Did Fifa Lie about 1 Million Ticket Sale for Women’s Wold Cup?

FIFA Women's World Cup
  • FIFA misinformed fans about 1 million sold tickets for the Women’s World Cup
  • A correction statement has been released to explain that those were “allocated” tickets
  • Supporter of equal pay between the genders in soccer become louder

The world’s governing soccer body, FIFA, made a small faux pas when it announced that 1 million tickets for the Women’s World Cup had been sold when, in fact, those were tickets “allocated.”

FIFA Announces False Information about Women’s World Cup Ticket Sale

Amid the merciless defeat inflicted on Thailand by the United States at the Women’s World Cup, FIFA released information that over 1 million tickets have been sold across various stadiums. The statement was quickly put to a test by media outlets and observers with FIFA finally issuing a correction.

FIFA later explained that the 1 million ticket count included “delegations of the teams playing, commercial affiliates, observers, medical and technical staff,” rather than pure ticket sales. Speaking to the AP News, FIFA explained that 20 out of the 52 matches in the competition had been sold out.

Meanwhile, the overwhelming victory the U.S. national team pulled over Thailand, settling the score at 13-0, was vastly criticized by observers along with the ensuing celebrations which took place against a backdrop of dispirited Thai faces.

Gender Equality in FIFA

For a fair while now, gender equality has been a persisting topic in FIFA. Athletes have been increasingly critical of the top management’s decision to continue and pay disproportionately more to male soccer players.

The case for gender equality payment has been definitely a popular one in U.S. soccer where the Women’s team has been the most successful female squad in recent years. The nationals swooped down on Thailand, defeating the team with 13-0 on Tuesday, June 11.

Alex Morgan, one of U.S. top national female soccer players and a long-time proponent of gender equality in sports, scored five points. This has been the second Wold Cup title for the U.S. national team and the highest-scoring team in a final of the Women World Cup to date.

In light of their recent success, fans have been calling for FIFA to increase the prize pool for the Women’s Wold Cup which now stands at $30 million compared to $350 million for their male counterparts (after recent readjustments).

Meanwhile, a flurry of excitement has ceased social media. Sen. Kristen Gillibrand and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have called for better remuneration for female soccer players.

The U.S. men’s players association also pitched in earlier this year, expressing support for equal pay between the genders.

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