Dota 2 The Leipzig Major – Betting Tips, Odds, Predictions

After Team Nigma stomped their way to the top and the 16th team Dota 2 The Leipzig Major was chosen, the event itself is about to kick off. Starting on Saturday, January 18, the Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 13 -The Leipzig Major 2020 group stages will offer plenty of betting opportunities.

  • Date: January 18 – 19 (Group Stages) January 21-26 (Playoffs)
  • Venue: Group Stages Offline/Playoffs Leipzig
  • Prize: $1,000,000
  • Watch: BeyondTheSummit/joinDota  

The group stages will last through January 19 with January 20 an off day for teams to prepare for the playoffs starting on January 21, and promising the winner a chunk of the 15,000 PCP and $1,000,000 purse.

Four team remain in the lead, to name Vici Gaming, Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, and the former Team Liquid roster – Team Nigma. There are plenty of long shots here, to name Virtus.Pro, Team Liquid and more importantly TNC Predator, although you are probably asking – TNC Predator? A long shot? We don’t think so.

Leipzig Winner: Outright Betting Odds (UPDATED)

TeamBetOnline Odds
Vici Gaming +270
Team Secret +340
Evil Geniuses +370
Nigma +700
TNC +1500
Fnatic +1600
Invictus Gaming +1600
Alliance +1800
Team Liquid +2000
Team Aster +2200 +2800
Natus Vincere +3400
paiN Gaming +3700
Beastcoast +5600
Chaos +5600
Reality Rift +22300

*Odds updated January 18

The Leipzig Group Stage Odds – January 19

Game GroupBetOnline OddsBovada Odds
Natus Vincere vs Team LiquidD-130/+102-135/EVEN
Team Secret vs Beastcoast B-625/+408-700/+390
Vici Gaming vs Chaos B -714/-+445-1000/+500
Invictus Gaming vs Alliance C +148/-192+135/-190
Evil Geniuses vs paiN Dn/a-800/+425
Reality Rift vs C +254/+-345+275/-425
TNC vs Team Aster A -208/+162-205/+150
Nigma vs Fnatic A-172/+135-185/+135

January 18

Game GroupBetOnline OddsMyBookie Odds
TNC Predator vs NigmaA +119/-159+119/-149
Fanatic vs Team Aster A -130/-102-123/-107
Beastcoast vs Chaos Esports ClubB +135/-182+142/-172
Vici Gaming vs Team Secret B -154/+115-148/+118
Invictus Gaming vs Reality Rift C -1250/+596-1035/+635
Alliance vs C -196/+145-184/+154
Evil Geniuses vs Natus Vincere D-526/+337-488/+363
Team Liquid vs paiN Gaming D-370/+252-340/+260

Update: With Day 1 of the group stages wrapped up, we now have all the winners of the event and the full results:

Group A

  • TNC vs Nigma – 1:2
  • Fnatic vs Aster – 2:0

Group B

  • Beastcoast vs Chaos – 2:0
  • VG vs Secret – 1:2

Group C

  • iG vs Reality – 2:1
  • Alliance vs – 2:0

Group D

  • EG vs Na’Vi – 1:2
  • Liquid vs paiN – 2:1

The big upset in Group D was definitely the game between Na’Vi and EG. Don’t miss out to look up the game on BeyondTheSummit or joinDota’s channels.

Who Will Win the Group Stage?

The Leipzig’s group stage is going to be a brief and fiery action of high-level Dota 2. With quite a few household names throwing their weight in the ring, you can expect a dynamic event this weekend.

Out of the listed teams, it’s not too difficult to see which ones are headed for the semi-finals, some of which are going to make it into the finals on January 26.

Vici Gaming

Why are Vici Gaming in the lead? Perhaps their most recent performance in the One Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore impressed. They managed to overcome Evil Geniuses in three consecutive games, leaving the North American squad no room for a comeback, and yet – the board is set with quite a few new pieces.

Both Nigma and Team Secret are back, and even though Vici Gaming’s opening game is versus Team Liquid, who are far from a favorite, they still have quite a few opponents to overcome to make it to the final.

Are Vici Gaming a good pick to make the semifinals? Definitely.

Team Secret

Secret was on a break, skipping the first major the Dota Pro Circuit with the team recuperating from a rather action-packed 2018/2019. They are now back to face in the first major and their chances to win outright are good. Team Secret is one of the favorites to make it all the way through to the final, and they definitely have a great chance to. We would argue that they might be a slight favorite over Vici Gaming even.

Will we see Vici Gaming in the finals? We believe so.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses are the Dota 2 powerhouse that hasn’t relented throughout the years. Their lows have not been lows at all with Evil Geniuses continually staying at the top.

Posted as a close favorite to Secret and Vici, Evil Geniuses are bound to climb to the very to the top the event. Their opening game versus Natus Vincere should be an easy one. Natus Vincere may be one of the forefathers of competitive Dota, but they have declined heavily throughout the years.

Want to bet on Evil Geniuses winning vs Natus Vincere? Go right ahead.


Nigma are a wild card this round. KuroKy has built an amazing roster around himself and the team is definitely quite capable. Nigma stomped the We!Play Bukovel Minor finals taking Royal Never Give Up (RNG) out, no questions asked. Some cracks did show in their gameplay, but that’s still work in progress.

Nigma also has Ivan Borislavov “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov, a person with whom your Dota 2 correspondent played pubs in Garena in a now bygone age.

I would like to see Nigma make it into the final, but failing that I have a good feeling that the former Team Liquid squad will break in the semifinals in the very least.

Will Nigma win Group A? TNC Predator is a slight favorite, but I am still betting Nigma.

What about TNC Predator?

TNC Predator has played a strong game this season. They have secured two first places in their last big showings, specifically in the MDL Chengdu Major, the first Dota 2 Major for the 19/20 DPC Season and the ESL One Hamburg 2019. The real unknowns for TNC Predator here are Nigma and Secret. Can Predator pull ahead in the race and reach another final?

That remains to be seen.

Image credit: joinDota