Federer Disappointed at Italian Open Ticket Prices

Roger Federer expressed disappointment with the Italian Open hosts’ decision to double the price of event tickets after the player confirmed his participation in the event

Federer Disappointed at Italian Open Tickets Prices

Roger Federer has won the Grand Slam 22 times so far, and he is not happy with the price of the Italian Open after he confirmed his participation. Federer expressed dissatisfaction with the organizer’s decision to double the ticket price upon receiving the player’s confirmation.

Preparing for his match against Portugal’s Joao Sousa, Federer described the sudden price hike as disappointing:

They made it in a way like they rewarded the fans who bought tickets earlier, which is sort of strange.

Federer also expressed his hopes that people would come to watchthe event and enjoy the game. Federer previously lost to Dominic Thiem in his appearance in the Italian Open in 2016. He also lost to Thiem in the Madrid Open last week.

Still, Federer is generally happy with his performance so far and determined to contest another French Open title.

Federer hasn’t won a French Open since 2009. The the title went to Rafa Nadael for the most part and once to Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka each.

Djokovic also pitched in on the decision saying that he didn’t think that it was disrespectful. He hoped that Federer’s participation in the event would excite additional interest and lead to a good atmosphere an better turnout. Djokovic noted that the fact that Federer hadn’t won in Rome wouldn’t detract from the value of his appearance:

He is the biggest name of all, historically he’s won the most titles, he is a huge brand in sports worldwide, one of the biggest of all time.

Djokovic is playing today versus Denis Shapovalov. The player feels confident that his performance in Rome has been better than in Madrid.