Dwight Howard Back With the Lakers

Dwight Howard will sign with the Los Angeles Lakers once he finalizes his buyout with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Dwight Howard Getting a Second Chance with Lakers

The last time Dwight Howard appeared in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform, things did not go well. At the time, it was one of the biggest trades in NBA history. It was a four team trade that sent Dwight Howard to Los Angeles that also involved the 76ers and the Nuggets. There’s one big difference between Dwight Howard today and the guy that showed up in Los Angeles prior to the 2012-13 season. Dwight Howard is no longer an elite player.

If we’re being honest, saying he isn’t elite anymore is actually being very generous. He’s actually been bad for several years now and this could be his last chance at being relevant in the NBA. His fall from grace has been really fast and it has to be said, it started the season he arrived in L.A.

What Will Dwight Howard’s Role Be This Time?

In essence he will be a better version of JaVale McGee. If that seems disrespectful to Howard, let’s not forget what has happened to him since he left the Lakers after one season. He hasn’t been an All Star for five seasons. He has also played for five teams in the last seven years. The Memphis Grizzlies are now buying out his contract without letting him play a game.

For all of those reasons, his best case scenario with the Lakers is that he plays good defense and grabs a lot of rebounds. If he can’t do that, he will probably end up splitting his minutes with McGee. For the Lakers, signing Howard actually doesn’t make sense without the Demarcus Cousins injury. For all of Cousins’ defensive limitations, he can space the floor. He is an above average shooter especially for a center. Meanwhile Dwight Howard still can’t shoot at all and his post game is nowhere close to being on Cousins level.

Has Dwight Howard Matured at All?

If the question of Howard’s maturity seems strange for a player that will turn 34 during the season, then you haven’t been paying attention. He doesn’t play with the same intensity or motivation that he once did and there could be many factors for that.

First of all, he hasn’t played on a team that’s been relevant for a few years. Even worse he was not a difference maker on those teams although he was decent for the Hornets. The other thing is teammates don’t exactly seem to like him. He’s clashed with Kobe, Harden and most of the time when he changes teams, his former teammates seem happy about it.

He Knows This is HIs Last Chance

Whatever issues he had with his attitude or lack of maturity, he has to know that type of thing will not be tolerated this time around in L.A. First of all, this is LeBron James’ team which means that it’s going to be similar to the situation what he dealt with when playing with Kobe Bryant. If there’s anything LeBron James will not tolerate it’s someone who is not completely focused on winning a championship. Dwight Howard has a second chance to show Los Angeles that he can help a team win a ring.