Fantasy Baseball Positional Rankings Introduction

Hello, baseball fanatics! Baseball season will officially be in full swing on February 14 when pitchers and catchers report then all the real fun begins on March 31 when all thirty teams are in action on Opening Day for the first time since 1968. I know there is currently a lockout, but here at Vegas Odds, we believe that we are still going to see a full slate of games and things will progress as usual.

We are beginning the new year off right and introducing a new fantasy baseball aspect to our comprehensive baseball coverage. The average bettor knows the basics with betting the spread, prop bets, and in-game bets, but there is also the market for daily and season-long fantasy players, and we are going to provide that information for you as well. We are going to break down our top ten rankings for each position in separate articles that will be released over the next few weeks.

We know that there are some positions that are much deeper than others, and there are positions that if you don’t grab a top-tier player then you might as well hold off on drafting because there won’t be much upside.

In the coming weeks, these articles are going to cover not only the projected 2022 stats but a breakdown of what these players have done in previous seasons and their average draft positions (which will be something that is ever-changing). So be on the lookout for the newest content presented by the experts at Vegas Odds as we become your newest source for fantasy baseball information.

I’m Brian Handzel. I’m a huge baseball fan. On any given night you can catch me watching a game, whether it is MLB, MiLB, College, or local summer leagues. As my wife says, I’m obsessed with the game. I’m even a credentialed media member for the Syracuse Mets, the Triple-A affiliate of the New York Mets. When I’m not watching baseball I’m spending time with my wife and two children, and secretly trying to get them to enjoy the game as well.

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