Ferguson Set To Face Nurmagomedov In April

Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov have an official fight scheduled for April 18, 2020. The event is supposed to be for UFC 249. Hopefully, this time, the fight will go down, and we will get to see the two of them battle.

This will be the fifth time that the two of them have tried to schedule a fight with one another. Each fighter has withdrawn from the event two times. Previous attempts have been canceled due to various injuries and illnesses. It has almost appeared that there is a jinx even to try to schedule this fight since both fighters seem to have unfortunate events happen just before the fight takes place.

The top two in the lightweight division have mixed results leading up to this one. Ferguson‘s last fight was in June when he defeated Donald Cerrone by TKO at UFC 238. On the other side, Nurmagomedov was able to successfully defend his title last September. He submitted Dustin Poirier, the third-best in the lightweight division, at UFC 242.

Both fighters have great records, and both are respective leaders of the lightweight division. A lot of people are excited at the one and two matchup. This will hopefully make an excellent fight, assuming they both manage to make it all the way to fight night.

Other News

The fight between Conor McGregor versus Donald Cerrone will be headlining UFC 246. This event is scheduled for Jan. 18 in Las Vegas. A lot of noise is being made since McGregor is finally returning to the UFC.

This is McGregor’s first fight since 2018, which was a loss to Nurmagomedov.

McGregor has been somewhat of a mystery for the past few years. He seems to always be finding conflict, or maybe the other way around. If he can stay out of legal trouble, McGregor should be able to present a good fight against Cerrone. Both fighters will be looking for a solid win to add to their resumes.

McGregor has not competed at all for 2019. The last time he even had his hand raised in the octagon was against Eddie Alvarez for UFC 229, all the way back in 2016. He has fought twice in the welterweight division, both times against Nate Diaz. His record is 1-1 against Diaz.

Cerrone himself has had a rough streak. He recently lost two fights back to back to Justin Gaethje, the fourth-best fighter, and Ferguson, the second-best fighter in the lightweight division. The 37-year-old’s record currently is 6-4 in the welterweight division.

Cerrone, however, seems to be motivated. He recently took to Instagram to talk about the upcoming fight. This will be his 51st MMA fight, and he is looking forward to adding positive numbers to his resume.

At the moment, McGregor has not had any trash talk towards Cerrone. In reply to Cerrone, he wished him happy holidays from his family to Cerrone’s.