboys Future

With a new contract secured, the sky is the limit for Jaylon Smith and this Dallas Cowboys defense. He seems to only get better with every game and was voted by his peers as a top 100 player.

Remember this is a guy who has only started 22 games and is already getting that type of respect from other players around the league. It looks like the Dallas Cowboys gamble paid off and they rewarded their talented young linebacker by making him one of the highest paid at his position.