DeMarcus Cousins Faces Domestic Violence Charge

DeMarcus Cousins in Trouble with Alabama Police

According to Alabama police, DeMarcus Cousins left a threatening message on his 7-year-old son’s mother’s answering machine. On the recording, apparently Cousins threatens to shoot her in the head.

The warrant for his arrest is for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge for harassing communications. The mother of DeMarcus Cousins son, Christy West filed the complaint Friday with police.

Unlikely That DeMarcus Cousins Would Face Jail Time

Legal experts familiar with the details of the case say that it is unlikely that Cousins would face any jail time. The most likely scenario is that DeMarcus Cousins lawyer would set up a time and date with police for him to turn himself in.

Due to it being a Class A misdemeanor charge, he will be processed and released until a trial date has been set up depending on the circumstances of the case. Although it is being speculated that he won’t face jail time, the charge does carry a maximum penalty of one year in prison.

The Lakers Monitoring the Situation

The Los Angeles Lakers have issued a statement saying are in the process of gathering information regarding the situation. They have said that they are taking this very seriously as is the NBA.

The NBA does not have anywhere near the same domestic violence issues that the NFL does but this is a bad look none the less. To have a recording of a player who is as famous as DeMarcus Cousins threatening a woman or anyone for that matter is bad for business.

Cousins Can’t Turn Himself In Yet

In yet another twist to this story, Cousins is unable to fly because of his recent ACL surgery. Doctors recommend waiting days and sometimes weeks before flying for fear of clotting.

It must seem from the outside looking in that DeMarcus Cousins life is spinning out of control. He did just get married which is how this mess started. The mother of his son refused to let their child attend his wedding which is the reason Cousins threatened her. With his professional career up in the air, the last thing DeMarcus Cousins needs is for his personal life to get out of control.