Damian Lillard Allegedly Planning To Request A Trade From the Trail Blazers

  • Various sources are claiming that Damian Lillard is going to request a trade in the upcoming few days. 
  • Lillard is the leading player of the Trail Blazers and one of the biggest stars in the league.
  • Various teams would love to see Dame in their uniform.

The latest news from the NBA involves Damian Lillard. The Portland Trail Blazers superstar guard apparently aims to make an official trade request from his team. If that happens, it could cause one of the biggest trades in recent history. 

Dame Not Waiting Anymore

Lillard just turned 31 years, and it seems that it woke up the fantastic guard. He has three or four years to play at a high level, which might be the reason for him to move on from Portland and find a new team that would give him a chance to win the title. 

Even though the Trail Blazers constantly reach the playoffs and are one of the better teams in the league, they simply don’t have what it takes to go all the way. The franchise from Oregon tried to add notable players who would help Lillard and the team become better, but there was no interest from any other major star to join the club from up north. 

The time went by, and the Blazers were doomed to stay at the current level of play and success, despite Lillard’s historic and unreal performances. 

The Reasons

It appears that the selection of the new head coach was the final straw for Lillard. The sources from within the club are suggesting that the Blazers’ management didn’t want to hear any of Lillard’s suggestions. In the end, Chauncey Billups replaced Terry Stotts, and that is something Dame didn’t like. 

Bullips was the assistant coach in Los Angeles Clippers, without any experience as the head coach, and that could be why Lillard decided to take off.  

The other big reason is Portland’s inability to land good players. After losing to the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs, Lillard had one interesting Instagram post, which showed his frustration caused by the lack of help from the other teammates. 

Besides CJ McCollum, who was not that constant as before, and occasional bursts Norman Powell and Carmelo Anthony had, the Trail Blazers didn’t have players able to hurt the opponents. Plus, they were one of the worst, if not the worst, defensive teams in the league.

Where to?

There have been several teams in the mix when talking about Lillard’s potential destinations. The first and the most frequent names in stories are the New York Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Knicks are finally showing some signs of life, and with Lillard, they could be a threat to the East. Though, his coming to town wouldn’t make them an immediate title contender, which is his desire.

With the 76ers, the situation is different. There have been some rumors that Philly has a package ready for Dame involving Ben Simmons. 

Also, there have been some rumors that the Golden State Warriors could be his next team. 

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